MATERNITY MONDAY… great gliders for the nursery


The most important piece of furniture in the nursery for YOU. The rocking chair/glider is a must have!

Great gliders are often the centerpieces of our nurseries.  Unlike everything else for our children’s room – these rockers aren’t something that we have to get rid of in a free years so they should be something you truly love.  Our little ones quickly out grow their crib, changing table and even the decor in as little as 2 years, but the gliders are their to stay.  Whether they remain in your child’s room as s/he grows or gets transferred into your room this is truly  one of the most important pieces of furniture you will buy for your nursery and should be given plenty of thought and consideration.  This is YOUR chair, the chair that you will be living in for breast feeding to story time so it needs to be both comfortable as well as pleasing to the eye.  When we were designing Max’s nursery, the rocker was my top purchase and my favorite piece in the room.  Check out my favorite gliders and think about which version will suit your nursery today and your home for years to come.

West Elm glider

West Elm glider $849

Comfy Kings glider

Comfy Kings glider $495.50

Delta Children glider

Delta Children glider $299.99

West Elm glider

West Elm glider $799 – $1049

Tufted wingback rocker

Tufted wingback rocker $399.99

Babyletto glider

Babyletto glider $299.90

Open Arms swivel lounger

Open Arms swivel lounger $999

Nurseryworks rocker

Nurseryworks rocker $499.99

Stork Craft glider and ottoman

Stork Craft glider and ottoman $189.99

Campo swivel glider

Campo swivel glider $1499

Springwood rocker

Springwood rocker $799

Eddie Bauer chair and a half rocker

Eddie Bauer chair and a half rocker $399.99


MOMMA NEEDS… new home furnishings (time to update it’s look)


Give your home a face lift with some new decoratives – a throw, some cushions, even a new lamp might give a room that perfect finishing touch.

I spend plenty time thinking about my clothes and various toys and accessories for my little ones I often neglect giving my home furnishings a bit of a face lift…  I’m talking about the couch cushions, throws, lamps and various bits and pieces that decorate your home that you look at every day.  Maybe you don’t need a new couch – maybe you just need to change it’s outfit with a few new home furnishings that will elevate it and make it FEEL new.  Reclaim your home, yes it’s actually my son’s home now (we just live in it) but give it a bit of extra TLC – a home makeover might be just what you need to get you ready for spring.  Check out some of my favorite new home furnishings and start thinking about giving your space an update.

West Elm pillow covers

West Elm pillow covers $39

Anthropologie shadowboxes

Anthropologie shadowboxes $128

Missoni Home throw

Missoni Home throw $650

Pierce bedside lamps

Pierce bedside lamps $149 – $179

Regalia rug

Regalia rug $498 – $1998

Buoy vases

Buoy vases $25 – $29

DKNY decorative pillow

DKNY decorative pillow $39.99

Bunny Williams sapphire mirror

Bunny Williams sapphire mirror $995

RFA Fine Art painting

RFA Fine Art painting $1125

Peanut lamp

Peanut lamp $150

Bliss living Home accent pillow

Bliss living Home accent pillow $85

Fes wool rug $199 - $1299

Fes wool rug $199 – $1299

Luchessa mirror

Luchessa mirror $850

Lextex accent pillows

Lextex accent pillows $39/ea

Sambaya vase

Sambaya vase $44 – $64

Faux fur throws

Faux fur throws $350

MOMMA NEEDS… furniture without corners


Childproofing doesn’t have to be an eye sore – it’s all about curves baby!

I’ve posted about this before, but furniture without corners is an absolute must hone you have children.  Having lived in the land of childproofed foam corners I’ve learned my lesson – curved edges look great but are also great for peace of mind.  Having a toddler means never sitting down, never taking your eye off the ball and always playing defense, which is why furniture without corners are our first step at protecting our little ones.  Listen, accidents happen, they move so quickly and as much as we are right there, having furniture that we love that also don’t double as toddler booby traps is pretty awesome.  Check out some of my favorite furniture without corners and make baby proofing your house look fabulous.

