MOMMA LOVES… the midi length (for skirts & dresses)


The great midi lengths give you exactly what you want – whether sleek and body con or sweeping and feminine – it’s a must have!

A friend of mine was skyping me while choosing a dress for an event and she held up a gorgeous red midi length dress and proclaimed – “I like the color but I’m not sure about the length..”  I recoiled in horror and screamed “put it on right now!!! It’s THE length to be in right now!”  I understand why it’s an intimidating length – cut below the knee somewhere around mid calf – it’s certain to make your dad happy – but the truth is it’s incredible feminine, sexy and MODERN.  The midi length for both skirts and dresses has been wildly popular for the past 2 years and with good reason – ladylike chic.  If you’re concerned about it being too unsexy (because we all want a bit of sex appeal) opt for a more body conscious silhouette and high pair of heels but make no mistake this is THE must have length for all the fashion loving ladies.  Check out my favorite midi length skirts and dresses to keep you looking chic, feminine and yes, even sexy.

Victoria Beckham dress

Victoria Beckham dress $1995

Saloni dress

Saloni dress $420

Enza Costa dress

Enza Costa dress $165

Topshop dress

Topshop dress $55

Tibi skirt

Tibi skirt $575

Jonathan Simkhai skirt

Jonathan Simkhai skirt $345

Milly skirt

Milly skirt $195

Forever 21 skirt

Forever 21 skirt $9.90

Dolce & Gabbana dress

Dolce & Gabbana dress $2495

Ronny Kobo dress

Ronny Kobo dress $398

Madewell dress

Madewell dress $148

Nasty Gal dress

Nasty Gal dress $88

Sachin & Babi skirt

Sachin & Babi skirt $750

Ronny Kobo skirt

Ronny Kobo skirt $369

BCBG skirt

BCBG skirt $178

Asos skirt

Asos skirt $55

MATERNITY MONDAY… THE best baby bags

One of the most important thing on every expectant mother’s wish list are fabulous baby bags.  IT’s these diaper bags you’ll be hauling around 24/7 to carry all the diapers, wipes, binkies and blankets that come with having a baby.  The best baby bags are light weight but sizable so you can carry around everything you might need in an emergency blow out situation (trust me within the first week you’ll know what this is) without killing your back.  I remember the day after I got out of the hospital we were taking Max t the pediatrician for a weigh in and I wasn’t going to bring my Gucci baby bag since we weren’t going to be long, but grabbed it at the last minute… which was fortunate as upon arrival at the Dr. I discovered my first full blown blow out situation.  These baby bags aren’t just an accessory – they’re a necessity so you may as well find one you love!  Check out my favorite diaper bags that you’re friend’s without babies will covet!

Gucci bag

Gucci bag $1150

Kempton & Co bag

Kempton & Co bag $595

Tory Burch bag

Tory Burch bag $375

Timi & Leslie bag

Timi & Leslie bag $159.99

Storksak bag

Storks bag $85

Fendi bag

Fendi bag $1150

Kate Spade bag

Kate Spade bag $398

Rebecca Minkoff bag

Rebecca Minkoff bag $295

Skip Hop bag

Skip Hop bag $80

Barney's diaper bag

Barney’s diaper bag $795

Marc by Marc Jacobs diaper bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs diaper bag $348

Storksak bag

Storks bag $210

Cee Cee & Ryan bag

Cee Cee & Ryan bag $98

And some fabulous baby bags that the dad’s can feel happy to carry as well:

Burberry bag

Burberry bag $1495

Ben Minkoff diaper bag

Ben Minkoff diaper bag $325

Armani Jr bag

Armani Jr bag $270

Diaper Dude convertable diaper bag

Diaper Dude convertable diaper bag $110

Skip Hop diaper bag

Skip Hop diaper bag $60

MOMMA LOVES… shorts in the summer time


Time for popsicles, bathing suits and SHORTS!

Summertime is shorts season and it’s time to free your legs ladies.  Whether you want something relaxed and casual or a dressier options there is no lack of great options.  The perfect shorts fit you perfectly, show of those stems and also provide you the comfort of pants…  That’s right, the flexibility to chase your child around, pick them of the ground when they’re in tantrum mode and still look pulled together and summer-ific.  Whether you’re poolside or at a summer bbq – paired with flip flops and your favorite tee or heels and a sexy blouse these shorts are must haves! Not a great idea for the office or a wedding, but pretty appropriate for plenty of your other summer activities! Check out my favorite shorts of the season and get going on that spray tan because you may be retiring your jeans for July and August!

