MOMMA LOVES… comfy cozy loungewear (staycation is coming)


Obsessed with these Zoe Karssen sweat pants – their warm and comfy but also fitted and sexy.


I can dress it up with some boots for a great brunch look or shopping trip with the girls…


But still chase my little guy around comfortable… (or just laze on the couch this holiday season)

Ahhhh, December, colder weather, maybe some snow, the holidays, the couch and time for some loungewear.  Those perfect sweats that allow you to think you actually got dressed today, but let you move the relaxing to the couch.  Cuddled up in front of the tv or the fire there is nothing that feels as cozy as some amazing loungewear.  However, I am still a fashion girl – this does not mean frumpy dumpy sweats – the new version of loungewear has that super soft lived in feel, but its cut better, more feminine so you can have your comfy but still look like you’re making some effort…  The holidays means getting dressed up and hitting the parties and dinners, but it also means kicking off those heels and curling up with your loved ones for the morning or an evening in.  Check out some of my favorite loungewear and when you’re not celebrating the holidays in high glam you should be relaxing in chic cozy comfort.

NLST sweatshirt

NLST sweatshirt $255

Monrow sweatpants

Monrow sweatpants $146

Sundry pullover

Sundry pullover $103

Zoe Karssen sweatpants

Zoe Karssen sweatpants $145

Eleven Paris hoodie

Eleven Paris hoodie $75

Topshop joggers

Topshop joggers $60

River Island sweatshirt

River Island sweatshirt $47.38

River Island joggers

River Island joggers $85.28

R13 sweatshirt

R13 sweatshirt $245

Pam & Gela sweatpants

Pam & Gela sweatpants $275

Soft Joie sweatshirt

Soft Joie sweatshirt $128

Halogen cashmere sweatpants

Halogen cashmere sweatpants $148

Spiritual Gangster hoodie

Spiritual Gangster hoodie $88

Wildfox sweats

Wildfox sweats $96

Sub_urban riot sweatshirt

Sub_urban riot sweatshirt $48 (think Beyonce)

Asos joggers

Asos joggers $34.11

Forever 21 sweatshirt

Forever 21 sweatshirt $17.90

Forever 21 joggers

Forever 21 joggers $34.90

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