MOMMA TIPS… cold and flu solutions for your little ones

Yup, we are deep in the throws of cold and flu season people.  Talk about miserable.  If you  and your family haven’t gotten your flu shot it might be time to start thinking about it…  That said, there really is no cure for the common cold…  It can be debilitating or just annoying for us – but for our little ones it endlessly frustrating.  They don’t understand what’s happening – they’re uncomfortable, congested and just plain miserable…  Yes, you can always give them baby tylenol or, once they’re old enough, baby Motrin which helps…  But, like many parents, I know I don’t feel particularly comfortable over medicating and I’m constantly in search of cold and flu solutions to make my little one more comfortable during illness… One solution are the Hylands baby tiny cold tablets which seem to help some and they’re homeopathic so I rest a bit easier!

hylands cold tablets

Hylands baby homeopathic cold tablets $8

If you are still breast feeding your little one – there is NO question that breast milk is not only the best for keeping a cold and flu at bay but also creating the antibodies for both you and your little one to fight these illnesses quickly and effectively.  It is truly the miracle drug every pharmaceutical company wishes they could bottle.

Always be aware if your baby/child is acting different or uncomfortable – depending on their age they might not be able to tell you that they have a sore throat or are feeling achy…  Its not too hard – you will know when they are congested or coughing or throwing up or have diarrhea – but make sure to monitor their temperature and don’t be afraid to take them to their pediatrician just to make sure its not a bacterial infection…  Look for things like tugging at ears because this could be signs of an ear infection and if you’re child’s illness is bacterial it probably requires a course of antibiotics.  In the event of vomiting and/or diarrhea the worry is dehydration so talk to your doctor about how to rehydrate.  Breast milk, milk, water, pedialyte and gatorade may be good options depending on your little one’s age.

braun thermoscan thermometer

Braun Thermoscan ear thermometer $42.99

10 second digital thermometer

10 second digital thermometer $6.99

Vicks digital pacifier thermometer

Vicks digital pacifier thermometer $7.59

With the common cold – which in most cases is what your child has – its just a matter of waiting it out and making sure it doesn’t develop into and infection (kids often have colds that turn into ear infections).  All you can do is try to make your little one as comfortable as possible during this time and here are some cold and flu solutions that I have found quite helpful during my little guy’s times of need.

The worst part about cold and flu can be the nasal congestion which just seems to last forever!  We know that blowing our noses will help but try telling that to babies and toddlers who haven’t figured out blowing and will run a mile when then tissue comes out…  So the best we can do is help get some of that snot out for them.  This is best done with a saline nasal spray/drops which loosens the mucus and an aspirator to suck out the snot…  Sometimes as an alternative to the nasal spray I will run the shower hot for awhile to steam up the bathroom and take some toys into there with my little guy and let the steam work its magic loosening up the mucus…  and then of course follow up with the aspirator.

little remedies nasal saline drops

Little Remedies nasal saline drops $3.79

Nose frida nasal aspirator

Nose Frida nasal aspirator $15.99

nasal clear nasal aspirator

Nasal Clear nasal aspirator $29.99

I also like to put one of his soft baby bibs on him while he has a runny nose – I use it to wipe up the snot as it comes out – I find this easier that trying to chase him with a tissue and much softer on his little baby nose…  Of course make sure to change them throughout the day and wash them well!

Aden + Anais bibs

Aden + Anais (set of 3) bibs $19.95

Vapor rub is amazing at opening up nasal passages and allowing little one to sleep better.  The baby rub formulas use essential oils like eucalyptus and lavender to help clear up congestion.  I use the Vicks baby rub on his chest and back and on the soles of his feet and it really does help!  Check on the age that you can start putting the rub on chest and back (some people like to wait until baby is a bit older to put it there) but for some reason applying this rub to the soles of the feet is incredibly effective!

Vicks baby rub 3 pack

Vicks baby rub 3 pack $14.73

A humidifier.  This just adds a bit of moisture in the air to help loosen mucus and help reduce congestion.  This is key to helping little one sleep more comfortably.  It also has a nice hum to it and a little white noise never hurts!  Some humidifiers (like the ones by Vicks) have scented pads which release a vapor into the air to help clear nasal passages.

