About Red Soled Momma


Having been a fashion stylist for over 15 years – working at fashion magazines and with countless celebrities – I have always had a clear idea about style and what it means to be chic, glamorous and pulled together… Then, in 2012 everything changed. I had my first child. Maximillian. The light of my life, the apple of my eye, my latest client (wow, a living doll I could dress up every day, sometimes several times a day) and a true cog in the wheel of the glamorous lifestyle I had become accustomed to… Good-bye to my bi-monthly pedicures and monthly haircuts, good-bye to my lovely clothes that would be destroyed by baby vomit (and various other substances) and goodbye to my beloved collection of 5 + inch stilettos (which clearly seemed like a torture device crossed with a booby trap when managing an infant). Was my life as a fashionista over? Would I be banished to a world of practical… everything?!?!

Well, perhaps for the first year… But now I’m back, and determined to join the ranks of the fashionable momma’s that paved the way for me – from Jane Birkin to Jessica Alba, the Kates (Middleton, Moss and Winslet) to Angelina Jolie and my own mother. It has become my mission to unlock the secrets of how to do it all – or at least look like you are. I am here to talk fashion, beauty, lifestyle, kids and how to have fun and look good doing it.

Red Soled Momma is not just for the fashionista and not just for the mom’s, it’s for women who know that the myth of having it all means leaning on each other for advice, a new shade of lipstick, a hot shoe that makes our hearts skip a beat and finding a way to hold on to our glamorous selves no matter what life (or our little ones) throws at us.