MATERNITY MONDAY… stylish maternity clothing

Finding stylish maternity clothing isn’t like it used to be – there are so may incredible options for pregnant women that can accommodate they’re growing bump as well as their need for fashion.  Whether you are part of the selfie generation or not, it’s important to document this magical time so you may as well get dressed up for it!  The great thing is, stylish maternity clothing doesn’t even have to be expensive – let’s face it, you’re only going to wear it for a limited time but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy that time and be proud to pass on your favorites to your next pregnant friend…  I always say it, but it’s true, your taste doesn’t change because everything else does – it only needs to be modified.  Check out my favorite super stylish maternity clothes of the week to keep you and your bump looking fabulous!

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $63

Topshop cami

Topshop cami $52

Olian maternity shorts

Olian maternity shorts $88

Tart maternity dress

Tart maternity dress $176

New Look maternity tee

New Look maternity tee $24

Asos maternity pants

Asos maternity pants $40

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $81

Hatch maternity cami

Hatch maternity cami $128

Asos maternity skirt

Asos maternity skirt $46

Asos maternity/nursing dress - stylish maternity clothing

Asos maternity/nursing dress $58

Topshop maternity top

Topshop maternity top $65

Topshop maternity jeans

Topshop maternity jeans $75

Olian maternity dress

Olian maternity dress $158

Asos maternity top

Asos maternity top $50

Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans

Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans $198

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $46

MOMMA PLEASE??? dressy kids clothes


Flash back to max’s first photo shoot – we decided to dress him preppy chic – nothing quite like getting our little ones dressed up – easier, of course, the younger they are!

Every now and then it happens, you need dressy kids clothes for a wedding/event where your little ones are actually invited.  Time to shift the baby sitter money into a super cute outfit for your little one that is occasion appropriate that they hopefully won’t hate (we all know toddlers love to hate not the looks we love).  Adorable dressy kids clothes can be quite frustrating because they may only ever where the look once before they grow out of it and get invited to another event so it’s nice when you can get things that aren’t too expensive or perhaps things that might be a little roomy now that they might be able to wear next year.  Regardless, it’s important to take lots of pictures because this might be the only time you get to see them in their dressy kids clothes until christmas!  Girls get the run of pretty princess dresses ( that aren’t actually Elsa costumes) which they will surely love but my secret to dressing my little guy is to find him mini versions of what his dad might be wearing…  Turns out he can tell when I really want him to wear something (and so wants to fight me on it) but if he sees dad wearing it…  Check out some of my favorite dressy kids clothes for all those summer occasions (where they’ve actually gotten an invite) and prepare for cuteness overload.

First for our littlest ones:

Halabaloo dress

Healable dress $106

Pippa & Julie dress and bloomers

Pippa & Julie dress and bloomers $40

Margherita dress

Margherita dress $32.40

Old Navy dress

Old Navy dress $16.94

Isabella Garreton dress and bloomers

Isabella Garreton dress and bloomers $77

Gap dress

Gap dress $49.95

Popatu dress

Popatut dress $36

Little Me dress

Little Me dress $16.80

Miniclassix set

Miniclassix set $52

Little Me set

Little Me set $35.70

Nordstrom Baby pants and vest set

Nordstrom Baby pants and vest set $28.80

Baby Bow tie

Baby Bow tie $22

Andy & Evan tuxedo romper

Andy & Evan tuxedo romper $68

Andy & Evan bodysuit

Andy & Evan bodysuit $32.20

Sara Kety footie

Sara Kety footie $28

Old Navy bodysuit

Old Navy bodysuit $8.99

And for our slightly bigger little ones:

Oscar de la Renta dress

Oscar de la Renta dress $276.50

Halabalo dress

Healable dress $78

Gap dress

Gap dress $39.95

Old Navy dress

Old Navy dress $19.94


Ralph Lauren dress

Ralph Lauren dress $129.50

ABS dress

ABS dress $80

Pippa & Julie dress

Pippa & Julie dress $58

Ruby & Bloom dress

Ruby & Bloom dress $28

Appaman seersucker 2pc suit

Appaman seersucker 2pc suit $92.98

Nordstrom linen jacket

Nordstrom linen jacket $65.98

Egg Baby seersucker short

Egg Baby seersucker short $32.20

Gap shirt

Gap shirt $24.95

Nordstrom blazer

Nordstrom blazer $165

Ralph Lauren tuxedo shirt

Ralph Lauren tuxedo shirt $75

H&M bazer

H&M bazer $35.95

Nordstrom tie

Nordstrom tie $22.50

MOMMA LOVES… a pretty blouse always goes a long way


#TBT to one of the first pictures I ever took for the blog in one of my favorite blouses of all time!