Haute House chair

Haute House chair $2499

Anthropologie coffee table

Anthropologie coffee table $1298

Kate Spade neon pouf

Kate Spade neon pouf $199

Monarch console table

Monarch console table $114.99

Haute House ottoman

Haute House ottoman $3799

Pearl River Modern NYC loveseat

Pearl River Modern NYC loveseat $535

Agder arm chair

Agder arm chair $219

Threshold accent table - furniture without corners

Threshold accent table $59.99

Pottery Barn sofa

Pottery Barn sofa $1999

Whiteline 2pc rocker set

Whiteline 2pc rocker set $499

West Elm coffee table

West Elm coffee table $189

nuLoom ottoman

nuLoom ottoman $53

Chesterfield bed and headboard

Chesterfield bed and headboard $849-2349

Whiteline nightstand

Whittling nightstand $529

Bellamy chair

Bellamy chair $319

Anthropologie poufs

Anthropologie poufs $158

MOMMA NEEDS… super stylin’ storage solutions


Max unloading our new storage bench – ummm, it’s there to hide the mess dude!

Once again we have been inundated with stuff and desperately in need of storage solutions.  Short of renting out actual space I have once again been on the hunt for chic furniture that looks great but can also hide the clutter.  I am so grateful for all the amazing gifts from the holidays but, of course, it is twofold…  We have amazing fun new toys (and accessories) but nowhere to put them.  I was actually a bit forward thinking this year and actually asked for a fabulous storage bench) as one of my gifts and it has already swallowed up tons of Max’s bits and pieces while also giving me a comfy place to sit!  Check out some of my favorite stylish storage solutions and tick on of your new year resolutions (to keep the place tidy) off your list!!

Secret storage mirror

Secret storage mirror $1699

Zimmer trunk

Zimmer trunk $699

Tundra wall cubby

Tundra wall cubby $498

Trheshold storage ottoman

Trheshold storage ottoman $89.99

Storage bed

Storage bed $1799

West Elm coffee table

West Elm coffee table $549 – $699

Ludlow side table

Ludlow side table $499

Skyline storage bench

Skyline storage bench $275.99

vintage storage lockers

vintage storage lockers $2495

Hokku storage chaise

Hokku storage chaise $550

Kayla shoe strorage ottoman

Kayla shoe strorage ottoman $259


Orbit storage module

Orbit storage module $109

Loraine tufted storage bench

Loraine tufted storage bench $799

Safavieh side table

Safavieh side table $399.99

Hokku coffee table

Hokku coffee table $235

Safavieh storage ottoman

Safavieh storage ottoman $159

And some storage solutions for our little ones:

Enchanted Home storage dog sofa

Enchanted Home storage dog sofa $70 (mind. blown.)

Pottery Barn storage bins

Pottery Barn storage bins $16 – $47

Comfy Kings storage bench

Comfy Kings storage bench $138.99

Pottery Barn dollhouse bookcase

Pottery Barn dollhouse bookcase $499

Firehouse bookcase

Firehouse bookcase $97.99

Step 2 Lift and Roll toy box

Step 2 Lift and Roll toy box $37.99


3 Sprouts storage box

3 Sprouts storage box $17

RCPH storage bricks (set of 4)

RCPH storage bricks (set of 4) $60

Guidecraft princess toy box

Guidecraft princess toy box $157.99

Disney toy box

Disney toy box $79.99



Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas – Santa got Max’s list and depending on if he’s a good boy he’ll be very happy tomorrow!

Merry Christmas everyone from my family to yours!  Taking off today and tomorrow so that we can watch Max tear open present and remind us that Christmas is all about childhood joy and imagination!  Hope you all have a restful, happy holiday!!

MOMMA NEEDS… child proof furniture


Child proof furniture means a great couch, chairs and tables with rounded edges that give you piece of mind whilst still looking incredibly chic!


