MOMMA LOVES… relaxed rocker tees


Guns N Roses and Mick Jagger baby! It’s only rock and roll but we like it!

As a mom and a stylist jeans are part of my uniform as they are equal parts cool and comfortable and one of my favorite things to put with them are rocker tees.  Something with a soft vintage feel that gives an effortless yet stylish look.  I’m not saying some oversized concert tee – these rocker tees are fitted yet slouchy, worn but still fresh.  Dolce & Gabbana often include a nod to the great Hollywood and rock n’roll legends on their t-shirts (James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Mick Jagger) and that fashion but not fashion look is often the perfect pairing with your favorite pair of jeans.  I have featured these rocker tees for our little ones in the past – and it’s still one of my favorite looks.  My little Max in a Ramones, Beatles or Sex Pistols tee feels sweet, ironic and always fun.  The fact that he has no idea who these bands are yet will soon enough…  These rocker tees don’t have to be literal – its not necessarily even about the band – they could feature a designer, actor or just a general vibe that these t-shirts give off.  They are a fantastic alternative to simple white tees when you want something super casual, yet cool and different.  Check out some of my favorite rocker tees for both us and our little ones!

First some great rocker tees for us:

Maje David Bowie tee

Maje David Bowie tee $155

Pink Floyd tank

Pink Floyd tank $60

Forever 21 tee

Forever 21 tee $17.80

Current/Elliott tee

Current/Elliott tee $102.40

Chaser Blondie tee

Chaser Blondie tee $62

Topshop tee

Topshop tee $50

Eleven Paris tee

Eleven Paris tee $44

Dolce and Gabbana tee

Dolce and Gabbana tee $345

Daydreamer Mick Jagger tee

Daydreamer Mick Jagger tee $79

Chaser Sting tee

Chaser Sting tee $61

Junk Food tee

Junk Food tee $34

Karl Lagerfeld tee

Karl Lagerfeld tee $110

Eleven Paris Biggie tee

Eleven Paris Biggie tee $62

Forever 21 Bob Marley tee

Forever 21 Bob Marley tee $17.80

Alexander McQueen tee

Alexander McQueen tee $295

Electric Circus tee

Electric Circus tee $34

Dolly Parton tee

Dolly Parton tee $34

And for our little ones:

Zara beatles tee

Zara beatles tee $16.90

Chaser tee

Chaser tee $28

H&M tee

H&M tee $9.95

Junk Food tee

Junk Food tee $28

Eleven Paris t-shirt dress

Eleven Paris t-shirt dress $48


Johnny Cash onesie $18.95

Ramones onesie

Ramones onesie $24.95

Rowdy Sprouts tee

Rowdy Sprouts tee $38

Rowdy Sprouts tee

Rowdy Sprouts tee $38

Bob Marley onesie

Bob Marley onesie $19.95

Beatles onesie

Beatles onesie $17.95

Guns N Roses tee

Guns N Roses tee $17.95

John Lennon tee

John Lennon tee $18.95


MOMMA LOVES… born free – fashion for the greater good

Born Free

This month in Vogue – check out the amazing Born Free story (photographed by Annie Leibovitz) and shop the collection to help end mother to child HIV transmission in Africa

Born Free is a collaboration between Shopbop Vogue and 22 designers (all of them moms) who have come together to design a collection of clothes for both women and kids and 100% of the profits go towards ending the transmission of HIV from mother’s to their children in Africa.  Everyone from Victoria Beckham to Miuccia Prada to Carolina Herrera have gotten involved to create this collection.  Having been born in South Africa and having known people who have lived and died from AIDS and being a child of the 80′s when the diagnosis was a death sentence it is beautiful to see that this disease can be beat.  Mother’s with HIV do not have to spread the disease to their unborn children and Born Free is not helping to spread the awareness but is using fashion to make an actual difference (the goal is to eradicate mother to child HIV transmission before 2016).  Read more about it in this month’s Vogue or on and shop the collection on shop bop to help make the world a better place.  Check out some of the amazing Born Free pieces and don’t be afraid to shop for the greater good!

First for us:

Alexander McQueen scarf

Born Free Alexander McQueen scarf $200

marni maxi dress

Born Free Marni maxi dress $245

J Crew pants

Born Free J Crew pants $195

Victoria Victoria Beckham dress

Victoria Victoria Beckham dress $220

Stella McCartney tee

Born Fress Stella McCartney tee $110

Prada skirt

Born Free Prada skirt $245

Tory Burch bag

Tory Burch bag $175

and for our little ones:

