MOMMA LOVES… some sparkly clothes

photo 3-3

A touch of sparkle brightens up your evening look – move over little black dress you’ve got some competition!

photo 4

Look for unexpected sparkly clothes like this little jacket – it can add a glam rock an roll vibe to your evening look.

photo 3-2

I love the holidays, I love any excuse to dress up – and sparkles allow you to feel dressed up without you having to put in much effort.

photo 4-2

Another pic from behind – sparkle grabs attention from every angle!

photo 1-3

Max likes a bit of sparkle too!

Its is officially the start of holiday season and there will be plenty of times to get dressed up so sparkly clothes are on my wish list!  Yes, some dresses with a bit of shimmer and shine – but everything from a sequin jacket to a shirt with shine are perfect additions to dress up the pieces you already have.  Sparkly clothes, whether embellished with beading or just fabric with a subtle silver sheen are exactly what you need to start off the holiday season right.   Glitter and glam will always find it’s way onto the runway and the red carpet but why not inject it into your wardrobe as well?  Everyone needs a bit of sparkle in their life!  Our little ones already know this – whether it’s a tiara or their favorite Frozen get up – kids are like magpies – drawn to anything that glitters!  Sometimes, our kids could teach us a thing or two about style – a little glitter always brightens up a room!  Check out some of my favorite sparkly clothes and add some shine to your fall fashion!

Saint Laurent sequin tweed dress

Saint Laurent sequin tweed dress $3190

Alice + Olivia skirt

Alice + Olivia skirt $440

Dress the Population dress

Dress the Population dress $218

BB Dakota jacket

BB Dakota jacket $106

Forever 21 top

Forever 21 top $27.80

J Brand leather pants

J Brand leather pants $950

Alice + Olivia dress

Alice + Olivia dress $396

Diane von Furstenberg top

Diane von Furstenberg top $298

Topshop midi skirt

Topshop midi skirt $75

Forever 21 jeans

Forever 21 jeans $32.90

Isabel Marant jacket

Isabel Marant jacket $3910

By Malene Birger skirt

By Malene Birger skirt $545

Alice + Olivia sequin pants

Alice + Olivia sequin pants $440

Parker tank

Parker tank $297

Paige coated jeans

Paige coated jeans $166.83

Mink Pink dress

Mink Pink dress $56.85

Haute Hippie dress

Haute Hippie dress $795

Rebecca Minkoff jacket

Rebecca Minkoff jacket $598

Diane von Furstenberg dress

Diane von Furstenberg dress $470

Line & Dot sequin romper - sparkly clothes

Line & Dot sequin romper $156

Topshop dress

Topshop dress $85

Forever 21 cardigan

Forever 21 cardigan $22.90



MOMMA WANTS… delicate personal jewelry


Like most kids Max loves to play with my makeup, jewelry shoes – but when his Auntie TTJ comes to town he is ALL about her personal jewelry – her Kimberly McDonald and best friend necklaces are always a favorite!

Tis the season to start thinking about what you want for christmas and personal jewelry is always a winner!  Personal jewelry are those sentimental delicate pieces that subtly define you – they’re those necklaces, rings, bracelets that you wear everyday.  They become a second skin, and while you don’t register that you’re wearing them you would feel naked without them.  Personal jewelry is exactly that, personal, sentimental – not necessarily expensive but chosen with great thought.  Whether it’s a simple band on your pinky finger, the little heart earrings you never take out, a necklace with a simple charm – these are the things you bookmark and send to your husband, they are the things you might one day pass on to your children.  I, personally, don’t wear a lot of jewelry but the pieces I wear I never take off – my Cartier love bracelets, my Anita Ko diamond spike earrings, me wedding rings – all gifts from my husband, all deeply meaningful and each with a story that makes me smile.  Check out some of my favorite personal jewelry and bookmark this page because the holidays are coming – and somebody has to help your poor husband figure out what to get you!