As my little Max grows my worries increase rather than decrease and so does my need for child proof furniture.  When he first started walking I quickly put foam corners on all the sharp edges, moved everything that could be knocked over higher and out of reach and put locks on all the cabinets…  What I didn’t realize is that as he grew and became more agile the baby proofing would have to get higher and higher and his ability to rip off the foam corners and undo the locks made my attempts to keep him safe seem futile.  The truth is, what I should have done from the beginning is to invest in some child proof furniture.  What I mean by this is, softer furniture and pieces with rounded edges – so that when he climbs, trips, falls (which they ARE going to do no matter what) my fears can be assuaged with the knowledge that I have at least reduced the risk.  I’m not suggesting turning your home into a version of My Gym – child proof furniture simply means choosing pieces you love that just happen to be more kid friendly (aka – not something out of the baby booby trap catalogue).  Check out some of my favorite child proof furniture and have one less thing to worry about!

Stone & Aster sofa

Stone & Aster sofa $2899

West Elm coffee table

West Elm coffee table $499

Anthropolgie chair

Anthropolgie chair $998

Martini side table

Martini side table $149

Anthropologie pouf

Anthropologie pouf $248

Pottery Barn cabinet

Pottery Barn cabinet $699

Ravenna Modern circular sofa

Ravenna Modern circular sofa $5225 – love this, it’s more of an aspirational piece – and obviously without the fire pit! (fire isn’t particularly kid friendly)

Tufted ottoman $699

Tufted ottoman $699 (was $2099)

Vince accent stool

Vince accent stool $299

wingback dining chairs (set of 2)

wingback dining chairs (set of 2) $159.99

Anthropologie dining table

Anthropologie dining table $2598

Clara sofa

Clara sofa $1699

Anthropologie coffee table - child proof furniture

Anthropologie coffee table $1298

Vaughn tufted chair

Vaughn tufted chair $151.99

Lumisource side table

Lumisource side table $89.99

Cassandra upholstered storage bench

Cassandra upholstered storage bench $699

Kansai bookcase

Kansai bookcase $1298

Haute House chair

Haute House chair $3199

Clover coffee table

Clover coffee table $189

Missoni pouf - child proof furniture

Missoni pouf $725

Stokke convertible crib/sleeper

Stokke convertible crib/sleeper $799

MOMMA HURTS… our beloved pet passed away


Our darling Shelby, frolicking in the snow – it seems so surreal that she has passed, but this is how I would like to imagine her enjoying heaven…

Monday night our beloved pet passed away.  Shelby was a magnificent dog.  A Rhodesian Ridgeback from a champion line – she was strong like a horse and, perhaps, the most beautiful animal I have ever seen.  I would always say that Shelby was the perfect dog.  Yes, she looked perfect, people would stop on the street and gawk as she prowled by (I say prowled because she would stride along much like the lions her breed were known for hunting in Africa) but she was so much more than just really beautiful.  She was strong, fierce, loyal, protective, kind, gentle (well as much as she could be) and all she ever wanted in life was to be loved and be close to us.  She was the kind of dog that you had to earn her respect and trust – she wasn’t interested in loud showy people – she would observe quietly and decide if you were worthy and when she would come and put her enormous head in your lap in acceptance and for some cuddles, it felt like you had won something truly special.  Her passing was not expected, yes she was just a month shy of 12 but she still looked magnificent, strong and regal.  She would still bulldoze past you to get to where she wanted to be, but within days she got weaker, lost her appetite and before we could fix what we had discovered was wrong her light went out…  This past January my first pet passed away – our darling Chihuahua, Gucci, so having this loss just 10 months later feels soul destroying.

Our pets are so special. They take over a part of your heart you may not have even known existed before they enter it… They are our fur babies – and I think people who don’t have pets have a hard time understanding what it’s like to go through a loss of a beloved pet.  They can’t speak, they can’t tell us what’s wrong, they often suffer in silence and we, as their humans, are their only advocate.  They love us unconditionally and more intensely than I believe one human could love another human.  Its an unwavering love, a boundless love and when you are with your fur baby you understand that you are the center of their universe and it is our job to protect them..  We are so blessed to have them in our lives and experience that joy but I am reminded now that every day with them is exactly that, a blessing…  Our life expectancy is far longer that theirs and so the hard part of having fur babies is that we will outlive them and so here I am and my pet has passed away.