Roksanda short

Roksanda short $985

Boutique Moschino short

Boutique Moschino short $425

Vince short

Vince short $155

Asos culottes

Asos culottes $28

Haute Hippie short

Haute Hippie short $695

Milly short

Milly short $200

Free People short

Free People short $128

Forever 21 short

Forever 21 short $14.90

Chloe short

Chloe short $895

Alice & Olivia short

Alice & Olivia short $374

Ella Moss short

Ella Moss short $148

Topshop short

Topshop short $68

Rag & Bone short

Rag & Bone short $350

Alice & Olivia short

Alice & Olivia short $220

BCBG short

BCBG short $158

Asos short

Asos short $33


MOMMA WANTS… colorful bags (to pop my look)


This is from a shoot I style years ago and it resonates with me even more today – the take away is that I feel like I’m constantly cleaning up after my little guy – but there’s no reason I shouldn’t look fabulous with a great colorful bag!

People tend to gravitate towards black but I have always been a huge fan of colorful bags – if you’re going to accessorize you may as well make a statement, right?  I live in neutrals – jeans and t-shirts, little black dresses, tons of basics so bags and shoes are often the pop in my outfit.  Great colorful bags are a perfect way to add a spark to your look no matter what your style, age or size – they are the greatest common denominator among women.  You have the rest of your life to get a black bag – go for something bright and strong.  There are a million things in our lives to be practical so buy the colorful bags and take a walk on the wild side.  Choose your favorite color and add a pop to your wardrobe with a fabulous accessory!  Check out my favorite colorful bags and have fun with your look!

Anya Hindmarsh bag

Anya Hindmarsh bag $1550

Coach bag

Coach bag $425

Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs bag $299.80

Asos bag

Asks bag $40

Valentino bag

Valentino bag $2445

Tory Burch bag

Tory Burch bag $425

Rebecca Minkoff bag

Rebecca Minkoff bag $295

Forever 21 bag

Forever 21 bag $24.90

Balenciaga bag

Balenciaga bag $2375

Diane von Furstenberg bag

Diane von Furstenberg bag $528

Kate Spade bag

Kate Spade bag $298

Marc B bag

Marc B bag $98

Chloe bag

Chloe bag $1850

MICHAEL Michael Kors bag

MICHAEL Michael Kors bag $358

Vince Camuto bag

Vince Camuto bag $278

Express bag

Express bag $59.90

MOMMA LOVES… boho prints


This is my summer swan song – get some awesome boho prints and spend as much time outdoors as possible!

Summer is all about being outside, dressing down and wearing some amazing boho prints.  What I mean by this is everything from the more abstract tie dyed pieces to the more modern hippie aztec prints – but it’s all about hipster meets hippie and it feels exactly right for the hot weather.  Great boho prints are everywhere, at every price point and for every lifestyle.  You don’t have to be a 60′s loving, festival girl to rock this trend – it’s all in the way you style it.  A great boho print piece like an aztec print top tucks beautifully into a pencil skirt for work and a fabulous tie dyed dress with some fabulous flat sandals works for just about everything.  Remember the key is to never where a trend head to toe – it’s always about a balance.  So check out my favorite boho prints for summer and feel free and pretty this season!