Jennifer Meyer necklace

Jennifer Meyer necklace $3250

Kacey K necklace

Kacey K necklace $860

Ginette_ny necklace - personal jewelry

Ginette_ny necklace $345

Lacey Ryan necklace

Lacey Ryan necklace $105

Melinda Maria necklace

Melinda Maria necklace $58

Anita Ko necklace

Anita Ko necklace $7350

Jennifer Meyer necklace

Jennifer Meyer necklace $675

Monica Vinader necklace

Monica Vinader necklace $275

Jennifer Zeuner necklace

Jennifer Zeuner necklace $187

Tai evil eye necklace

Tai evil eye necklace $55


Anita Ko double eternity ring

Anita Ko double eternity ring $3375

EF Collection ring

EF Collection ring $850

Jennifer Meyer ring

Jennifer Meyer ring $250

Blanca Monros Gomez sapphire ring

Blanca Monros Gomez sapphire ring $195

Gorjana ring

Gorjana ring $35

Kismet de Milka ring

Kismet de Milka ring $1735

Jennifer Meyer ring

Jennifer Meyer ring $675

Kacey K ring

Kacey K ring $345

Elizabeth and James ring

Elizabeth and James ring $165

Gorjana midi ring set

Gorjana midi ring set $35


Spallanzani Jewels bracelet

Spallanzani Jewels bracelet $12500

Ileana Makri evil eye bracelet

Ileana Makri evil eye bracelet $1175

Eddie Borgo bracelet

Eddie Borgo bracelet $400

Jennifer Zeuner bracelet

Jennifer Zeuner bracelet $176

Tai wishbone bracelet

Tai wishbone bracelet $70

Jennifer Meyer bracelet - personal jewelry

Jennifer Meyer bracelet $5800

EF Collection diamond chain bracelet

EF Collection diamond chain bracelet $675

Maria Black finger bracelet

Maria Black finger bracelet $225

Samantha Wills astrology bangle

Samantha Wills astrology bangle $109

BP best friends cuffs (set of 2)

BP best friends cuffs (set of 2) $18


Anita Ko earrings

Anita Ko earrings $6525

Jennifer Meyer diamond bar studs

Jennifer Meyer diamond bar studs $675

Blana Monros Gomez diamond studs

Blana Monros Gomez diamond studs $305

Melissa Joy Manning earrings

Melissa Joy Manning earrings $200

Gorjana friendship heart studs

Gorjana friendship heart studs $55

Kismet by Milka diamond hoop earrings

Kismet by Milka diamond hoop earrings $3146

Vita Fede ear jacket

Vita Fede ear jacket $475

Jennifer Meyer studs

Jennifer Meyer studs $275

SHY by Sydney Evan studs

SHY by Sydney Evan studs $150

Tai alphabet earring with stud - personal jewelry

Tai alphabet earring with stud $40


MOMMA NEEDS… winter white now!

photo 2-2

Winter white is all about a crisp fresh look – a piece with texture helps give you a more wintery feel.

photo 3-2

The great thing about wearing white in the winter – it transitions perfectly when spring hits! And as we already know, white is HOT for next season too!

photo 4

While white may not seem like the logical choice for our little ones it sure does look angelic on them – just invest in some oxi-clean!

So, the weather (even here in Southern California) is starting to get cold and it’s time to break out your winter white clothes!  I know it seems crazy and against the “rules” (white after labor day – poo poo) but its super chic and it’s not just for summer anymore!! You can where the frost color all year round but we just call it winter white come fall…  Nothing looks as crisp and fresh as white and for those of us who don’t lead a perfect stain free life (hello, kids equal messy) it’s all about stocking up on some oxi-clean!  Winter white is traditionally an off white to cream version of the traditionally summer hue – but I think that in this day and age even a crisp icy white can look appropriate (and incredibly chic) for the cold months!  You can wear white on white, keep it tonal with shades of light, pair it with color for a pop, keep it modern and slick with black or soft and pretty with one of the many shades of gray flooding the market – you simply can’t go wrong!  Check out some of my favorite winter white clothes to get you through the cold months and well into spring summer – there’s nothing seasonal about looking fabulous!