Chloe toddler dress

Born Free Chloe toddler dress $98

Carolina Herrera onesie

Born Free Carolina Herrera onesie $85


Born Free tee $30

Victoria Victoria Beckham children's dress

Born Free Victoria Victoria Beckham children’s dress $120

Stella McCartney onesie

Stella McCartney onesie $68

Isabel Marant blouse

Born Free Isabel Marant blouse $98

Stella McCartney dress

Born Free Stella McCartney dress $98


MATERNITY MONDAY… summer maternity clothes

It may not be hot hot hot where you are but here in LA we’re already in the 90′s and my poor expectant friends are desperate for some summer maternity clothes to get them through the next few months.  Being pregnant can be super uncomfortable whether it’s morning sickness and fatigue in the first trimester or swollen everything and acid reflux in the 3rd trimester so when the weather gets hot it can be absolutely miserable…  Having great summer maternity clothes is essential for expectant moms because it allows them one less discomfort.  Sure, sandals are a relief for those swollen feet but styling the bump for the office, a summer wedding or just running around town can make you want to lock yourself up in an air conditioned room.  This week I’ll show you great summer maternity clothes that will tick all your warm weather needs and keep you stylishly comfortable in the months ahead!

summer maternity clothes

Asos maternity dress $103.48

Topshop maternity tee

Topshop maternity tee $64


Asos maternity shorts $37.63

summer maternity clothes

New Look maternity dress $28.20

Topshop maternity overalls

Topshop maternity overalls $96


Gap maternity tank $14.95

Olian maternity maxi dress

Olian maternity maxi dress $184


Old Navy maternity shirt $24.94

H&M maternity shorts

H&M maternity shorts $24.95


Asos maternity dress $56.44


Asos maternity top $47.04


Asos maternity trousers $47.04

Lilac Clothing maternity dress

Lilac Clothing maternity dress $92

Eva Alexander maternity shirt

Eva Alexander maternity shirt $110

summer maternity clothes

New Look denim maternity skirt $37.61


Little Mistress maternity dress $131.70


Asos maternity camisole $33.87


Old Navy skirt $28


Asos maternity maxi dress $84.66


Asos maternity dress $65.85


MOMMA NEEDS… summer cocktail dresses


My husband (in tails) and I (in a Thakoon cocktail dress) at a wedding awhile back – that’s right summer weddings are upon us and it’s time to figure out what to wear!

Wedding season is upon us and so it’s time to dust off those summer cocktail dresses and figure out if anyone who’s going to be at this event has seen you in it before…  Well, it might be time to look for a new one because there are so many stunning dresses available and social media means everyone has already seen you in the ghost of cocktail dresses past.  Since I’ve already done a post this week on clutches I figure it’s only fitting to do a focus on some beautiful spring summer cocktail dresses for all your upcoming engagements…  I’m going to leave the little black dresses for another post and just focus on some of the gorgeous evening dresses that we don’t get to wear often but bring out our inner glamazon.  We may not walk the red carpet in our daily lives so when these events arise we may as well enjoy them!  PS – just a reminder – unless you ARE the bride or the bride has specifically asked people to wear white it is the ONE fashion rule never to be broken.  No white, no cream, no off white at weddings.  Check out some of my favorite summer cocktail dresses to give you a reason to get excited about dressing up (and some mighty cute things for our little ones too)!

Fist cocktail dresses for us:

Roland Mouret dress

Roland Mouret dress $2040

Shoshana dress

Shoshana dress $385

summer cocktail dresses

Asos dress $75.26

Roksanda Ilincic dress

Roksanda Ilincic dress $1655

Alice + Olivia dress

Alice + Olivia dress $495

BB Dakota dress

BB Dakota dress $95

Preen by Thornoton Bregazzi dress

Preen by Thornoton Bregazzi dress $1170

Nicholas dress

Nicholas dress $520


Asos dress $90.31

Moschino Cheap and Chic dress

Moschino Cheap and Chic dress $995

Aidan Mattox dress

Aidan Mattox dress $330

Ivy & Blu dress

Ivy & Blu dress $148

Herver Leger dress

Herver Leger dress $1250

Tadashi Shoji dress

Tadashi Shoji dress $228


Elise Ryan dress $94.07

Stella McCartney dress

Stella McCartney dress $1945


Virgos Lounge dress $235.18

Halston Herritage dress

Halston Herritage dress $131

Yigal Azrouel dress

Yigal Azrouel dress $950

Diane von Furstenberg dress

Diane von Furstenberg dress $365


Asos dress $79.02

fancier outfits for out littlest ones:

Isabel Garreton dress

Isabel Garreton dress $76

Andy & Evan seersucker romper

Andy & Evan seersucker romper $48

Biscotti dress

Biscotti dress $51

Mini Classic t-shirt & pants

Mini Classic t-shirt & pants $23.97

Carter's dress

Carter’s dress $12.99

Lauren Madison baby tuxedo

Lauren Madison baby tuxedo $65

Helena dress (this is the back)

Helena dress (this is the back) $142

Andy & Evan shortall

Andy & Evan shortall $54

Baby Essential dress

Baby Essential dress $16.99

First Impressions top and shorts set

First Impressions top and shorts set $19.99

Hartstings dress and bloomers set

Hartstings dress and bloomers set $54


Old Navy bodysuit $9.99


Old Navy dress $16.99

Miniclassix shirt and shorts set

Miniclassix shirt and shorts set $48

Lili Gaufrette dress

Lili Gaufrette dress $95

Infant tux with tails

Infant tux with tails $40

And for our slightly bigger ones:

Oscar de la Renta dress

Oscar de la Renta dress $195

Appaman suit

Appaman suit $145

Biscotti starprint dress

Biscotti star print dress $72

Sierra Julian tee

Sierra Julian tee $60


Gap dress $39.95

Cherokee blazer

Cherokee blazer $14

J Crew dress

J Crew dress $88


Old Navy shirt and tie set $18

Rare Editions dress

Rare Editions dress $30.99

Just One You by Carter's outfit

Just One You by Carter’s outfit $20.99

Mini Boden dress

Mini Boden dress $48

Hartstrings seersucker pants

Hartstrings seersucker pants $44

Cherokee dress

Cherokee dress $20

Nautica shirt, pants and suit set

Nautica shirt, pants and suit set $43.99

Lili Gaufrette sparkle dress

Lili Gaufrette sparkle dress $98

Hartstrings blazer

Hartstrings blazer $78

MOMMA LOVES… embellished clothes (who doesn’t like a bit of glam)


I adore an embellished tee to add a bit of glamour to an otherwise relaxed look.

Last week I featured incredibly adorned accessories, so today I wanted to share some beautifully embellished clothes that are out there.  From jackets to skirts, dresses and top incredibly adorned with jewels, embroidery, brocade and the like.  Unique pieces that make fashion exciting.  Embellished clothes have been flooding the runway and now filling stores at every price point and for every lifestyle.  I’m not suggesting head to toe glitz and glamour – sometimes it might be just a bejeweled neckline or tasseled hemline – but these details do the accessorizing for you.  Embellished clothes are also far more versatile than you might imagine – a simple tee with a bit of adornment can work just as easily with a pair of distressed denim as it can with a pencil skirt for work or dinner and even with a maxi skirt for a more formal affair.  The little ladies have always been enamored by a bit of sparkle, so share a bit of their bejeweled appreciation with some of this season’s gorgeous embellished clothes…

Haute Hippie jacket

Haute Hippie jacket $895

3.1 Phillip Lim top

3.1 Phillip Lim top $450

embellished clothes

Asos skirt $112.88

Alice + Olivia dress

Alice + Olivia dress $698

Parker romper

Parker romper $396

TNTEES t-shirt

TNTEES t-shirt $190

BB Dakota tank

BB Dakota tank $60

Versus dress

Versus dress $425

MICHAEL Michael Kors jacket

MICHAEL Michael Kors jacket $195

Forever 21 dress

Forever 21 dress $29.80

Tory Burch jacket

Tory Burch jacket $695

Toga tee

Toga tee $305

Joa pencil skirt

Joa pencil skirt $78

3.1 Phillip Lim tee

3.1 Phillip Lim tee $375

Needle & Thread skirt

Needle & Thread skirt $280

J Crew sweatshirt

J Crew sweatshirt $90

Rebecca Taylor dress

Rebecca Taylor dress $595

Love Sam tunic

Love Sam tunic $242


TFNC dress $103.48

Marni top

Marni top $1640

Marcus Lupfer dress

Marcus Lupfer dress $330

Topshop tee

Topshop tee $64

Embellished clothes for the littlest ladies (for obvious safety reasons this means more embroidery, ruffles and appliqués than rhinestones:

Ralph Lauren 2pc set

Ralph Lauren 2pc set $125

Popatu ballet bodysuit

Popatu ballet bodysuit $28

Hartstrings top and bloomers set

Hartstrings top and bloomers set $50


Gap onesie $24.95

Biscotti infant dress

Biscotti infant dress $70

First Impressions bodysuit

First Impressions bodysuit $9.99

Peek peasant top

Peek peasant top $48

Baby Aspen diaper covers

Baby Aspen diaper covers $27

Miniclasix dress and boomer set

Miniclasix dress and boomer set $60


Old Navy sundress $19.94

Biscotti top and tutu leggings set

Biscotti top and tutu leggings set $60

OshKosh bodysuit

OshKosh bodysuit $13.99

Stella McCartney romper

Stella McCartney romper $84

And for our slightly bigger ladies:

Halabaloo dress

Halabaloo dress $94

J Crew tee

J Crew tee $54.50

Design 365 dress

Design 365 dress $8.80

Stella McCartney Kids dress

Stella McCartney Kids dress $100 (yes – I am totally obsessed with this dress and now its on sale for $75 in the larger sizes 6 and up!)

Mini Boden skirt

Mini Boden skirt $54


Old Navy tee $10

Flowers by Zoe dress

Flowers by Zoe dress $58

Aqua tank

Aqua tank $38

Children's Place skirt

Children’s Place skirt $14

Design History dress

Design History dress $56

Hudson jeans

Hudson jeans $59

Jumping Beans tee

Jumping Beans tee $5.99

Milly Minis skirt

Milly Minis skirt $49

Zoe Girls dress

Zoe Girls dress $260


Gap top $16.95

J Crew skirt

J Crew skirt $55

Imoga dress

Imoga dress $68