Crane drop cool mist humidifier

Crane Drop Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier $47.99

Vicks germ free humidifier

Vicks germ free humidifier $80.99

Crane Ultrasonic cool mist cow humidifier

Crane Ultrasonic cool mist cow humidifier $39.99

For those who can’t be bothered with cleaning and refilling a humidifier there are also waterless options now which will release vapors into the air to help little one breathe more easily.

vicks waterless vaporizer

Vicks waterless vaporizer $11.59

vicks plug in waterless vaporizer

Vicks plug in waterless vaporizer $11.49

vicks baby scent pads

Vicks baby scent vapoPads $5.99

Elevating their heads.  We all know about gravity, well the best way to try to make sure all that fluid that builds up in our heads during a cold drains downward is to elevate it.  For children that are old enough for pillows – perhaps putting an extra pillow under there head could help.  For those not old enough – there is an amazing wedge which you can put under little one’s mattress so that they are on a slight incline which will help with drainage…

candide baby wedge

Candide baby wedge $60.99

Another solution would be to put a books or magazines under the legs of little one’s crib just to create a couple inches of incline.

Finally, one of the best cold and flu solutions is giving your little one as much TLC as possible – lists of cuddles, kisses, patience and love will give him or her comfort through the misery and its never the worst thing to have extra snuggles….

DIRTY TRUFFLE – a hot new blog for all you foodies!

For all you foodies – you HAVE to check out dirty truffle a fabulous new blog my dear friend (and fellow mom) that will seriously have you salivating!  Whether you’re an amateur chef, a lover of food porn, a health nut or just someone that appreciates some great recipes this is a site you can’t miss!  Kristen shares her favorite recipes in this hot new blog which will have everyone excited about what’s for dinner.  As a mom one of the struggles I have every day is deciding what to cook for my family that is both delicious and healthy – these recipes are both and they look pretty gorgeous too!

MOMMA TIP… birthday cake idea!

Its a new year and there will surely be lots of Birthdays to celebrate!  I wanted to share with you guys a birthday cake idea I really had fun with…  I cannot believe my little prince will be turning 2 in June and I am already trying to plan!  For his first birthday I ordered him one of these edible photo cake toppers which everyone loved.  It was cute, inexpensive and easy!  I ordered ahead of time – made my own cake and just followed the instruction on how to apply the cake topper.  You can also get them for cookies and cupcakes!  This birthday cake idea is fun, creative and original!


MOMMA TIPS… beauty fixes

 As a mom the first thing that went out of the window was the intense concentration I used to spend on my physical appearance.  Pedicures now happen half as often (manicures never anymore), hair cut and color maybe 2 or 3 times a year (heck I’m lucky if I get to wash my hair twice a week!) and facials are a thing of the past…  Sometimes I look in the mirror and cringe at my lack of upkeep and I know I need to carve out the time to focus more energy on myself.  I know I’m not alone in this and that we, as mothers, spend so much time caring for everyone else we forget about taking care of ourselves…  So, I wanted to do a post on beauty fixes – the various products and practices that will help cure our raggedy look.  I’ve focused on anti-aging remedies previously, but I wanted to shift focus from the wrinkles and dark circles and turn my attention to all the other beauty fixes we mommas need.  I’m talking about the grey hairs that are coming fast and furious, the hyper pigmentations (brown spots) that resulted from pregnancy, even a much needed teeth whitening…  We all have our insecurities – so here are some great beauty fixes to get the year started on a more beautiful (perhaps even pedicured) foot!


One of the worst things about pregnancy was the hyperpigmentation that erupted all over my face.  Hyperpigmentation are the dark spots and uneven skin tone that happens to many women during pregnancy but it can also be caused by sun exposure and acne scars…  Its faded somewhat over time and I can cover them with makeup but I would be lying if I said they don’t bother me…  I talked to a dermatologist about it and he said that some creams do help but you have to use it consistently every day and it does take time.  The most effective method of eliminating them is a combination of creams and laser treatment by a dermatologist.  I know that there is still the possibility of having another baby sometime in the future so I’ll wait to try the lasers until then, but in the meantime I will be investing in this SkinCeuticals cream which my research and Allure magazine claims to be the best.