Balmain jacket

Balmain jacket $2301

Camilla playsuit

Camilla playsuit $399

6 Shore Road pants

6 Shore Road pants $145

Esprit cape

Esprit cape $53

Etro dress

Etro dress $1818.91

Raquel Allegra dress

Raquel Allegra dress $269

Blue Life romper

Blue Life romper $161

Re:named dress

Re:named dress $62

Ralph Lauren pants

Ralph Lauren pants $995

Young Fabulous & Broke dress

Young Fabulous & Broke dress $234

River Island coat

River Island coat $135

Forever 21 shirt

Forever 21 shirt $17.90

Haute Hippie jacket

Haute Hippie jacket $895

Fausto Puglisi shirt and skirt

Fausto Puglisi shirt $390 and skirt $678

9 Seed dress

9 Seed dress $164

Asos dress

Asks dress $45

MATERNITY MONDAY… must have pregnancy wear

Are you wondering what pregnancy wear to wear when you’re expecting?  You’ve come to the right place because I am breaking down all the most fabulous maternity clothes of the week right here.  The right pregnancy wear sticks true to your personal aesthetic while still being comfortable, appropriate and accommodating for your growing mid section.  This is one of the most special times in your life, so take pictures and try to enjoy it (before the sleepless nights are upon you).  Treat yourself to some adorable (though now unaffordable) pregnancy wear that will get you through the next crazy 9 months feeling stylish and confident.  Check out some of my favorite super chic pregnancy wear of the week and style that gorgeous bump!

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $69

Fillyboo maternity top

Fillyboo maternity top $81

Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans

Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans $198

Pink Blush maternity dress

Pink Blush maternity dress $56

H&M maternity top

H&M maternity top $17.95

Topshop maternity skirt

Topshop maternity skirt $52

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $55

Topshop maternity top

Topshop maternity top $56

Topshop maternity shorts

Topshop maternity shorts $65

Fillyboo maternity/nursing dress

Fillyboo maternity/nursing dress $99

Asos maternity romper

Asos maternity romper $58

Fillyboo maternity dress

Fillyboo maternity dress $109

Topshop maternity cami

Topshop maternity cami $30

Topshop maternity jeans

Topshop maternity jeans $70

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $87

Asos maternity maxi dress

Asos maternity maxi dress $87

MOMMA’S UNDER $100… best buys on a budget


HE’s definitely a bit taller now and still trying to spend that $100 – fortunately I have tips for how you guys can spend it and look fabulous!

Fabuous fashion for under $100 is all about finding the best buys on a budget, meaning great style that doesn’t cost a fortune.  It’s officially sale season too so buckle up ladies because now is the best time to shop.  Finding the best buys on a budget is all about finding the things you would gravitate towards before you see the price tag!  Also, waiting until times like this when all the merchandise you’ve had your eyes on for months finally makes it to the sale racks.  You have to get dressed – you need clothes and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money that’s okay too because there are plenty of incredible options out there.  Check out my best buys on a budget and get your style on without breaking the bank.

Asos dress

Asos dress $57

House of Harlow bracelet

House of Harlow bracelet $88

Steve Madden sandals

Steve Madden sandals $79.95

Zara bag

Zara bag $35.90

Free People cami

Free People cami $38

Oasis pants

Oasis pants $73

Noir Jewelry necklace

Noir Jewelry necklace $50

Dolce Vita sandals

Dolce Vita sandals $89.95

Asos bag

Asos bag $58

Vila top

Vila top $73

Topshop skirt

Topshop skirt $85

Joomi Lim stud and ear crawler set

Joomi Lim stud and ear crawler set $75

Topshop sandals

Topshop sandals $80

Forever 21 bag

Forever 21 bag $22.90

Forever 21 top

Forever 21 top $32.90

Blank Denim jeans

Blank Denim jeans $88

Rue Gembon cuffs

Rue Gembon cuffs $75

Asos sandals

Asos sandals $57

Forever 21 bag

Forever 21 bag $17.90

Topshop dress

Topshop dress $72

Rue Gembon ring

Rue Gembon ring $65

gx by Gwen Stefani shoes

gx by Gwen Stefani shoes $99.95

Glint clutch

Glint clutch $58

MOMMA LOVES… mini skirts season!


Always a huge fan of mini skirts. Perfect with flat sandals or a great chunky heel – they’re easily dressed up and down!

Can’t help it, I’m a mini skirts kind of gal.  When I was working in magazines it was my trademark.  I’m tall and my legs are quite thins so when you talk about accentuating your assets mini skirts were always my go t0.  In winter with tights and in summer time with a tan.  The key to pulling of mini skirts is – whether they’re  flowy, voluminous or body conscious – it’s all about finding the balance with what you choose on top.  Don’t show to much skin on top when you’re showing a lot of leg on the bottom – and if you’re opting for something tight on the bottom go with something more voluminous on top and if you’ve got a fuller skirt go for something more slimming and streamline on top. However your choose to wear them – with heels, wedges or flats, summer is here, so break out the mini skirts and show of those legs!