When my husband and I got married I had one dog, Gucci (the sassy chihuahua) and he had two Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Shelby and Chili) – they were all the same age and we were one interesting looking brood.  We were living in London and Gucci was working on her English accent while Shelby and Chili ruled Kensington Gardens.  Almost 5 years ago we moved to LA and found a home with an enormous garden and in their senior years they have enjoyed ransacking the fruit trees, chasing squirrels and sunbathing.  But they were becoming older.  It was hard to see because they all looked so good for their age (save for Chili’s white muzzle which I attributed to the fact that she was a rescue and had a few months of stress before joining our family and leaving an former struggle behind).  Our dogs are our family and when Max was born 3 dogs who do not particularly care for children cared for him.  They were pleasantly surprisingly gentle with him and nurturing, protective and patient. They understood he was also one of us.  But as time ticked on we lost Gucci and now our beautiful Shleby girl has passed away too.  She had chest X-rays last week which would reveal a massive tumor on her lungs and we went into savior mode making appt with oncologists and surgeons to do whatever was necessary to prolong her life while still making sure not to compromise her quality of life.  Perhaps she had been suffering more than we knew because Monday night she took one last breath and went to go join Gucci in heaven.

So now what?  Our pet has passed away and we cannot get her back.  We have our darling Chili, who is certainly feeling the pain as much as we are.  We must all grieve.  We must focus on what we have, trust that our beautiful dogs have found each other in heaven and are sharing a salted pigs ear together while watching over us…  But it doesn’t bring them back…  So, I will share with you what I shared with you 10 months ago when our Gucci passed…  A question I hear a lot for people that children when a pet has passed away.  How to explain it to them without scaring them but also while introducing the concept of mortality.  Our Max is a little over 2 now and he was there when we were trying to revive Shelby, he doesn’t understand what happened but I have still been trying to explain it.  This advice I received a couple of years ago was the best I have ever heard for explaining a pet’s passing to kids and how to grieve in front of, and with them:

1) When your pet passes, have an open conversation with your child.  It will probably be the first time your little one ever becomes aware of the concept of death.

2) After your pet has passed away use definitive language.  This means, don’t use words like:  “Shelby has gone away”  “Shelby is in a better place”  or “Shelby is no longer with us.”  This is too vague and  could insinuate that she might come back… Or that when you say you’re going away (lets say a business trip or what not) there could be the confusion that you might not come back..  Using words like “Shelby died and we loved her very much and miss her” are fine, if you want to say “Shleby went to heaven and she is with the angels” and then explain what heaven is and that’s where people go when they die (if that is what you believe) then that is fine too.  The key is to make sure to use finite language to avoid any misinterpretation..

3)  Its okay to cry in front of your little one.  Expressing emotion and sadness is good and therapeutic.  Its show your children that its okay to mourn and be sad.  But, also explain to your little one why you are crying,  “mommy is crying because she misses Shelby and is sad.  Being sad is okay and crying is okay because its how we deal with losing someone we love.”  This is important because it tells your little one that expressing emotion and handling grief is not something to bottle up or hide.

4)  Do not let your little one see you break down completely.  Believe me, in the last few days my husband and I have been in and out of hysterics – its important to remove yourself from your child if this is coming on.  While it is okay for them to see you shed a tear, they don’t need to see you melt down.  As much as your heart is breaking over your loss – a break down could scare a child and make them feel very uneasy and scared.  If you feel like you can’t control the emotion, go to the bathroom or into another room until you can pull yourself together.

I will be honest.  I am broken right now. I wish I cold stop my hands from shaking, my heart from racing and my legs from wanting to give out from under me.  A friend of mine sent me this link about losing a pet that’s basically explained by a 6 year old.  To sum it up a family has to put their beloved family pet down and they decide it would be okay for their 6 year old to be with them when they did it.  Once the dog passed they were talking about how unfair it is that animals live such short lives and the little boys says that he knows why.  He says that we as humans are put on the earth to learn how to love and be kind and good and that dogs already know all of those things so they don’t need to stay as long…  Profound, true, beautiful and somewhat comforting.