SkinCeuticals advanced pigment correction $90

clinique even better dark spot corrector

Clinique even better dark spot corrector $49.50 – $76

And while you’re waiting for spots to fade – a great full coverage concealer is great for masking your pregnancy mask…

makeup forever full coverage concealer

Makeup Forever full coverage concealer $32

Ugh, nothing is worse than getting those pesky pimples…  For me I get those deep set ones that hurt like crazy and stick around forever (or until I can get to the dermatologist).  The hormonal upheaval that results from having a baby can seriously throw skin out of wack and there are times I feel like a spotty teenager again…  I have found the Clarisonic system absolutely incredible at helping to deep clean my face which prevents them from happening in the first place!  Furthermore, having a regular routine to target skin issues such as the Neutrogena acne therapy system will help your skin looking its best.  For those breakouts that do occur the best product on the market is the Kate Sommerville Eradikate – put it on at night and by morning you’ll find spots significantly reduced!

Clarisonic system

Clarisonic system $169

neutrogena acne therapy system

Neutrogena acne therapy system $19.99

Kate Sommerville acne treatment

Kate Sommerville acne treatment $22


I live in LA – the land of pearly whites but mine are more of a pearly off-white…  I want to feel confident with my smile because I love to smile… So I think its time for some teeth whitening and there are so many great options that we can do right at home!

Glo Brilliant teeth whitening

GLO Brilliant teeth whitening device $199 (you have to buy the trays and gel separately)

GLO brilliant whitening gels

GLO Brilliant whitening gels $45

GLO Brilliant mouthpiece

GLO Brilliant mouthpiece $79

Iconic pearl teeth whitening system

Iconic Pearl teeth whitening system $195

For a less expensive solution – good old fashion crest white strips are also great!

Crest 3D white strips

Crest 3D white strips $37.99


Yes, I’m going gray.  I suppose it comes with the whole getting older territory but those little white hairs make me nuts!  I also don’t like using harsh chemicals on my hair…  L’Oreal has a line of permanent hair color called Inoa which not only delivers great color, but is free of harsh chemicals and inexpensive!

L'oreal inoa hair color

L’Oreal Inoa permanent hair color $16.30

My hair grows very quickly so when I just want a quick root touch up I use this Clairol product which is quick and easy to apply (but only lasts a few weeks):

clairol root touch up

Clairol root touch up $5.50

For an even more temporary fix – this spray on gray hair concealer works magic!

rita hazan root coverage

Rita Hazan grey hair root concealer $25

My insanely long hair gets very little attention and sits up in a pony tail or bun most of the time so that it doesn’t get in the way…  As a result I often get intense tangles – dreadlocks tangle which are virtually impossible to get out without my handy Tangle Teezer.  I have posted about this amazing brush several times – but I am seriously obsessed with it.  I tell every hairdresser and mom to kids with long hair I meet about it because it quickly and painlessly gets out even the craziest tangles.  It is my absolute must have!


Tangle Teezer $18.51

During pregnancy strange things happen to you – one of the craziest things is what happens to your hair!  Its thick and lustrous and you actually don’t shed it (as we all know we usually do).  Then, about 3 months post delivery it happens – all the hair you didn’t lose during those 9 months starts to come out like crazy!  I have a LOT of hair so you wouldn’t really notice (unless you shared a bathroom with me – sorry honey) but for a lot of women this hair loss can be incredibly traumatic and more noticeable – a great vitamin that’s specifically for hair and nails can be a great solution.  I will note, that I actually lost a clump of hair – all at once – about half the diameter of a dime – my hair stylist told me about (it was at the back of my head) and told me to consult with a doctor – and sure enough losing a clump of hair like that can be the sign of a thyroid issue which can be common post partum (which I indeed had).  So, keep an eye out for this sort of hair loss and talk to your doctor about getting that thyroid checked!