First for us:

Vince coat

Vince coat $745

Milly dress

Milly dress $385

Current/Elliott cords

Current/Elliott cords $248

TFNC wrap blouse

TFNC wrap blouse $53.06

Alexander McQueen dress

Alexander McQueen dress $2625

J Crew pants

J Crew pants $300

BCBG shirt

BCBG shirt $138

Blank Denim jacket

Blank Denim jacket $98

Neiman Marcus cashmere wrap coat

Neiman Marcus cashmere wrap coat $1295

Theory blazer

Theory blazer $415

Free People sweater dress - winter white

Free People sweater dress $198

Topshop skirt

Topshop skirt $105

Petit Bateau turtleneck

Petit Bateau turtleneck $70

Helmut Lang angora cardigan

Helmut Lang angora cardigan $875

Nicholas skirt

Nicholas skirt $330

Jamison cardigan sweater

Jamison cardigan sweater $216

Rag & Bone jeans

Rag & Bone jeans $185

Asos dress - winter white

Asos dress $72.01

Some adorable winter white for our littlest ones:

Isabel Garreton dress and bloomers set

Isabel Garreton dress and bloomers set $88

Tane Organics coveralls

Tane Organics coveralls $138

Gap sweater dress

Gap sweater dress $44.95

Andy & Evan shirtzie bodysuit

Andy & Evan shirtzie bodysuit $46

Old Navy hoodie

Old Navy hoodie $12

Old Navy fleece pants

Old Navy fleece pants $9.94

Armani Jr dress

Armani Jr dress $145

Little Marc Jacobs one piece

Little Marc Jacobs one piece $132

Ralph Lauren dress

Ralph Lauren dress $49.50

Nununu sweatpants

Nununu sweatpants $55

Carter's puffer vest

Carter’s puffer vest $21

Gap one piece

Gap one piece $24.95

And some amazing winter white pieces for our slightly bigger ones:

Lili Gaufrette dress

Lili Gaufrette dress $128

Canada Goose parka

Canada Goose parka $450

Zara dress

Zara dress $35.90

Diesel tee

Diesel tee $35

Carter's cardigan

Carter’s cardigan $20.99

Carter's tee

Carter’s tee $12.60

Ruby & Bloom coat

Ruby & Bloom coat $66

Nununu tee

Nununu tee $50

Billieblush leggings

Billieblush leggings $34

Ralph Lauren polo

Ralph Lauren polo $39.50

Old Navy skirt

Old Navy skirt $12

Old Navy cords

Old Navy cords $15


MATERNITY MONDAY… maternity options to style the bump!

Women love to have choices so when your pregnant having maternity options gives you the ability to dress in comfort, style and not have to be tied to the same Mrs. Roper muumuu for 9 months.  The maternity fashion industry is vast and it understands that having a child doesn’t mean giving up your style aesthetic – so pregnancy fashion really is the same trends you love with a bit more room in the middle!  Great maternity options include everything from skinny jeans to cocktail dresses and everything in between because your life doesn’t stop just because you’re creating a new life!  Pregnancy is a magical time – and it might by the last chance (for awhile anyway) that you get to get out there, have dinner with friends, sit at a cafe reading a book, go on vacation, even working from the office – so you may as well get dressed up!  Check out some of my favorite maternity options this week and figure out what your pregnancy wardrobe is going to look like!

Isabella Oliver dress

Isabella Oliver dress $142.13

Asos maternity trench

Asos maternity trench $113.70

Hatch maternity top

Hatch maternity top $228

James maternity jeans

James maternity jeans $145

Asos maternity dress - maternity options

Asos maternity dress $85.28

Asos maternity jumpsuit

Asos maternity jumpsuit $56.85

Topshop shirt

Topshop shirt $58

Asos maternity velvet leggings

Asos maternity velvet leggings $47.38

Hatch dress

Hatch dress $288

Nom Maternity sweater

Nom Maternity sweater $88

DL196 maternity jeans

DL196 maternity jeans $168

Isabella Oliver maternity coat

Isabella Oliver maternity coat $490.81

Mamalicious sweater dress

Mamalicious sweater dress $79.59

Asos maternity top

Asos maternity top $47.38

Celebrity Pink maternity jeans

Celebrity Pink maternity jeans $49.98

Jessica Simpson maternity dress - maternity options

Jessica Simpson maternity dress $69



MOMMA HURTS… our beloved pet passed away


Our darling Shelby, frolicking in the snow – it seems so surreal that she has passed, but this is how I would like to imagine her enjoying heaven…

