MOMMA NEEDS… more storage solutions to hide the toys!

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So happy that he had a great birthday… but now it’s time to find storage for all the mess (aka toys) – loving his new Little Tikes tire toy box – will be perfect as his nursery becomes a race car themed bedroom..

So, my son just turned 2 last week and it’s amazing how much he’s managed to accumulate in that short span of time that has meant an immediate need for us to find more storage solutions.  Great toy boxes for him that are both cute and functional for his room but also more storage for our living space that can hide his latest acquisitions while also serving our needs and personal (adult) taste.  More storage doesn’t have to mean big ugly boxes or plastic bins – there are so many incredibly fun and surprisingly elegant options that are more furniture and room accents than functional eye sores…  Check out some more storage solutions for our little one’s room and some chic options for our big people rooms!

First more storage for our space:

MacKenzie Childs storage bench

MacKenzie Childs storage bench $1975

Land of Nod coffee/play table - more storage

Land of Nod coffee/play table $499

Pottery Barn ludlow trunk side table

Pottery Barn ludlow trunk side table $499

Threshold storage ottoman

Threshold storage ottoman $89.99

West Elm storage bed

West Elm storage bed $1498

West Elm storage coffee table

West Elm storage coffee table $549

Murano chest

Murano chest $759

custom upholstered storage bench

custom upholstered storage bench $265

Arden lockers

Arden lockers $599

En Provence coffee table

En Provence coffee table $1699

Mollie trunk

Mollie trunk $499 (seems to defeat the purpose but imagine all the stuffed animals, trucks or legos in this box and it turns messy toys in to contained cool)

Hepburn storage ottoman

Hepburn storage ottoman $199

Turner coffee table

Turner coffee table $139.98

Gemma trunk

Gemma trunk $2229

And more storage solutions for our little one’s rooms:

Teamson storage bench

Teamson storage bench $118

Pottery Barn storage bins

Pottery Barn storage bins $19.99 – $47

Land of Nod storage brownstone bookcase

Land of Nod storage brownstone bookcase $599

Elephant shaped storage

Elephant shaped storage $58.99

storage beanbag

storage beanbag $149

Land of Nod storage bins

Land of Nod storage bins $36

Lego storage blocks (stackable)

Lego storage blocks (stackable) $29.99

Levels of Discovery storage bench

Levels of Discovery princess storage bench $199.95

Little Tikes tire toy box

Little Tikes tire toy box $59.99

Delta Children's book and toy storage

Delta Children’s book and toy storage $34.99

3 sprouts storage bins

3 sprouts storage bins $24.99 each

Tot Tutors storage bins

Tot Tutors storage bins $59.99

Cars toy box

Cars toy box $69.99

Step 2 lift and roll toy box

Step 2 lift and roll toy box (can go room to room with them) $41.99

Disney princess storage wardrobe

Disney princess storage wardrobe $31.99

Batman storage bench

Batman storage bench $164.99

Guidecraft princess toy box

Guidecraft princess toy box $197.99

MOMMA LOVES… neon accessories for women and kids!

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Obsessed with a pop of neon – my favorite Valentino pink patent flats and Max’s electric grid Vans playing in the ball pit!

So, following up on last weeks post – today I’m featuring some of my very favorite things – neon accessories!  As I mentioned previously, I just love a great bold wild pop of color and nowhere does it work better than with accessories.  Bags, shoes and jewels are truly what makes an outfit.  They transform your classic pieces into stylish modern looks.  Neon accessories are enormously popular among top design houses, Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino recently so make no mistake, this is a trend that is here to stay.  Highlighter shades of pink, yellow, orange and green are attention grabbing and incredibly chic!  Neon accessories are the fastest and most effortless way to pop an outfit and have people chasing you to find out where you got that…  As cool as it is for us ladies, your kids will love and want some of their own – so check out some of my favorites neon accessories for you and your little ones!