Chloe skirt

Chloe skirt $1450

12 St. by Cynthia Vincent skirt

12 St. by Cynthia Vincent skirt $345

MSGM skirt

MSGM skirt $250

Topshop skirt

Topshop skirt $68

Fendi skirt

Fendi skirt $1090

Tamara Mellon skirt

Tamara Mellon skirt $795

ALC skirt

ALC skirt $345

Asos skirt

Asos skirt $63

Anthony Vaccarello skirt

Anthony Vaccarello skirt $2440

Iro skirt

Iro skirt $300

BCBG skirt

BCBG skirt $198

Missguided skirt

Missguided skirt $53

Missoni skirt

Missoni skirt $1270

DKNY skirt

DKNY skirt $395

Milly skirt

Milly skirt $265

Forever 21 skirt

Forever 21 skirt $24.90

MOMMA LOVES… summer’s flat sandals


So kids sandals are the cutest but my summer flat sandals make me pretty happy too!! I have these classic K Jacques sandals in several colors!

Oh yeah, gotta love summer’s flat sandals – pretty, comfortable, practical and fabulous – yes please!!!  It’s time to free your feet ladies with some of the most gorgeous footwear that ticks the form and function boxes.  Great flat sandals are super versatile – where them everywhere you need to be this summer – from the park to work to the beach and even great for an evening out.  Let’s face it, the weather is warm and we want to be outside taking it all in without having to worry about our aching feet – so this is the footwear we wait all year to enjoy!  Check out my favorite flat sandals to get you through summer in style and ease!

Chloe sandals

Chloe sandals $695

Lola Cruise sandals

Lola Cruise sandals $255

Ancient Greek Sandals

Ancient Greek Sandals $185

New Look sandals

New Look sandals $32

Giuseppe Zanotti sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti sandals $995

K. Jacques sandals

K. Jacques sandals $265

Loeffler Randall sandals

Loeffler Randall sandals $175

Forever 21 sandals

Forever 21 sandals $19.90

Valentino sandals

Valentino sandals $895

Alexander McQueen sandals

Alexander McQueen sandals $303.75

Michael Kors sandals

Michael Kors sandals $206.50

Sam Edelman sandals

Sam Edelman sandals $69.95

Jimmy Choo sandals

Jimmy Choo sandals $625

Isabel Marant sandals

Isabel Marant sandals $495

Tory Burch sandals

Tory Burch sandals $250

Topshop sandals

Topshop sandals $45

MOMMA LOVES… the classic striped shirt


A great striped shirt can be conservative enough for the office but relaxed enough for a sandy Saturday.

A great striped shirt always catches my attention in the most subtle yet confident way.  Yes, I’ve talked about breton stripes, but this focus is on the classic menswear staple – the button front. The striped shirt may seem stollen from your man’s closet but they are all feminine.  Casually half tucked into your favorite denim bottoms or even the more fitted variety paired with a simple pencil skirt – these tops are the perfect play on masculine/feminine.  The perfect striped shirt feels lived in yet polished, preppy yet cool and it’s a classic that will stay in your wardrobe for years to come.  These are a wardrobe staple for always – super easy to throw on to achieve instant effortless style.  I think its time to find your perfect striped shirt, because your boyfriend/husband/man in your life wants his back!

Altuzarra bodysuit

Altuzarra bodysuit $1250

Frank & Eileen shirt

Frank & Eileen shirt $225

Splendid shirt

Splendid shirt $138

Asos shirt

Asos shirt $65

Stella McCartney shirt

Stella McCartney shirt $570

Elizabeth and James shirt

Elizabeth and James shirt $265

Equipment shirt

Equipment shirt $178

Forever 21 shirt

Forever 21 shirt $22.90

Michael Kors shirt

Michael Kors shirt $695

Frame shirt

Frame shirt $228

CP Shade shirt

CP Shade shirt $176

Topshop shirt

Topshop shirt $68

Vanessa Bruno shirt

Vanessa Bruno shirt $485

NSF shirt

NSF shirt $285

Rails shirt

Rails shirt $124

Vila shirt

Vila shirt $48