phyto hair and nail supplement

Phyto hair and nail supplement $59


A lot of women complain about shaving – and often this goes neglected…  I have to shave every day and I have to say, my shower time is often the only alone time I get and the time I come up with some of my best ideas so I don’t really mind it… But for a lot of women the thought of hairless legs would be a dream come true.  Now there are at home laser hair removal devices that you can get which can help make the dream a reality… However – always follow instructions and make sure you are a good candidate for laser hair removal first!

tria hair removal laser

Tria hair removal laser $449

Another tried and true alternative is waxing which can at least make your hair removal routine far less frequent… You could also use wax on your face but I think its best to leave eyebrows to the professionals…

Bliss at home waxing kit

Bliss at home waxing kit $48

As I said, eyebrows are best left to the professionals, but you could always clean them up a bit with my favorite beauty tool – the tweezerman tweezers – as a greek girl with a very thick dark brow I’ve had wax since I was 12 years old these tweezers are my greatest beauty companion.

tweezerman tweezers

Tweezerman tweeters $22

One last tip for hair removal is to make sure to have a great ingrown hair solution.  I have been using Tend Skin for year and swear by it!

tend skin

Tend Skin $20


Two of the biggest beauty issues that women are often left with post baby are stretch marks and cellulite.  I was lucky enough to swerve the stretch marks thanks to my commitment to cocoa butter application but I definitely noticed and increase in cellulite…  Unfortunately, these are the 2 things there really is no real cure for.  Lasers have gotten better and can dramatically improve the look of both cellulite and stretch marks but its a more expensive solution.  Improved diet and exercise can help with cellulite as can deep tissue massages but there isn’t really a miracle cure.  Cellulite creams on the market can temporarily improve the look of skin texture and that might be the best non cosmetic procedure we’ve got.  Bliss has a product that has been quite popular and highly reviewed that uses caffeine to diminish the look of skin dimpling and Clarins also has a product that seems to work for a lot of people which actually also helps to prevent cellulite in the fist place….

Bliss fat girl slim

Bliss fat girl slim $36

clarins body lift cellulite control

Clarins body lift cellulite control $68

Nivea skin firming cellulite cream

Nivea skin firming cellulite cream $9.99

As for stretch markes – prevention is better than cure – so keeping the growing body moisturized is integral.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is the best!  Some even claim this can help reduce the look of stretch marks…

palmer's cocoa butter

Palmer’s cocoa butter $4.79

The sooner you combat existing stretch marks the better the results for sure!  Stretch marks do fade with time but getting a jump start and applying some of these topical lotions as soon as stretch marks appear is definitely the most effective way to treat them.

mustella stretch mark solution

Mustella stretch marks double action $41.99


Strivectin $139 (I actually use this on my face at the suggestion of a beauty editor I used to work with – and its great for preventing wrinkles!)

Like many other mother’s out there I ended up having a c-section which has left me with a sizable scar…  Nobody will ever see it but it does still bother me – Bio Oil is one of the great beauty fixes for diminishing the look for both scars and stretch marks.

bio oil

Bio Oil $14.59

One of my biggest beauty grievances is my pale pasty skin.  I live in California and I look like a ghost!  I simply don’t have the time to be lounging poolside and quite frankly, we all know that the only healthy tan is a fake tan!  Sunless tanners can leave you streaky and stinky – but St. Tropez are the beauty leaders in the sunless tanning world and this is my go-to bottle tan!  It’s a gradual tanner that you apply every day as your body moisturizers and it slowly and streaklessly builds a gorgeous tan without the fake tan smell!

St tropez sunless tanning

St. Tropez gradual moisturizer/tanner $30


One of my biggest complaints is the dryness of my hands…  I wash my hands constantly, not because I’m OCD but because it comes with the territory of having 3 dogs and a toddler.  I actually bought my Dad one of these paraffin baths awhile ago when he was doing physical therapy for a broken finger and I was slightly obsessed with it. Basically, its a hot wax bath for your hands and feet which locks in moisture and restores your skin to baby bottom soft!

beauty chic paraffin bath

Beauty Chic paraffin bath $39.99

Just like with our hair, our nails suffer post partum becoming brittle and unsightly.  There are some great products out there for moisturizing and restrengthening nails and cuticles.

