MOMMA LOVES… summertime accessories (to finish my look)

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Summertime accessories – sunglasses and hats oh my!!


Super cute, stylish and practical too!

Fabulous summertime accessories are those bits and pieces that actually make your look.  I’m not talking about bags, shoes or even jewels (for a change) I’m talking about the hats, sunglasses and scarves that instantly transform your basic pieces into outfits.  Its these summertime accessories that protect you from the sun whilst also injecting a bit of something extra special into your look.  Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what your outfit was missing?  As a fashion stylist, I know it’s usually the little things that transform an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.  Check out my favorite summertime accessories and add an extra style boost to your look.

Eugenia Kim fedora

Eugenia Kim fedora $325

Rag & Bone sun hat

Rag & Bone sun hat $295

Sensi Studio panama hat

Sensi Studio panama hat $120

Topshop hat

Topshop hat $60

Eugenia Kim sun hat

Eugenia Kim sun hat $273

Janessa Leone hat

Janessa Leone hat $180

Hat Attack panama hat

Hat Attack panama hat $106

Oasis trilby

Oasis trilby $27

Victoria Beckham sunglasses

Victoria Beckham sunglasses $550

Isabel Marant aviators

Isabel Marant aviators $365

Wonderland sunglasses

Wonderland sunglasses $170

Le Specs sunglasses

Le Specs sunglasses $50

Chloe sunglasses

Chloe sunglasses $376

Prada sunglasses

Prada sunglasses $300

Ray Ban aviators

Ray Ban aviators $170

Asos sunglasses

Asos sunglasses $33

Givenchy scarf

Givenchy scarf $455

Tory Burch scarf

Tory Burch scarf $195

Anna Coroneo scarf

Anna Coroneo scarf $75

Forever 21 scarf

Forever 21 scarf $9.90

Saint Laurent scarf

Saint Laurent scarf $495

Alexander McQueen scarf - summertime accessories

Alexander McQueen scarf $245

Kate Spade scarf

Kate Spade scarf $128

River Island scarf

River Island scarf $22


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