First, neon shoes for us:

Jil Sander sandals

Jil Sander sandals $695

Kate Spade neon pumps

Kate Spade neon pumps $298

Manebi espadrilles

Manebi espadrilles $65

Jimmy Choo sandals

Jimmy Choo sandals $750

Nicholas Kirkwood pumps

Nicholas Kirkwood pumps $695

Sophia Webster pumps

Sophia Webster pumps $390

neon accessories

Asos sandals $75.28

Saint Laurent sandals

Saint Laurent sandals $795

Chrissie Morris sandals

Chrissie Morris sandals $282

Rivieras slip ons

Rivieras slip ons $100

neon accessories

Asos shoe boots $79.04

Valentino pumps

Valentino pumps $945

Valentino rockstud ballet flats

Valentino rockstud ballet flats $845

Saint Laurent pump

Saint Laurent pump $595 (also in pink)

Michael Kors sandal

Michael Kors sandal $395

Valentino sandals

Valentino sandals $295

Superga sneakers

Superga sneakers $65 (also in pink)

Neon bags:

Saint Laurent tote bag

Saint Laurent tote bag $2650

Rebecca Minkoff bag

Rebecca Minkoff bag $195

Pour la Victoire bag

Pour la Victoire bag $95

Valentino tote bag

Valentino tote bag $3395

Milly handbag

Milly handbag $325


Asos handbag $47.05

Jimmy Choo handbag

Jimmy Choo handbag $1425

Rebecca Minkoff bag

Rebecca Minkoff bag $365

neon accessories

Paul’s Boutique bag $122.32

Valentino reversible bag

Valentino reversible bag $1545

Tory Burch bag

Tory Burch bag $485

Kotur clutch

Kotur clutch $395

Cambridge Satchel bag

Cambridge Satchel bag $205

Rebecca Minkoff neon bag

Rebecca Minkoff neon bag $195

Neon jewels:

Shourouk necklace

Shourouk necklace $1065

Valentino bracelet

Valentino bracelet $225

Kendra Scott earrings

Kendra Scott earrings $55

Saint Laurent bracelet

Saint Laurent bracelet $595

J Crew necklace

J Crew necklace $115

Forever 21 earrings

Forever 21 earrings $4.80

Neon accessories for our little ones:

Ash sneakers

Ash sneakers $135

Vans sneakers

Vans sneakers $39.95

neon accessories

Gap sandals $12.95


Old Navy flip flops $3.50

Igor jellies

Igor jellies $23.95

Nike crib shoes and bib

Nike crib shoes and bib $45

Vans slip ons

Vans slip ons $34.95

Vans sneakers

Vans sneakers $21

Ralph Lauren boat shoes

Ralph Lauren boat shoes $40

Naturino sneakers

Naturino sneakers $65

Steve Madden sandal

Steve Madden sandal $38.95

Native shoes

Native shoes $31.95

Converse sneakers

Converse sneakers $26.99

Xolo sk8tr sneakers

Xolo sk8tr sneakers $29.99

Champion sneakers

Champion sneakers $24.99

Nike basketball shoes

Nike basketball shoes $48

MOMMA KNOWS… coconut oil is a miracle product

Coconut oil is the little product that could.  First of all, my husband can’t (like many others out there) have anything with dairy in it…  Well, the first amazing thing coconut oil can do is substitute butter or shortening in baking and cooking.  Not only does it taste amazing in deserts but it’s also healthier and more efficient (it has a higher smoke point!) than even olive or vegetable oils when used for cooking.  But coconut oil has many home remedy benefits but the ones I use it and love it for is as a natural moisturizer for me and my little one.  Nothing can cure dry itchy skin (or even cradle cap for babies) better than coconut oil – its THE most natural and effective remedy.  When rubbed into skin during pregnancy it can help prevent stretch marks, it can cure dry chapped elbows, be used on nipples when breast feeding and even clear up baby’s diaper rash!  If you don’t already have this in your home you need it now and you will never turn back!

coconut oil

Coconut Oil $14.95

Also, just because I have found it endlessly useful – I am obsessed with this gluten free brownie mix by King Arthur.  I use coconut oil in place of butter or vegetable oil making it gluten AND dairy free…. It is delicious! I know sometime the thought of dairy free and gluten fee insinuates disgusting – but they’re so moist, amazing and (for busy moms) they take NO time!  PS – for those less scared of dairy I do sometime chop up half of a dark chocolate candy bar (with something like mint, caramel or sea salt almonds) and add them to the mix – takes everything up a notch and makes them look that much more homemade!

king arthur gluten free brownie mix

King Arthur gluten free brownie mix $7.79

DIRTY TRUFFLE – a hot new blog for all you foodies!