Perfect Formula strong nail system

Perfect Formula strong nail system $29.50

One of my biggest complaints about manicures is that they just don’t last very long…  Gel manicures have become increasingly popular as they can last up to 3 weeks looking as fresh as the day they were done.  Of course, it still doesn’t solve the problem of getting out to have them done.. Well, now OPI has an at home gel kit that will allow you to get the long lasting gel manicure without leaving the house!  I should note that gel manicures are great but should not be done back to back as they can compromise the strength of your nails…  But how amazing to have beautifully manicured nails for a change?!?

sephora by OPI gel kit

Sephora by OPI gelshine at home gel color system $159 (PS – they have a great range of colors too!)

And of course, my beloved nail sticker appliqué sets which are fast, easy and with no dry time!  They’re definitely non-traditional but lots of fun that your kids will get a kick out of too!

sephora by OPI nail stickers

Sephora by OPI nail stickers $6

sally hansen nail strips

Sally Hansen nail strops $10.99

HAPPY 2014!! #champersandpampers

Happy New Year everyone!!  I could not be more excited for 2014 and I hope you all are as well!  New trends, new accessories and watching our little ones grow and develop every day!  One tradition I’m starting this year is creating mood boards for the upcoming year.  Forget resolutions – I want to visualize the future!  Its amazing what will come to you when you put the thought out there.  Its a fun activity to do with friends and loved ones and it brings on the whole power of positive thinking.  Your dream house?  Another baby?  A new career?  A dog?  Whatever you want can be yours – just put it out into the universe and see what happens.  I am looking forward to a happy 2014 and look forward to sharing great things this year!



Happy Holidays everyone – hope everyone is enjoying some time of with family, friends and their beautiful little ones. This is my favorite time of the year and I wanted to send love and good wishes to everyone out there!

PS – wanted to share with you one of my favorite products which are these insanely fun foam bath letters, numbers and sea animals which max just loves and we love to put special messages for loved ones and holidays – makes great cards, emails, Facebook posts etc!!!

Hope you’re all having a magical holiday with your loved ones!

bath toys

Munchkin sea and learn bath toy set $13.50

Lots of love from this Red Soled Momma






MOMMA KNOWS… Winter beauty tips

Winter is one of the most wonderful seasons, it means holidays, snow, ice skating, hot chocolate and sitting by the fire…  There is a certain coziness and nostalgia about it.  However, it reeks havoc on our appearance. Going back and forth between the frigid temperatures outside and the intensely dry air from central heating is a nightmare for our delicate skin.  So, I decided to share with you some of my top winter beauty tips to get you through the frosty season.  Say good bye to itchy dry skin and stay radiant all year long!

1) WATER!  We all know that water is the number 1 best thing for our skin but I often find myself forgetting to drink it during the colder months when my skin needs it the most.  In summer time we drink more water because its hot and we crave it more but in the winter we tend to gravitate to warmer drinks which often contain caffeine which can actually dehydrate skin even more.  So make a conscious effort to drink more water!  The general rule of thumb is eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day.  What I find helpful is filling up a couple of bottles of water in the morning with that amount of water I should be drinking and knowing that I have to finish them during the day.  Whatever works for you – but think less caffeine and more H2O!


Brita pitcher $34.99

2) Don’t forget about your hands and feet! I have 3 dogs and a toddler – I think I wash my hands about 150 times a day – this is a KILLER on my poor hands.  They are dry, cracked and sore.  Our hands and feet suffer the harshest work and get the least amount of attention.  I rarely moisturize my hands because I don’t want to leave a sticky residue on everything I touch and my poor feet which carry me through life (occasionally in some ridiculous shoes) get barely any attention between pedicures.  However, during the winter months my hands get so bad I simply have to pay attention.  I use these little gloves (and there are little socks for the feet too – but you could just use your normal socks) and before bed I slather on some hand lotion or even just vaseline and put on the gloves and socks so that my skin can replenish over night.  Sure, my husband has a chuckle at my expense when I climb into bed in my little gloves, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!  Lets not forget, there is plenty we can do to our face to look younger but hands are a tell tale sign – so don’t forget that they need attention too!

