MOMMA KNOWS… the importance of child friendly furniture


When your little one gets mobile – its all about finding child friendly furniture – rounded edges and cushioning are key (and they look a lot better than those foam baby proofing corners)

As soon as your little one starts crawling you realize – your home is a death trap its time for consider child friendly furniture – so that you can keep your home chic without having to bubble wrap the living room.  Baby proofing can be overwhelming – it seems everything in your home can inflict harm on your beloved little ones – which is why child friendly furniture is so desirable.  Its normal furniture we know a love with rounded edges and softness that allows us to keep our big girl home while feeling comfortable that it won’t cause  injury to our little girls and boys…  This does not, however, mean you can rest easy and take your eyes off of them for one minute – newly mobile infants and clumsy toddlers can always find trouble – it just means that you can rest a little easier.  Check out some of my favorite child friendly furniture to keep your home safe without sacrificing your aesthetic!

West Elm sectional sofa

West Elm sectional sofa $2096 – $2346


Barboy $1600 (at home bar)

Hayden armless chair

Hayden armless chair $189.99

Bevin tufted ottoman

Bevin tufted ottoman $524.25

Martini side tables

Martini side tables $149 (each)

Jaxx Cabbagetown chair

Jaxx Cabbagetown chair $299

Lyre chesterfield sofa (comes in an array of colors)

Lyre chesterfield sofa (comes in an array of colors) $2498

Kos coffee table

Kos coffee table $1380

Essex upholstered bench - child friendly furniture

Essex upholstered bench $299 – $449

Harmony console table

Harmony console table $1099

Bartlett armchair

Bartlett armchair $1579

Walsh side table

Walsh side table $499

Anthropologie pouf

Anthropologie pouf $158

Brentwood coffee table

Brentwood coffee table $399

Old Hickory Tannery sofa

Old Hickory Tannery sofa $1424.25

Jonathan Adler side table child friend furniture

Jonathan Adler side table $929

Tulip chair

Tulip chair $799

Tapestry console table

Tapestry console table $1599

Tufted ottoman

Tufted ottoman $400

Donald dining table

Donald dining table $655

Noblesse dining chairs (set of 2)

Noblesse dining chairs (set of 2) $195

Orion nesting tables (set of 2)

Orion nesting tables (set of 2) $290

Chesterfield sofa

Chesterfield sofa $2299

Riverstone cocktail table

Riverstone cocktail table $1699

Kira armchair

Kira armchair $439

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