Monday night our beloved pet passed away.  Shelby was a magnificent dog.  A Rhodesian Ridgeback from a champion line – she was strong like a horse and, perhaps, the most beautiful animal I have ever seen.  I would always say that Shelby was the perfect dog.  Yes, she looked perfect, people would stop on the street and gawk as she prowled by (I say prowled because she would stride along much like the lions her breed were known for hunting in Africa) but she was so much more than just really beautiful.  She was strong, fierce, loyal, protective, kind, gentle (well as much as she could be) and all she ever wanted in life was to be loved and be close to us.  She was the kind of dog that you had to earn her respect and trust – she wasn’t interested in loud showy people – she would observe quietly and decide if you were worthy and when she would come and put her enormous head in your lap in acceptance and for some cuddles, it felt like you had won something truly special.  Her passing was not expected, yes she was just a month shy of 12 but she still looked magnificent, strong and regal.  She would still bulldoze past you to get to where she wanted to be, but within days she got weaker, lost her appetite and before we could fix what we had discovered was wrong her light went out…  This past January my first pet passed away – our darling Chihuahua, Gucci, so having this loss just 10 months later feels soul destroying.

Our pets are so special. They take over a part of your heart you may not have even known existed before they enter it… They are our fur babies – and I think people who don’t have pets have a hard time understanding what it’s like to go through a loss of a beloved pet.  They can’t speak, they can’t tell us what’s wrong, they often suffer in silence and we, as their humans, are their only advocate.  They love us unconditionally and more intensely than I believe one human could love another human.  Its an unwavering love, a boundless love and when you are with your fur baby you understand that you are the center of their universe and it is our job to protect them..  We are so blessed to have them in our lives and experience that joy but I am reminded now that every day with them is exactly that, a blessing…  Our life expectancy is far longer that theirs and so the hard part of having fur babies is that we will outlive them and so here I am and my pet has passed away.

When my husband and I got married I had one dog, Gucci (the sassy chihuahua) and he had two Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Shelby and Chili) – they were all the same age and we were one interesting looking brood.  We were living in London and Gucci was working on her English accent while Shelby and Chili ruled Kensington Gardens.  Almost 5 years ago we moved to LA and found a home with an enormous garden and in their senior years they have enjoyed ransacking the fruit trees, chasing squirrels and sunbathing.  But they were becoming older.  It was hard to see because they all looked so good for their age (save for Chili’s white muzzle which I attributed to the fact that she was a rescue and had a few months of stress before joining our family and leaving an former struggle behind).  Our dogs are our family and when Max was born 3 dogs who do not particularly care for children cared for him.  They were pleasantly surprisingly gentle with him and nurturing, protective and patient. They understood he was also one of us.  But as time ticked on we lost Gucci and now our beautiful Shleby girl has passed away too.  She had chest X-rays last week which would reveal a massive tumor on her lungs and we went into savior mode making appt with oncologists and surgeons to do whatever was necessary to prolong her life while still making sure not to compromise her quality of life.  Perhaps she had been suffering more than we knew because Monday night she took one last breath and went to go join Gucci in heaven.