spa gloves soap

Spa Sister gloves $10.39

spa sister socks

Spa Sister sock $7.35

bliss spa gloves

Bliss spa gloves $48
*** these actually have moisturizers in them already and are good for up to 50 uses!

vaseline soap

Vaseline $4.55

jack black hand cream

Jack Black industrial strength hand healer $15

bliss hand cream

Bliss hand cream $18

pumice stone

Revlon pumice stone $3.85 – don’t forget to scrub your calloused feet with a pumice stone between pedicures to keep them soft!

3) Cure those chapped lips.  We’ve got coats and boots, hats and gloves but our face is hard to keep covered up and often takes the brunt of the winter weather.  Particularly our lips!  I mean, I have chapstick in all of my bags and in every room in my house because that dry lip feeling is the worst!  So, don’t neglect your lips – exfoliate and moisturize them to keep them soft and lipstick ready!

Bliss lip scrub

Bliss lip scrub $18

Ilia lip exfoliator

Ilia lip exfoliator $24

jack black lip balm

Jack Black intense therapy lip balm with SPF $7.50

elizabeth arden 8 hour cream

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream $20
*** a must have – not just for lips but elbows, calluses – whatever needs a miracle. This product is in every makeup artist kit and in every fashion and beauty editor’s hand bag!

Dior addict lip polish

Dior addict lip polish $31

Ilia tinted lip conditioner

Ilia tinted lip conditioner $24
*** moisturize lip while adding color – comes in a tray of shades

4) The face.  Its what the world sees first and its also the most exposed to the elements.  The skin on our face takes a beating from sun, wind, heat and cold. Keeping our faces exfoliated and moisturized (and PS – always wearing sun block) is essential for looking younger and more radiant.  I am addicted to my Clarisonic which I use twice a day when washing my face – it just properly cleans my skin and helps take of the dead skin which can clog pours and ultimately lead to break outs.  I also try to use masks several times a week to exfoliate and rep are my damaged skin.  I don’t have time to go get facials – I have a child, a career, 3 dogs and a husband so I put a mask on while I brush my teeth, answer emails even eat breakfast…  We’re woman, we multi task and taking care of ourselves should be enough of a priority that its one of the many tasks we take on.  Finally, whether you wear make up or not – moisturizer and sun block are the most important things for our faces.  Protecting ourselves from sun damage – which can still happen in the cold of winter and replenishing the moisture that is stripped from our skin in winter are essential for healthier, younger looking skin!  I have to tell you that Creme de la Mer, is expensive but it is universally considered the BEST moisturizer on the market – working with countless celebrities and makeup artists it is truly the go-to miracle beauty treatment – but there are so many wonderful and effective products on the market – find what works best for you!


Clarisonic skin cleansing system $199

dermalogica gentle exfoiant

Dermalogica gentle cream exfoliant mask $39

Boots no7exfoliator

Boots No7 exfoliator $8.49

origins drink up mask

Origins dink up mask $24

multi vitamin recovery mask dermalogica

Dermalogica multi vitamin power recovery mask $48

oil of olay total effects 7 in one moisturizer

Olay 7 in one moisturizer $17.99

creme de la mer

Creme de la Mer moisturizing cream $155

murad sunblock moisturizer

Murad essential-C Day moisturizer and broad spectrum SPF $60

Olay regenerist

Olay Regenerist moisturizer $21.49

neutrogena sunblock

Neutrogena sunscreen $9.99

5) The body.  Just because your bundled up doesn’t mean your skin isn’t suffering.  The fluctuations from the dry heat inside and the frigid temperatures outside just destroy our skin and because we’re not showing much skin in the winter we tend to neglect it…  Just as with our face, exfoliation and moisturizing is key to keeping skin soft and supple.  PS – if you’re pregnant this is more important than ever because moisture is the best way to prevent stretch marks – and prevention is always better than cure!  Palmer’s cocoa butter has been around for ages because it works – use it, use a lot of it and use it often!  Summer time is around the corner so take care of your skin now so you can show it off then…

