MOMMA NEEDS… furniture without corners


Childproofing doesn’t have to be an eye sore – it’s all about curves baby!

I’ve posted about this before, but furniture without corners is an absolute must hone you have children.  Having lived in the land of childproofed foam corners I’ve learned my lesson – curved edges look great but are also great for peace of mind.  Having a toddler means never sitting down, never taking your eye off the ball and always playing defense, which is why furniture without corners are our first step at protecting our little ones.  Listen, accidents happen, they move so quickly and as much as we are right there, having furniture that we love that also don’t double as toddler booby traps is pretty awesome.  Check out some of my favorite furniture without corners and make baby proofing your house look fabulous.

Haute House chair

Haute House chair $2499

Anthropologie coffee table

Anthropologie coffee table $1298

Kate Spade neon pouf

Kate Spade neon pouf $199

Monarch console table

Monarch console table $114.99

Haute House ottoman

Haute House ottoman $3799

Pearl River Modern NYC loveseat

Pearl River Modern NYC loveseat $535

Agder arm chair

Agder arm chair $219

Threshold accent table - furniture without corners

Threshold accent table $59.99

Pottery Barn sofa

Pottery Barn sofa $1999

Whiteline 2pc rocker set

Whiteline 2pc rocker set $499

West Elm coffee table

West Elm coffee table $189

nuLoom ottoman

nuLoom ottoman $53

Chesterfield bed and headboard

Chesterfield bed and headboard $849-2349

Whiteline nightstand

Whittling nightstand $529

Bellamy chair

Bellamy chair $319

Anthropologie poufs

Anthropologie poufs $158

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