MATERNITY MONDAY… stylish pregnancy goals

I am always so impressed with woman who pull of a stylish pregnancy.  And I’m not talking about those celebrities who pay stylists, such as myself, to keep them looking chic and effortless throughout their 9 months.  I’m talking about those women who inspire me with their stylish pregnancy – who give me the ideas for how to dress women in that perfect combination of fashionable, classy, comfort. Look, once you’re in the third trimester, loose the heals – it’s a noble effort, but I’ve been there – it’s miserable and nobody is going to judge you – in fact we would all feel more comfortable seeing you put those legs up for a bit.  So the key to a stylish pregnancy is less about the fashion torture we might ordinarily inflict upon ourselves and just about giving into your inner glow and celebrating the bump.  So check out my new favorite maternity options for a super stylish pregnancy.

Asos dress

Asks dress $54

Topshop top

Topshop top $70

Citizens of Humanity jeans

Citizens of Humanity jeans $198

Maternal America dress

Maternal America dress $148

Mamalicious blouse

Mamalicious blouse $58

Asos skirt

Asos skirt $40

Asos dess

Asos dess $54

Topshop sweater

Topshop sweater $68

DL 1961 jeans

DL 1961 jeans $168

Topshop dress - stylish pregnancy

Topshop dress $90

Topshop tee

Topshop tee $22

Asos joggers

Asos joggers $40

Bluebelle maternity dress

Bluebelle maternity dress $40

Bluebell maternity tunic

Bluebell maternity tunic $29

David Lerner maternity leggings

David Lerner maternity leggings $110

Asos dress

Asos dress $63


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