We have loved our darling Shelby beyond words – we have loved her from the depths of our beings and we would have done anything for her and I believe that we gave her the greatest life.  She was my husband’s constant companion – truly the definition of man’s best friend. It is going to take awhile before we can breathe again.  I am going to take a few days off from the blog to grieve and focus on my family but will be back because distraction is truly the best medicine. We will focus on what we do have, a beautiful, healthy boy and an older, but still very healthy, gorgeous pup.  We will put one foot in front of the other while still acknowledging every day the enormous impact our darling Shelby has had on our lives.  She has made our universe better simply by being our dog.  She will NEVER be forgotten, we will never not feel this loss but we are forever grateful to have had the opportunity to be her parents.  We are the lucky ones for having known her, snuggled with her and to have been loved by her – so we shouldn’t cry for ourselves.  We have been blessed.  But now we have to learn to live without her…  Thank you to our beloved Shelby and Gucci for teaching us what love is, for teaching us how to be parents and for giving us so much joy.  We will miss you forever.  I wanted to share some pictures of our beloved little girl (she may have been a hundred pounds but she’ll always be our little lady).  Thank you for letting me share…

Shelby 6 weeks

Puppy Shelby seriously couldn’t get any cuter… Who knew this little bundle of joy would bring so much immense light into our lives…


Clearly the apple of her father’s eye…


The most beautiful dog I’ve ever laid eyes on… She truly defined magnificent…


Shelby with her best friend and adoptive sister, Chili. They have been by each other’s side for over a decade…


This droopy hound face just melts me… I will forever miss those big brown eyes and furrowed brow…


My lovely ladies… The best hugs and kisses ever.


Snow day in Kensington Gardens and Shelby absolutely couldn’t get enough of it…

pet passed away

She wasn’t quite sure what to make of the snow but she knew she liked it…


Soaking up the rare London sunshine…


She was so beautiful and so loyal and so perfect. I keep using the word perfect because she was everything great about dogs… She was the perfect dog.


She never really understood her size. She was about a hundred pounds but still thought that as long as her head was hidden nobody could see her…


Moving to LA meant more sunshine than rain, playing outside all the time, and abundance of fruit trees and the perfect way to spend her golden years…


She was large and in charge. She was our protector – she intimidated many but she was just a big soppy cuddle bug…


Enjoying Malibu like a proper California dog.


Again, no concept of her size, she often tried to squeeze into Gucci’s bed…


Man’s best friend… Max has loved his puppies from birth… here they are sharing the couch. Of course, Shelby always took advantage to the no dogs on the couch loop hole (not all 4 legs left the ground).


My husband with his most trusted companions… More than just father and fur babies or best friends – the love they shared was untouchable…


It’s not easy to adjust to a new arrival but he was there’s so there was great love and respect from the very beginning.. Shelby would get up with me during middle of the night feedings standing guard at the door…


These beautiful sister dogs…


When they discovered Max was a secondary source of food… Things got a lot yummier in the house…


She was never as gentle as she was with Max. Having max actually gave me an entirely new love affair with my pups…

pet passed away

Shelby and Gucci – I hope you have found each other in heaven and I pray that you are watching over us – we miss you both so much. Thank you for being the best.


MOMMA KNOWS… the importance of giving back.


photo 2

Giving back is far more than a trend – it should be a way of life. I implore you check out a charity very close to my heart and about helping make the world a happier and better place for our little ones.

So, I was nominated to do the ice bucket challenge, and I have sat here watching video after video on friends and celebs take it on – and it got me thinking, I sure hope they’re all giving back.  What a fantastic trend to take over the world – the notion of giving back – yes, its the viral hit of the year – but it has also brought to light the issue of ALS and raised tens of millions of dollars for the cause.  That said, I think it’s a far greater thing to focus on finding your own cause, than simply watching each other writhe in cold discomfort for the amusement of others.  Finding your own way of giving back. Whether volunteering at a homeless shelter, (after all, Miley Cyrus advocating for homeless youth at the MTV movie awards has brought it to front page), or making a financial donation, (Be it $5 or $5000), find your cause and affect change.  So, this week, instead of telling you how to spend that left over money – I implore you to pay it forward.  Think about donating the money you may have spent on a cool new dress or shoe and give it to a cause far more fabulous….