Fresh exfoliating soap

Fresh exfoliating soap $16.50

dove mositurizing bar

Dove moisturizing beauty bar (8 bars) $11.79

sephora loofah

Sephora loofah $3

origins body scrub

Origins body scrub $29

josie maran argan oil body butter

Josie Maran argan oil body butter $35

Aveeno daily mositurizer

Aveeno daily moisturizer $10.90

clinique body butter

Clinique deep comfort body butter $29


Aquaphor healing ointment $14.99
*** I didn’t know where to put this since its brilliant for lips, dry spots, hands, feet, face everything! it not only restores moisture but it also adds a layer of protection for the skin against environmental elements!

Palmer's cocoa butter

Palmer’s cocoa butter $4.99
** the best prevention for stretch marks!



MOMMA KNOWS… shapewear – what lies beneath the dress.

As a fashion stylist I am often working with celebrities for their red carpet appearances.  The trick with red carpet is there is no retouching and there is no cheating angles – you have to get it absolutely perfect.  A large part of getting the overall look perfect is getting the fit right – and so we have come to rely on shapewear.  That’s right, spanx baby!  You didn’t actually think celebrities were completely perfect did you?   Everyone needs a bit of extra support and there is no shame in that! It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 2 or a size 12, women need that little bit of extra something to smooth out the lumps and bumps for the best possible silhouette.  The holidays are upon us and we have dresses to pour ourselves into (while we pour ourselves another cocktail) – so, just in time, here are some of my go-to favorite shapewear from my stylist kit that helps transform celebrities into fashion icons.

spanx high waisted briefs

Spanx high waisted briefs $36

spanx full slip

Spanx full slip $98

spanx thong

Spanx thong $72


spanx high-waisted thigh shaper

Spanx high-waisted thigh shaper $72

spanx tights

Spanx tights $28

dmondaine slip

Dmondaine slip $170

spanx shaper

Spanx shaper $38

yummy tummy bustless slip

Yummy Tummy bustless slip $57

spanx maternity hose

Spanx maternity hosiery $28

spanx maternity

Spanx maternity mid thigh $32

While we’re talking about what goes under the dress… a nude thong is a must have.  Panty lines are never in style – so don’t mess the dress ladies!  If you don’t have them already – these are the first thing models and celebrities must put on when they’re on set with me.

spanx thong but

Spanx thong $20

commando thong

Commando thong $24

Victoria's Secret thong

Victoria’s Secret thong $8.50




MOMMA KNOWS… stylist tips for shoes


Pulling for a celebrity client means going to showrooms to select amazing shoes that might not always be the perfect fit… When that happens I rely on stylists’ tricks of the trade.

As a fashion stylist I travel with a kit.  Whether I’m on a photo shoot, or at a celebrities home prepping her for the red carpet, or backstage with a celebrity at a performance or award show, my kit comes with me.  It’s every stylist’s secret weapon for any fashion related crisis or issue that might arise.  Everything from nude thongs to safety pins to a leather hole puncher is found in my trusty kit. Today I wanted to share some stylist tips for those moments when you realise the shoes you bought, (and can’t return), are a little bit too big or small.  When stylists pull shoes for a celebrity, or model to wear, we may not get their exact size.  This works better for photo shoots when we can fudge things a bit with angles, or retouching after, but for red carpet and any kind of performance, it’s far more important to try to get the fit and feel right.  So, without further adieu, here are some of my tricks revealed!

The Problem – The shoe that’s too big.

Sometimes, you try on a shoe in the store and it fits. But, wearing the shoe for real, the heel height may force your foot to slide further down than expected and you can find yourself actually walking out of the shoe. This happened to me whilst racing to a show at London fashion week, of course, in front of a long line of photographers.  My brand new Louboutin pigalle’s were so darn high, I literally came right out of them, went flying, landed flat on my face, having left one of my shoes some ways behind. Its was humiliating and a lesson learned.