For all you foodies – you HAVE to check out dirty truffle a fabulous new blog my dear friend (and fellow mom) that will seriously have you salivating!  Whether you’re an amateur chef, a lover of food porn, a health nut or just someone that appreciates some great recipes this is a site you can’t miss!  Kristen shares her favorite recipes in this hot new blog which will have everyone excited about what’s for dinner.  As a mom one of the struggles I have every day is deciding what to cook for my family that is both delicious and healthy – these recipes are both and they look pretty gorgeous too!

MOMMA TIP… birthday cake idea!

Its a new year and there will surely be lots of Birthdays to celebrate!  I wanted to share with you guys a birthday cake idea I really had fun with…  I cannot believe my little prince will be turning 2 in June and I am already trying to plan!  For his first birthday I ordered him one of these edible photo cake toppers which everyone loved.  It was cute, inexpensive and easy!  I ordered ahead of time – made my own cake and just followed the instruction on how to apply the cake topper.  You can also get them for cookies and cupcakes!  This birthday cake idea is fun, creative and original!


MOMMA KNOWS… gift guide for women – everything she wants under $100

Women are generally easier to shop for than men… simply because we ARE women, so we know what we like.  But I wanted to do a gift guide for women under $100, great gifts for your moms, sisters, friends and coworkers.  There is so much out there and gift buying can truly be overwhelming, so I wanted to break some top gift options down into categories: beauty, accessories, jewelry, home, tech, candles and misc.  There are great options for all the women on your list… perhaps even a few things you’ll want to keep for yourself…


stila lip gloss set

Still lip gloss set $28

bumble and bumble blow dry

Bumble and Bumble blow dry kit $12

metallic nail foil wraps

Nail Rock metallic nail foil wraps $12

sephora makeup brush set

Sephora makeup brushes kit $62

bliss body care set

Bliss body wash and moisturizer set $33


missoni knit scarf

Missoni scarf $99
*** I have a theory that everyone would love something from Missoni.


Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet $90

feed guatemala bag

Feed Guatemala bag $50
*** the proceeds from these bags go towards feeding 1 child for 1 year – comes in lots of beautiful designs!

N. Peal cashmere gloves

N. Peal cashmere gloves $57.75

leopard print zara scarf

Zara scarf $29.90

rebecca minkoff monogram pouch

Rebecca Minkoff monogram pouch $50

mukluks slippers

Muk Luks slippers $29.95

yarnz scarf

Yarnz scarf $60


elizabeth and james rings

Elizabeth and James double ring $95

dogeared skull earrings

Dogeared skull earrings $40

kevia cuff

Kevia cuff $95

kate spade initial pendant

Kate Spade initial pendant $58


diptyque candle

Diptyque Baies candle $60

tocca candle

Tocca Stella candle $38

spiced vanilla candle bendels

Henri Bendel spiced vanilla candle $30 (or 2 for $50)



cutting board purse

cutting board purse $48

Philips hue downlight lamp

Philips Hue downlighting $60
*** control lighting in the house from your iPhone with this technology

hamilton beach juicer

Hamliton Beach juicer $59

picture frame

Argento SC picture frame $28

vanity fair coffee table book

Vanity Fair 100 years coffee table book $33.39


diane von fursetenberg ipad case

Diane Von Fursterberg iPad case $74.70

marc by marc iphone case

Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone case $38

hmdc jam plus wireless speaker

HMDX jam plus wireless speaker $60

apple tv

Apple TV $99
*** now you can watch the shows and movies you want when he’s not around.