Quite frankly, a beautiful blouse goes a long way in my book.  It’s one of those pieces that services your best for all your needs – from work, to brunch and from a casual day look to a dressed up evening one it’s one of those pieces that goes the distance.  Whether you prefer something more polished and conservative or something more relaxed and bohemian – the blouse has so many incarnations. Pair it with everything from jeans to pencil skirts, dress it up or dress it down – it holds it’s own in every situation.  Check out some of my favorite pretty versions of the blouse and have one less fashion fret when asking yourself what to wear….

Chloe top

Chloe top $2395

Joseph top

Joseph top $415

Christophe Sauvat top

Christophe Sauvat top $190

Asos top

Asks top $40

Altuzarra top

Altuzarra top $795

Alexis blouse

Alexis blouse $352

Antik Batik top

Antik Batik top $208

Topshop top

Topshop top $60

Isabel Marant top

Isabel Marant top $780

Diane von Furstenberg top

Diane von Furstenberg top $368

Alice & Olivia top

Alice & Olivia top $198

Oasis top

Oasis top $68

Roberto Cavalli top

Roberto Cavalli top $888


Joie top

Joie top $298

Ella Moss top

Ella Moss top $148

Forever 21 top

Forever 21 top $24.90

MOMMA LOVES… summertime accessories (to finish my look)

photo 2

Summertime accessories – sunglasses and hats oh my!!


Super cute, stylish and practical too!

Fabulous summertime accessories are those bits and pieces that actually make your look.  I’m not talking about bags, shoes or even jewels (for a change) I’m talking about the hats, sunglasses and scarves that instantly transform your basic pieces into outfits.  Its these summertime accessories that protect you from the sun whilst also injecting a bit of something extra special into your look.  Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what your outfit was missing?  As a fashion stylist, I know it’s usually the little things that transform an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.  Check out my favorite summertime accessories and add an extra style boost to your look.

Eugenia Kim fedora

Eugenia Kim fedora $325

Rag & Bone sun hat

Rag & Bone sun hat $295

Sensi Studio panama hat

Sensi Studio panama hat $120

Topshop hat

Topshop hat $60

Eugenia Kim sun hat

Eugenia Kim sun hat $273

Janessa Leone hat

Janessa Leone hat $180

Hat Attack panama hat

Hat Attack panama hat $106

Oasis trilby

Oasis trilby $27

Victoria Beckham sunglasses

Victoria Beckham sunglasses $550

Isabel Marant aviators

Isabel Marant aviators $365

Wonderland sunglasses

Wonderland sunglasses $170

Le Specs sunglasses

Le Specs sunglasses $50

Chloe sunglasses

Chloe sunglasses $376

Prada sunglasses

Prada sunglasses $300

Ray Ban aviators

Ray Ban aviators $170

Asos sunglasses

Asos sunglasses $33

Givenchy scarf

Givenchy scarf $455

Tory Burch scarf

Tory Burch scarf $195

Anna Coroneo scarf

Anna Coroneo scarf $75

Forever 21 scarf

Forever 21 scarf $9.90

Saint Laurent scarf

Saint Laurent scarf $495

Alexander McQueen scarf - summertime accessories

Alexander McQueen scarf $245

Kate Spade scarf

Kate Spade scarf $128

River Island scarf

River Island scarf $22


MOMMA LOVES… skater dresses


Fit and far is always a desirable silhouette so a fabulous skater dress is a must have for every wardrobe.


Pretty, feminine and figure flattering a fashion no brainer.

I love playing with proportions in my looks so skater dresses (also called fit and flare) are always an easy go to for me.  Not only are the pretty and feminine but they’re the ever important figure flattering silhouette we all know and love.  Great skater dresses nice you a nice body skimming look on top, nipped in waist and then a fuller skirt (which always makes me happy when I’m trying to hide my bbq weight – you know all those amazing hamburgers and hotdogs).  Super easy to wear regardless of shape, age or even age these dresses are a must have since the beginning of time.  Check out my favorite skater dresses for summer and find some perfect options for work and play for night and day.