So now what?  Our pet has passed away and we cannot get her back.  We have our darling Chili, who is certainly feeling the pain as much as we are.  We must all grieve.  We must focus on what we have, trust that our beautiful dogs have found each other in heaven and are sharing a salted pigs ear together while watching over us…  But it doesn’t bring them back…  So, I will share with you what I shared with you 10 months ago when our Gucci passed…  A question I hear a lot for people that children when a pet has passed away.  How to explain it to them without scaring them but also while introducing the concept of mortality.  Our Max is a little over 2 now and he was there when we were trying to revive Shelby, he doesn’t understand what happened but I have still been trying to explain it.  This advice I received a couple of years ago was the best I have ever heard for explaining a pet’s passing to kids and how to grieve in front of, and with them:

1) When your pet passes, have an open conversation with your child.  It will probably be the first time your little one ever becomes aware of the concept of death.

2) After your pet has passed away use definitive language.  This means, don’t use words like:  “Shelby has gone away”  “Shelby is in a better place”  or “Shelby is no longer with us.”  This is too vague and  could insinuate that she might come back… Or that when you say you’re going away (lets say a business trip or what not) there could be the confusion that you might not come back..  Using words like “Shelby died and we loved her very much and miss her” are fine, if you want to say “Shleby went to heaven and she is with the angels” and then explain what heaven is and that’s where people go when they die (if that is what you believe) then that is fine too.  The key is to make sure to use finite language to avoid any misinterpretation..

3)  Its okay to cry in front of your little one.  Expressing emotion and sadness is good and therapeutic.  Its show your children that its okay to mourn and be sad.  But, also explain to your little one why you are crying,  “mommy is crying because she misses Shelby and is sad.  Being sad is okay and crying is okay because its how we deal with losing someone we love.”  This is important because it tells your little one that expressing emotion and handling grief is not something to bottle up or hide.

4)  Do not let your little one see you break down completely.  Believe me, in the last few days my husband and I have been in and out of hysterics – its important to remove yourself from your child if this is coming on.  While it is okay for them to see you shed a tear, they don’t need to see you melt down.  As much as your heart is breaking over your loss – a break down could scare a child and make them feel very uneasy and scared.  If you feel like you can’t control the emotion, go to the bathroom or into another room until you can pull yourself together.

I will be honest.  I am broken right now. I wish I cold stop my hands from shaking, my heart from racing and my legs from wanting to give out from under me.  A friend of mine sent me this link about losing a pet that’s basically explained by a 6 year old.  To sum it up a family has to put their beloved family pet down and they decide it would be okay for their 6 year old to be with them when they did it.  Once the dog passed they were talking about how unfair it is that animals live such short lives and the little boys says that he knows why.  He says that we as humans are put on the earth to learn how to love and be kind and good and that dogs already know all of those things so they don’t need to stay as long…  Profound, true, beautiful and somewhat comforting.

We have loved our darling Shelby beyond words – we have loved her from the depths of our beings and we would have done anything for her and I believe that we gave her the greatest life.  She was my husband’s constant companion – truly the definition of man’s best friend. It is going to take awhile before we can breathe again.  I am going to take a few days off from the blog to grieve and focus on my family but will be back because distraction is truly the best medicine. We will focus on what we do have, a beautiful, healthy boy and an older, but still very healthy, gorgeous pup.  We will put one foot in front of the other while still acknowledging every day the enormous impact our darling Shelby has had on our lives.  She has made our universe better simply by being our dog.  She will NEVER be forgotten, we will never not feel this loss but we are forever grateful to have had the opportunity to be her parents.  We are the lucky ones for having known her, snuggled with her and to have been loved by her – so we shouldn’t cry for ourselves.  We have been blessed.  But now we have to learn to live without her…  Thank you to our beloved Shelby and Gucci for teaching us what love is, for teaching us how to be parents and for giving us so much joy.  We will miss you forever.  I wanted to share some pictures of our beloved little girl (she may have been a hundred pounds but she’ll always be our little lady).  Thank you for letting me share…

Shelby 6 weeks

Puppy Shelby seriously couldn’t get any cuter… Who knew this little bundle of joy would bring so much immense light into our lives…


Clearly the apple of her father’s eye…


The most beautiful dog I’ve ever laid eyes on… She truly defined magnificent…


Shelby with her best friend and adoptive sister, Chili. They have been by each other’s side for over a decade…


This droopy hound face just melts me… I will forever miss those big brown eyes and furrowed brow…


My lovely ladies… The best hugs and kisses ever.