besties iphone cases

Besties Iphone cases (set of 2) $25


vino 2 go

AD N ART vino to go $14.95

polaroid instant camera

Polaroid instant camera $80

tempour all in one

Tempour all in one $39.95 – chills, filters, pours and stops.

designer handbag mugs

Designer handbag mugs $21

MOMMA TIP… thanksgiving leftovers soup

Happy Thanksgiving week!  I know we are all about to disperse to our various families and friends for the Holiday, but I wanted to share my favorite recipe for thanksgiving leftovers…  It’s actually my mom’s (where all the best recipes tend to come from) and its VERY easy and super yummy!

Take your turkey carcass (plus any leftover wings, legs etc) and put into a very large pot.  Add water and/or chicken stock, (Don’t overdo the stock at first, in case the other bits and pieces you add are salty enough – you can always add more stock nearer the end according to taste), and bring the pot to boil and let it simmer.  Alternatively, you can do all this in your crockpot and just leave over night.  When the meat is falling off the bone, remove the carcass, bones and skin, (be careful to remove any smaller bones). Strip the carcass of any remaining meat, returning meat to the pot. Add leftover veggies, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, onion, squash etc. and continue to cook nice and slow.  Simmer on until it meets your taste and you have an amazing soup that you can continue to enjoy or freeze into batches for future meals!

Farberware stockpot casa

Farberware 16oz stockpot $79.95

Hamilton Beach crockpot

Hamilton Beach crockpot $56.29

MOMMA TIP… cooking with truffle oil and truffle salt

Your cooking may have become limited since having your beloved little one. Often times the need is for quick and simple and, frankly, a little boring.  One key ingredient I have found that transforms my meal from kids menu to ooh la la, is salt and/or oil infused with truffles!!! The magic ingredient which usually transforms a basic pasta dish to high end italian restaurant fare, from $15 to $115 has been infused into olive oil and sea salt for you to perk up meals in your own home. Add the oil or salt to kid friendly foods like mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, pasta, mac and cheese and french fries and you have a 5 star meal for you! One of my favorite things to do is bake oven chips (they’re healthier than frying – see my recipe below) and then tossing them in truffle salt. My husband and friends go absolutely nuts for them!


truffle infused olive oil

Truffle oil $29.95 available at


*** My recipe for oven baked oven chips are easy:

heat oven to 475

ingredients: potatoes (I like the red skinned potatoes), olive oil, kosher salt, truffle salt

cut potatoes into 1 inch thick wedges and blanche them (in boiling water for about 3 to 4 minutes (then soaking them in cold running water for a minute or 2) then lay them out on a baking tray and toss them with olive oil and a little bit of kosher salt.  Bake them for 10 minutes then clip them and bake for another 10 minutes and then flip again for another 8-10 until they are crispy.  Take them out and toss them with truffle salt and serve!

MOMMA TIPS… must have in the kitchen

Ladies, if you are like me you may think your days of entertaining at home are over.  You may think you’ll never be able to properly make home cooked meals for your family again.  A few weeks ago I got myself a slow cooker and my life has changed.  While Max is napping or after he’s going to sleep I just chop up the veggies and then when I’m ready I quickly sear whatever meat I’m using toss everything into the cooker and depending on the recipe and the settings I choose in a couple of hours dinner is ready!  I make huge batches so I can freeze portions for future meals and now, I feel like I can feel stress free when inviting friends over for dinner.  Sure, it may not be gourmet, but winter is coming and who doesn’t want a hearty stew?!?!  This thing is amazing and if you don’t have one and you miss proper home cooked meals I highly recommend it. This week I will be using my slow cooker to make beef stew:  beef cubes seared, tossed is the cooker with beef stock, a can of pureed tomatoes, chopped up onion, celery, carrots, potatoes, 2 bayleafs, salt, pepper, paprika, oregano and then just leave it to cook baby!  I make a batch of rice and my husband and toddler can not get enough!