Ralph Lauren Black Label dress

Ralph Lauren Black Label dress $717

Diane von Furstenberg dress

Diane von Furstenberg dress $298

Asos dress

Asos dress $127

Topshop dress

Topshop dress $68

Burberry dress

Burberry dress $1495

Alice & Olivia dress

Alice & Olivia dress $440

Milly dress

Milly dress $350

Aqua dress

Aqua dress $70.40

Lela Rose

Lela Rose $867

Elizabeth and James dress

Elizabeth and James dress $365

Kate Spade dress

Kate Spade dress $298

Forever 21 dress

Forever 21 dress $24.90

Oscar de la Renta dress

Oscar de la Renta dress $2790

ALC dress

ALC dress $565

Parker dress

Parker dress $297

Asos dress

Asks dress $81


MATERNITY MONDAY… cool pregnancy style

Having super cool pregnancy style is all about looking relaxed, effortless and chic.  Now this may seem like an impossibility with the way you’re feeling and the new and different shape your body is taking but, as I’ve said before, it’s all about taking your personal style and adapting it in the most simple, elegant way.  I’m not suggesting crop tops and high heels but having a cool pregnancy style might mean a little trapeze dress or romper with a fabulous pair of flats.  Styling your bump can be easy and fun if you know what to look for.  Check out some of the super cool pregnancy style available this week and get excited about dressing for 2!

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $46

Topshop maternity top

Topshop maternity top $70

Topshop maternity skirt

Topshop maternity skirt $52

Olian maternity dress

Olian maternity dress $128

Asos maternity romper

Asos maternity romper $50

Asos maternity cardigan

Asos maternity cardigan $50

Topshop maternity dress

Topshop maternity dress $80

Topshop maternity top

Topshop maternity top $50

Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans

Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans $198

Leota maternity dress - cool maternity style

Leota maternity dress $148

Topshop maternity top

Topshop maternity top $40

Asos maternity pants

Asos maternity pants $63

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $73

Asos maternity playsuit

Asos maternity playsuit $46

Tart maternity blazer

Tart maternity blazer $128

Mamalicious maternity dress

Mamalicious maternity dress $50

MOMMA’S UNDER $100… summer style for less


What to do with that $100 bill. He would definitely spend it on toys… But here are some great super stylish options we would prefer.

The hot weather is here, so while we need less clothes we also want our summer style for less too.  All around, the warmer months are less expensive – we eat less and we wear less but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to look great for all those summer bbqs and vacations we have planned.  Achieving great summer style for less is closing carefully where we choose to spend money – the perfect go-to summer time dress, fabulous shorts, perfect sandals…  It’s all about finding the perfect balance in your look and finding those items that haven’t sacrificed style for price.  Check out some of my favorite finds to help you achieve super chic summer style for less!

Topshop dress

Topshop dress $95

Jules Smith cuff

Jules Smith cuff $45

Topshop espadrilles

Topshop espadrilles $90

Zara bag

Zara bag $89.90

Topshop cami

Topshop cami $30

Jules Smith necklace

Jules Smith necklace $55

River Island pants

River Island pants $63

Halogen wedges

Halogen wedges $99.95

Forever 21 bag

Forever 21 bag $24.90

Joa blouse

Joa blouse $68

Topshop skirt

Topshop skirt $55

Shashi ear climbers

Shashi ear climbers $55

Forever 21 sandals

Forever 21 sandals $12.90

French Connection bag

French Connection bag $54

Asos blouse

Asos blouse $45

Blank Denim jeans - summer style for less

Blank Denim jeans $88

Rebecca Minkoff bracelet

Rebecca Minkoff bracelet $98

Forever 21 shoes

Forever 21 shoes $24.90

Asos bag

Asks bag $90

Asos dress

Asks dress $68

Amber Sceats ear crawler

Amber Sceats ear crawler $89

Ivanka Trump sandals

Ivanka Trump sandals $80.96

Skinny Dip clutch

Skinny Dip clutch $73

MOMMA LOVES… the camisole


You have the right to bare your arms this summer with some fabulous camisole tops!

The go-to summer blouse is the camisole – it’s pretty, feminine and sleeveless.  I love pairing them with everything from minis to cut offs and layered with little summer jackets for the crisper evenings – they literally go perfectly with any summer wardrobe.  Great camisoles can be simple or adorned, preppy or boho – there are plenty of styles for this perfect little top.  Get ready to show off those arms this summer with a bit of sleeveless action (ps – I really need to work on eliminating my bingo wings).  Check out some of the greatest camisoles of the season and dress up your summer look with effortless sophistication.