Snow day in Kensington Gardens and Shelby absolutely couldn’t get enough of it…

pet passed away

She wasn’t quite sure what to make of the snow but she knew she liked it…


Soaking up the rare London sunshine…


She was so beautiful and so loyal and so perfect. I keep using the word perfect because she was everything great about dogs… She was the perfect dog.


She never really understood her size. She was about a hundred pounds but still thought that as long as her head was hidden nobody could see her…


Moving to LA meant more sunshine than rain, playing outside all the time, and abundance of fruit trees and the perfect way to spend her golden years…


She was large and in charge. She was our protector – she intimidated many but she was just a big soppy cuddle bug…


Enjoying Malibu like a proper California dog.


Again, no concept of her size, she often tried to squeeze into Gucci’s bed…


Man’s best friend… Max has loved his puppies from birth… here they are sharing the couch. Of course, Shelby always took advantage to the no dogs on the couch loop hole (not all 4 legs left the ground).


My husband with his most trusted companions… More than just father and fur babies or best friends – the love they shared was untouchable…


It’s not easy to adjust to a new arrival but he was there’s so there was great love and respect from the very beginning.. Shelby would get up with me during middle of the night feedings standing guard at the door…


These beautiful sister dogs…


When they discovered Max was a secondary source of food… Things got a lot yummier in the house…


She was never as gentle as she was with Max. Having max actually gave me an entirely new love affair with my pups…

pet passed away

Shelby and Gucci – I hope you have found each other in heaven and I pray that you are watching over us – we miss you both so much. Thank you for being the best.


MOMMA LOVES… great knee high boots

photo 1-2

A great pair of knee high boots like my YSL’s here should be the key accessory in every fall wardrobe! They’re tough, tall and able to withstand any trend!

I’ve blogged about ankle boots and over the knee but the hero that never goes out of style are those fabulous knee high boots.  Knee high boots are a classic in the footwear world – they are versatile, sophisticated yet cool and a must have for fall.  Pair them with skirts and tights or over your favorite skinny jeans or leggings and they inject instant style to your look.  Perfect for the office, a walk in the park or an evening out – knee high boots will take you everywhere you want to go this season.  They give you the extra warmth when you need a bit more coverage, they can be sexy or even casual – they are the ultimate fall footwear.  Check out some of my favorite knee high boots and fall in love all over again.

Christian Louboutin boots

Christian Louboutin boots $1295

Alice + Olivia boots

Alice + Olivia boots $595

Louie et Cie boots

Louie et Cie boots $294.95

Forever 21 boots

Forever 21 boots $39.90

Givenchy boots

Givenchy boots $2075

Alexander Wang boots

Alexander Wang boots $1150

DKNY boots - knee high boots

DKNY boots $400

MICHAEL Michael Kors boots

MICHAEL Michael Kors boots $284.95

Steve Madden boots

Steve Madden boots $149.95

Valentino boots

Valentino boots $1845

Jimmy Choo boots

Jimmy Choo boots $1075

See by Chloe boots

See by Chloe boots $570

Cole Haan boots

Cole Haan boots $298

Zizi Girl boots - knee high boots

Zizi Girl boots $168.95

New Look boots

New Look boots $66.31

Saint Laurent boots

Saint Laurent boots $1595

Diane von Furstenberg boots

Diane von Furstenberg boots $695

Vince Camuto boots

Vince Camuto boots $218.95

Steve Madden boots - knee high boots

Steve Madden boots $129.95

Forever 21 boots

Forever 21 boots $39.90

MOMMA LOVES… the LBB (little black blazer)

photo 2-2

My little black blazers are my second skin – this Helmut Lang one is perfect for every occasion!


Whether you’re going to the office, the park or a dinner date a well tailored blazer instantly adds finish to your look!