That said, I wanted to advocate for my own cause.  About 2 months ago our dear friends, Nick and Klara, found out that both of their young boys, Theo( 3 years old) and Oskar (1), have Duchenne’s disease.  Duchenne’s is a rare form of muscular dystrophy that effect almost exclusively boys.  I had never heard of Duchenne’s but quickly read up on it…  It basically means these boys, and all the other boy like them will have their muscles slowly degenerate until they can no longer walk, talk and eventually breathe.  Generally, Duchenne boys (as they’re called) will be wheelchair bound by the age of 12 and have a life expectancy of 20-25 years old.  Even though there is currently no cure, there is hope. There are a number of recent developments which could mean longer, better quality of life. Sadly, more funding is the key to more research. As you can imagine, my darling friends are pouring every ounce of energy into raising money for the cause and so, I too, would encourage anyone reading this to consider donating and passing this forward.  Please click on this link to to read more of their story and learn how to donate  As the mother of a little boy, it is heartbreaking and beyond comprehension what they must be going through.  You can also donate to Harrisons Fund, an organization dedicated to fighting this deadly and debilitating disease.   Giving back means we have the power to make a difference.  Please find your cause, or check out mine – together we really do have the power to save lives, change lives and make the world a better place.

MOMMA LOVES…. fantasy furniture for us and them!


Oh, just me and my new Thomas bed. No big whoop.

There is nothing quite like the imagination of a child – the whole world is dreamlike so why not have some fantasy furniture that they can love and we can enjoy.  When we were young we could make a magic fort out of pillows and blankets, today furniture designers are using that creative imagination so many of us have lost in their creations…  A bit of fantasy furniture is not only a talking point but really does bring light into our lives.  These pieces that capture your imagination and the wonder of our little ones are not only functional but also remind us to never let go of our creativity.  Check out some of the amazing fantasy furniture for us as well, as our little ones that will keep them captivated and make us the coolest parents on the block…

First for us!

Seletti pantone chairs

Seletti pantone chairs $133 each

Tour table

Tour table $8190

Thought bubble lights - fantasy furniture

Thought bubble lights $250

Verner Panton chair

Verner Panton chair $2750

Kendall cafe table

Kendall cafe table $498

Librarian dining console

Librarian dining console $699

Eclipse chandelier

Eclipse chandelier $699

Skyline chaise

Skyline chaise $629.99

Melting bookcase

Melting bookcase $600

coffee table

coffee table $73.99

Foo dog side tables

Foo dog side tables $299

Union Jack trunk/mini walk in wardrobe

Union Jack trunk/mini walk in wardrobe $700

Haute house chair

Haute house chair $3199

Coat rack floor lamps

Coat rack floor lamps $775

Control Brand chair

Control Brand chair $125

Waterfall console table

Waterfall console table $1599

Zuo ceiling lamp

Zuo ceiling lamp $389

Opal wing chair

Opal wing chair $999

And some fantasy furniture for our little ones:

Roadster twin bed

Roadster twin bed $1299

Land of Nod pouf

Land of Nod pouf $69

Gift Mark chair with ottoman

Gift Mark chair with ottoman $99.99

Adirondak chairs

Adirondak kids chairs $59.99

Treehouse bed

Treehouse bed $1499

Land of Nod chair

Land of Nod chair $119

KidKraft vanity table

KidKraft vanity table $179.99

Step 2 corvette bed

Step 2 corvette bed $329.99

Guidecraft deluxe art center

Guidecraft deluxe art center $349.98

Sesame Street elmo chair with sound

Sesame Street elmo chair with sound $69.99

KifKraft toddler bed

KifKraft toddler bed $127.49

Zuo modern elephant chair

Zuo modern elephant chair $158

Levels of Discovery storage bench

Levels of Discovery storage bench $199.95

Pangaea Home chair

Pangaea Home chair $379

DC America time out bench

DC America time out bench $30 (hate to admit this but as we are in the thick of the terrible twos this may be necessary)