Chloe top

Chloe top $1195

Tibi cami

Tibi cami $295

Helmut Lang cami

Helmut Lang cami $185

Topshop cami

Topshop cami $52

Haute Hippie cami

Haute Hippie cami $395

3.1 Phillip Lim cami

3.1 Phillip Lim cami $295

Rebecca Taylor cami

Rebecca Taylor cami $195

Forever 21 top

Forever 21 top $15.90

Adam Lippes cami

Adam Lippes camisole $690

Tibi top

Tibi top $375

Parker cami

Parker cami $198

VAVA by Joy Han top

VAVA by Joy Han top $63

Alice & Olivia cami

Alice & Olivia cami $398

Maje top

Make top $260

BCBG top

BCBG top $138

New Look cami

New Look cami $32


MOMMA LOVES… espadrilles for super chic comfort


The perfect pair of espadrilles work perfectly with all your casual summertime looks – allowing you to pull of effortless chic in comfort!

Fabulous espadrilles are the quintessential pairing of comfort and style making them more than just a nice idea – they’re a must have.  So simple, elegant and easy to wear they are the perfect summer footwear.  Wear them with everything from denim to dresses they’re casual without feeling haphazard.  They’re chic without trying too hard and they’re comfortable without looking overly so.  They have a polished feel to them whilst totally giving that vacation vibe – they’re espadrilles and they’re spectacular.  Move over sneakers, summer is here and it’s time to break out these rope bottoms gems.  Check out my favorite espadrilles that you need to have right now!

Valentino shoes

Valentino espadrilles $895

Ash shoes

Ash shoes $225

Tory Burch flats

Tory Burch flats $129.50

Topshop shoes

Topshop shoes $75

Chiara Ferragni shoes

Chiara Ferragni shoes $319

Rebecca Minkoff shoes

Rebecca Minkoff shoes $150

Soludos platforms

Soludos platforms $95

Forever 21 shoes

Forever 21 shoes $17.90

Gucci shoes

Gucci espadrilles $425

Mint & Rose shoes

Mint & Rose shoes $160

Rebecca Minkoff shoes

Rebecca Minkoff shoes $125

Asos flats (2 pack!!)

Asos flats (2 pack!!) $33

Saint Laurent shoes

Saint Laurent shoes $446

Jimmy Choo shoes

Jimmy Choo espadrilles $395

Love Moschino shoes

Love Moschino shoes $140

Soludos shoes

Soludos shoes $55

MOMMA LOVES… denim cut offs for summer time.


Nothing better on a hazy summer day then the perfect pair of denim cut offs. These Blank Denim shorts can be dressed up or dressed down for some fun in the sun!

Sorry jeans, it’s hot out and it’s time to break out the denim cut offs for all my casual summer time affairs (and non affairs).  The perfect pair of slightly distressed shorts pair perfectly with everything from t-shirts and tanks and easily dress down your fancier tops.  These denim cut offs work for just about every occasion (except, of course for work or weddings) but they’re easy to dress up or down with a change of shoes.  Pair them with flat sandals or sneakers for a low key trip to the park, with flip flops to the back or with wedges and a cute blouse for an evening bbq.  Great denim cut offs are the perfect blend of casual yet stylish and to top it off they’re super comfortable (and hard to mess up – for those of us with rough and tumble toddlers).  Free your legs and get into some of these fabulous shorts!  Check out my favorite denim cut offs to get you through summer in effortless style.

Genetic Los Angeles shorts

Genetic Los Angeles shorts $214

7 For All Mankind shorts

7 For All Mankind shorts $178

One Teaspoon shorts

One Teaspoon shorts $99

Asos shorts

Asos shorts $50

3x1 shorts

3×1 shorts $225

Current/Elliott shorts

Current/Elliott shorts $178

Hudson shorts

Hudson shorts $158

Free People shorts

Free People shorts $68

J Brand shorts

J Brand shorts $178

James Jeans shorts

James Jeans shorts $145

Blank Denim shorts

Blank Denim shorts $78

Forever 21 shorts

Forever 21 shorts $19.90

Rag & Bone shorts

Rag & Bone shorts $175

Joe's Jeans shorts

Joe’s Jeans shorts $138

One Teaspoon shorts

One Teaspoon shorts $110

Topshop shorts

Topshop shorts $40