There is no question that my ultimate wardrobe staple is a great little black blazer.  Over the years I have amassed many  versions from Helmut Lang to Rag & Bone to Zara and yet I never tire of them or stop the search for more. The perfect little black blazer paired with a blouse (or even a more casual tee) and skinny jeans is my uniform – it has been for years and if it ain’t broke…  These jackets are the ultimate classic – it’s all about getting a great fit and it will be your ultimate go-to for just about every occasion.  There is nothing corporate about the little black blazer (although it is absolutely perfect for the office) it is cool, sophisticated and enormously versatile.  I also believe these jackets are seasonless, in spring summer layered over a little camisole when the evenings are a bit crisp, fall winter with a scarf and layered under a heavier coat (unless you live in Southern California and the blazer is pretty much it).  Check out some of my favorites and add the perfect layer to your fall winter wardrobe with a great LBB (little black blazer baby).

Helmut Lang blazer

Helmut Lang blazer $695

Theory blazer

Theory blazer $424

Soft Joie jacket

Soft Joie jacket $178

Asos blazer

Asos blazer $85.28

Elizabeth and James blazer

Elizabeth and James blazer $485

Alice + Olivia blazer

Alice + Olivia blazer $396

Zara blazer

Zara blazer $129

Forever 21 blazer

Forever 21 blazer $27.80

Balmain blazer

Balmain blazer $1100

Haute Hippie blazer

Haute Hippie blazer $495

Vince Camuto jacket

Vince Camuto jacket $150

Althea blazer

Althea blazer $98

Neil Barrett double tuxedo jacket

Neil Barrett double tuxedo jacket $2665

Rag & Bone blazer - little black blazer

Rag & Bone blazer $550


Helmut Lang blazer

Helmut Lang blazer $460

MICHAEL Michael Kors blazer

MICHAEL Michael Kors blazer $250

Topshop blazer

Topshop blazer $90

MATERNITY MONDAY… stylish pregnancy wear – yeah baby!

There’s a bun in your oven and it might just be time to be looking for some stylish pregnancy wear.  Shopping for those cute little newborn onesie is the fun stuff – but finding great clothes for your growing bump  that are both comfortably and fabulous can be quite the challenge.  I love a challenge, so my mission to find stylish pregnancy wear that you will make you want to (almost) hold on to your baby weight is on!  Just because you’ve got a baby on board doesn’t mean it’s time to sacrifice style (believe me there will be plenty of other sacrifices ones your bundle of joy joins you) so it’s all about finding clothes you would want to wear even if you weren’t pregnant.  Check out some of my favorite stylish pregnancy wear this week and rest assured this is one thing you won’t have to fret about for the next 9 months!

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $56.85

Topshop maternity blouse

Topshop maternity blouse $68

Topshop maternity jeans

Topshop maternity jeans $75

Hatch maternity dress

Hatch maternity dress $208

Rosie Pope maternity sweater

Rosie Pope maternity sweater $108

Asos maternity pants

Asos maternity pants $66.33

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $60.64

Topshop maternity sweater

Topshop maternity sweater $84

Topshop maternity leggings

Topshop maternity leggings $52

Isabella Oliver maternity dress

Isabella Oliver maternity dress $185

Everly Grey maternity shirt

Everly Grey maternity shirt $55

Asos maternity jeans - fabulous pregnancy wear

Asos maternity jeans $60.64

Topshop maternity dress

Topshop maternity dress $60

Rosie Pope maternity blouse

Rosie Pope maternity blouse $148

Mamalicious pants

Mamalicious pants $56.85

Asos maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $85.28

MOMMA’S UNDER $100… fabulous fashion for less


Why thank you Max, I will take that – there’s a lot of fabulous to get for under $100!

Finding the most fabulous fashion for less is more than just a past time for me, more than a career but actually a sport.  It’s all about searching out the same great designer style for a fraction of the price.  Retailers these days understand that people don’t just want clothes that are well priced they want clothes that are super stylish that are well priced and so our needs are met and I get to share some of my favorites with you!  Incredibly fashion for less is all about finding those items that have people asking, “is that Balenciaga?”  and then say behind your back “boy, did she win the lottery?”  Great style for under $100 will keep you looking your best and keep everyone else around you asking where you got that!  Check you some of the my favorite fashion for less this week and enjoy some guilt free fabulous!

