MOMMA KNOWS… coconut oil is a miracle product

Coconut oil is the little product that could.  First of all, my husband can’t (like many others out there) have anything with dairy in it…  Well, the first amazing thing coconut oil can do is substitute butter or shortening in baking and cooking.  Not only does it taste amazing in deserts but it’s also healthier and more efficient (it has a higher smoke point!) than even olive or vegetable oils when used for cooking.  But coconut oil has many home remedy benefits but the ones I use it and love it for is as a natural moisturizer for me and my little one.  Nothing can cure dry itchy skin (or even cradle cap for babies) better than coconut oil – its THE most natural and effective remedy.  When rubbed into skin during pregnancy it can help prevent stretch marks, it can cure dry chapped elbows, be used on nipples when breast feeding and even clear up baby’s diaper rash!  If you don’t already have this in your home you need it now and you will never turn back!

coconut oil

Coconut Oil $14.95

Also, just because I have found it endlessly useful – I am obsessed with this gluten free brownie mix by King Arthur.  I use coconut oil in place of butter or vegetable oil making it gluten AND dairy free…. It is delicious! I know sometime the thought of dairy free and gluten fee insinuates disgusting – but they’re so moist, amazing and (for busy moms) they take NO time!  PS – for those less scared of dairy I do sometime chop up half of a dark chocolate candy bar (with something like mint, caramel or sea salt almonds) and add them to the mix – takes everything up a notch and makes them look that much more homemade!

king arthur gluten free brownie mix

King Arthur gluten free brownie mix $7.79

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