MOMMA’S UNDER $100… cheap and chic


hmmmm… what can I find for under $100 that’s both cheap and chic?

One of the greatest feelings is finding looks you love that are both cheap and chic.  Everybody loves a deal and everybody loves to look good and these two things do not need to be mutually exclusive!  There are so many amazing retailers out there that are able to provide us with cheap and chic options for our wardrobes that will have everyone around you asking where you got that!  Let’s face it, we want to look smart and feel smart so getting great stylish pieces that update your look without breaking the bank is a no brainer.  So check out my favorite cheap and chic looks of the week that will have you ready for fall!

Asos dress

Asos dress $63

Nasty Gal cuff

Nasty Gal cuff $25

Asos shoes

Asos shoes $81

Zara clutch

Zara clutch $49.90

New Look sweater

New Look sweater $42

Nasty Gal trousers

Nasty Gal trousers $68

Rue Gembon ring

Rue Gembon ring $42

Topshop pumps

Topshop pumps $85

Forever 21 bag

Forever 21 bag $27.90

Zara top

Zara top $39.90

Vesper skirt

Vesper skirt $68.08

Jules Smith cuffs

Jules Smith cuffs $45

Steve Madden sandals

Steve Madden sandals $89.95

Forever 21 bag

Forever 21 bag $24.90

Topshop blouse

Topshop blouse $85

Blank Denim jeans

Blank Denim jeans $88

Jules Smith necklace

Jules Smith necklace $49

Forever 21 booties

Forever 21 booties $34.90

Big Buddha bag

Big Buddha bag $95

Topshop dress

Topshop dress $70

Rue Gembon ear jackets

Rue Gembon ear jackets $58

Nine West sandals

Nine West sandals $79.95

Nina clutch

Nina clutch $89


MATERNITY MONDAY… stylish pregnancy goals

I am always so impressed with woman who pull of a stylish pregnancy.  And I’m not talking about those celebrities who pay stylists, such as myself, to keep them looking chic and effortless throughout their 9 months.  I’m talking about those women who inspire me with their stylish pregnancy – who give me the ideas for how to dress women in that perfect combination of fashionable, classy, comfort. Look, once you’re in the third trimester, loose the heals – it’s a noble effort, but I’ve been there – it’s miserable and nobody is going to judge you – in fact we would all feel more comfortable seeing you put those legs up for a bit.  So the key to a stylish pregnancy is less about the fashion torture we might ordinarily inflict upon ourselves and just about giving into your inner glow and celebrating the bump.  So check out my new favorite maternity options for a super stylish pregnancy.

Asos dress

Asks dress $54

Topshop top

Topshop top $70

Citizens of Humanity jeans

Citizens of Humanity jeans $198

Maternal America dress

Maternal America dress $148

Mamalicious blouse

Mamalicious blouse $58

Asos skirt

Asos skirt $40

Asos dess

Asos dess $54

Topshop sweater

Topshop sweater $68

DL 1961 jeans

DL 1961 jeans $168

Topshop dress - stylish pregnancy

Topshop dress $90

Topshop tee

Topshop tee $22

Asos joggers

Asos joggers $40

Bluebelle maternity dress

Bluebelle maternity dress $40

Bluebell maternity tunic

Bluebell maternity tunic $29

David Lerner maternity leggings

David Lerner maternity leggings $110

Asos dress

Asos dress $63


MOMMA NEEDS… slide sandals

While summer is winding down slide sandals are still hot hot hot.  While, I’ve never been a big fan of the Birkenstock look, it is, undoubtably a thing.  Fortunately, these slide sandals aren’t strictly for the inner hippies – there are many reinventions of these comfy shoes to satisfy those of us who prefer a more modern, slick approach to footwear.  All of that said, the truth is, these shoes are fantastic – they are perfect for being on your feet all day and now that they’re officially stylish they tick that box too!  Check out my favorite slide sandals and get them while they’re hot and wear them till it’s cold!

Pedro Garcia slides

Pedro Garcia slides $540

Ancient Greek sandals

Ancient Greek sandals $255

Birkenstock sandals

Birkenstock sandals $139.95

Kendall & Kylie slides

Kendall & Kylie slides $79.95

Isabel Marant slides

Isabel Marant slides $495

Loeffler Randall slides

Loeffler Randall slides $225

Tory Burch slides

Tory Burch slides $125

Forever 21 sandals

Forever 21 sandals $24.90

Alexander McQueen slides

Alexander McQueen slides $745

Helmut Lang slide sandals

Helmut Lang sandals $495

Kate Spade sandals

Kate Spade sandals $198

Splendid slides

Splendid slides $88

Gucci slides

Gucci slides $595

Loeffler Randall shearling slides

Loeffler Randall shearling slides $250

Joie sandals

Joie sandals $125

Adidas sandals

Adidas sandals $29.95

MOMMA LOVES.. printed pants please


I do love a great pair of printed pants to pop my look whilst still feel effortlessly cool.

I am all about some printed pants to reinvigorate my look.  I think a lot of people can bit a bit nervous about patterns – particularly on the bottom but they are such a great alternative to basic bottoms and easily styled with a simple solid top, tee, tank or sweater.  These printed pants are a pop of the unexpected – they add a bit of whimsy to your look and are instantly a style stand out.  Yes, they’re a bit wild but why not have a bit of fun with your style? Check out my favorite printed pants and add something new to your wardrobe that will certainly add life to your look!

ALC pants

ALC pants $595

Elizabeth and James pants

Elizabeth and James pants $325

Ella Moss pants

Ella Moss pants $158

Only pants

Only pants $32.25

Altuzarra pants

Altuzarra pants $1295

Mother of Pearl pants

Mother of Pearl pants $495

BLK Denim pants

BLK Denim pants $395

Topshop pants

Topshop pants $75

Carolina Herrera pants

Carolina Herrera pants $790

Alice & Olivia pants

Alice & Olivia pants $495

Ulla Johnson pants

Ulla Johnson pants $253

Forever 21 pants

Forever 21 pants $15.90

Missoni pants

Missoni pants $1030

FRS pants

FRS pants $505

Parker pants

Parker pants $220

Asos pants

Asos pants $50.16