The solution:

Insoles.  There are insoles to help the full length of the foot, just the heel or even for strappy sandals. They not only help keep you in your shoes, but they also add extra cushion for comfort.  Here are some of my favorites:

Foot Petals Killer Kushionz Insole

Foor Petals Killer Kushionz insole $13.90

dr scholl's open toe insoles

Dr. Scholl’s open toe insoles $10.39

dr scholls high heel inserts

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dr scholls heel liners

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Sometimes insoles alone just aren’t enough and you still find yourself coming out of your shoes (Especially true for narrow feet in super high heels).

Solution – cotton balls.  This only works with close toed shoes but as a stylist I put cotton balls in the front of the shoe to push the foot back and keep it in the shoe.  Simple and something you probably already have at home…

cotton balls

Swisspers cotton balls $275

For those ankle straps that are just a bit too loose – I use a leather hole puncher to custom size the straps to the ankle. Also comes in handy for belts!

hole puncher

C. S. Osborne leather hole puncher $15.97

Now, for shoes that are a bit too small…

Certainly the more challenging as comfort is compromised and it’s far harder to deal with.  First, you need to remember that leather stretches and sometimes you just need to wear them a bit to stretch them out.  In these cases – don’t try to wear them in on a day that you’ll be on your feet the whole time – that’s just torture… And prepare yourself for the discomfort.  As a stylist I use moleskin on the areas of the shoes that I know are going to rub the most and potentially cause blisters.  This will help protect your feet while you work in the shoes.

dr scholl's moleskin

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dr scholls rub relief strips

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rub relief stick

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Another option is to try to stretch the leather… This doesn’t always work but it can.  There are sprays that will help give the leather a bit of stretch but, truthful, your best bet is taking your shoes to a shoe repair place or cobbler to see what can be done.  Certain fabric aren’t so easily stretched as others so I usually opt to leave it to the professionals…

amazon shoes stretch spray

Kiwi shoes stretch spray $6.40

shoe stretcher

Bravo-fit shoe stretcher $29.85

Finally, for the brand new shoes with the slick bottoms you’re afraid of falling in…  For my celebrity clients who are attending an award show, red carpet event or performing this is a very serious concern because (unless you’re Jennifer Lawrence who can fall with some humility, humor and in Dior) the thought of falling on stage, in front of a massive audience, is just as terrifying as it sounds. The easiest thing to do is to score the bottoms of your shoes.  Take a knife of pair of scissors and draw diagonal lines along the sole of the shoes with the blade criss crossing.  This gives you some traction to prevent a slip and slide.  You can also buy no slip petals that you can adhere to the soles of your shoes that provide the necessary traction.

no slip foot petals amazon

Foot Petals Sole Stopperz $7.15

Good luck – and next time, really take a stroll around the shoes department (or if you order on line – around your house) before you decide to keep a pair of shoes – getting the right fit is the key to whether you’ll actually wear the shoes!  But, for those amazing shoes you have to have that are on sale and the only size is a half size off – I hope my tips will help you get more wear and enjoyment out of them!

MOMMA TIP… thanksgiving leftovers soup

Happy Thanksgiving week!  I know we are all about to disperse to our various families and friends for the Holiday, but I wanted to share my favorite recipe for thanksgiving leftovers…  It’s actually my mom’s (where all the best recipes tend to come from) and its VERY easy and super yummy!

Take your turkey carcass (plus any leftover wings, legs etc) and put into a very large pot.  Add water and/or chicken stock, (Don’t overdo the stock at first, in case the other bits and pieces you add are salty enough – you can always add more stock nearer the end according to taste), and bring the pot to boil and let it simmer.  Alternatively, you can do all this in your crockpot and just leave over night.  When the meat is falling off the bone, remove the carcass, bones and skin, (be careful to remove any smaller bones). Strip the carcass of any remaining meat, returning meat to the pot. Add leftover veggies, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, onion, squash etc. and continue to cook nice and slow.  Simmer on until it meets your taste and you have an amazing soup that you can continue to enjoy or freeze into batches for future meals!

Farberware stockpot casa

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Hamilton Beach crockpot

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