MATERNITY MONDAY… fab maternity fashion

You’re pregnant, excited but not feeling particularly fabulous so it’s time for some great maternity fashion to get you through some of the physical discomfort.  Getting dressed may seem like the least of your concerns right now, but looking great really does have an amazing effect on your psyche.  Great maternity fashion is all about paying tribute to your plus 1 midsection while feeling comfortable and still like yourself.  Look, in a few months you’re going to be bunkered away at home caring for your little one so may as well get out and about now, all while looking fabulous.  So check out the latest and greatest maternity fashion out there and style that beautiful bump!

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $69

Topshop maternity tee

Topshop maternity tee $26

Paige maternity jeans

Paige maternity jeans $209

Topshop maternity blazer

Topshop maternity blazer $75

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $86

Gap top

Gap top $44.95

Asos maternity pants - maternity fashion

Asos maternity pants $40

Mamalicious maternity cardigan

Mamalicious maternity cardigan $43

Hatch dress

Hatch dress $198

Gap shirt

Gap shirt $59.95

Asos maternity skirt

Asos maternity skirt $27

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $51

Seraphine maternity top

Seraphine maternity top $65

Asos maternity pants

Asos maternity pants $45

Isabella Oliver dress

Isabella Oliver dress $161

Asos maternity dress - maternity fashion

Asos maternity dress $69

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