Asos dress

Asos dress $85.69

Steve Madden sandals

Steve Madden sandals $99.95

Juliet & Co necklace

Juliet & Co necklace $72

River Island bag

River Island bag $75.80


Topshop tank

Topshop tank $70

Asos blazer

Asos blazer $85.69

Asos pants

Asos pants $41.89

Adia Kibur earrings

Adia Kibur earrings $38

Topshop sandals

Topshop sandals $80

Asos bag

Asos bag $85.69

Forever 21 blouse

Forever 21 blouse $10.90

Topshop skirt

Topshop skirt $95

SunaharA Malibu necklace

SunaharA Malibu necklace $36

Asos shoes

Asos shoes $72.36

New Look bag

New Look bag $24.62


Asos sweater

Asos sweater $76.17

Forever 21 jeans

Forever 21 jeans $24.80

Forever 21 coat - fashion for less

Forever 21 coat $29.80

Forever 21 boots

Forever 21 boots $34.90

Zara bag

Zara bag $59.90

Zara top

Zara top $59.90

Asos pants - fabulous fashion for less

Asos pants $34.11

Topshop bracelet

Topshop bracelet $14

Topshop pumps

Topshop pumps $95

Forever 21 satchel - fabulous fashion for less

Forever 21 satchel $27.90

Asos dress

Asos dress $47.61

Rue Gembon rings (set of 2)

Rue Gembon rings (set of 2) $55

Chinese Laundry shoes

Chinese Laundry shoes $69.95

Asos bag

Asos bag $47.61


MOMMA WANTS..the moto trend


Motorcycle jackets and pants are super cool – and you don’t need to have the bike to go with them!


Inspired by the road but perfect for the street – the moto trend is the perfect balance of chic yet cool.

My husband is a former motorcycle test rider, so I’m no stranger to biker leathers, but this moto trend has nothing to do with actually getting on a bike and donning the helmet.  The moto trend is about great biker jackets not necessarily leather) and moto inspired denim or even leather pants – sure it has it’s utilitarian benefits, but these clothes are entirely chic and stylish too.  They have a relaxed quality, yet purposeful design and aesthetic – you didn’t just get off the back of your boyfriend’s Triumph in these pieces… more likely get your little one out of the car seat in your SUV. But fashion is all about the fantasy, right?  Effortlessly cool and even flattering, the moto trend injects just the right amount of edge to your look.  So, don’t worry about not having your motorcycle license, or even a helmet – as long as you have the pants and jacket (and some biker boots never hurt), you can accomplish the look, (just don’t wear all those pieces together unless you really are on the back of your boyfriend’s bike).  Check out some of my favorite moto trend pieces to give a twist to your classic fall wardrobe.

First some moto jackets:

Iro jacket

Iro jacket $600

Gerald and Stewart by Fidelity jacket

Gerald and Stewart by Fidelity jacket $309

Topshop jacket

Topshop jacket $110

Forever 21 jacket

Forever 21 jacket $42.80

3.1 Phillip Lim jacket

3.1 Phillip Lim jacket $1695

Nicholas jacket

Nicholas jacket $699

Mango biker coat

Mango biker coat $234.23

River Island jacket - moto trend

River Island jacket $104.74

Burberry moto jacket

Burberry moto jacket $2790

Rag & Bone jacket

Rag & Bone jacket $550

Rebecca Minkoff jacket

Rebecca Minkoff jacket $398

Blank Denim jacket

Blank Denim jacket $97

And some fabulous moto inspired jeans, leather pants and leggings!

BLK DNM leather pants

BLK DNM leather pants $995

Etienne Marcel moto jeans

Etienne Marcel moto jeans $209

Free People jeans

Free People jeans $128

Fo4ever 21 jeans

Fo4ever 21 jeans $27.90

J Brand leather moto pants - moto trend

J Brand leather moto pants $1096

Current/Elliott jeans

Current/Elliott jeans $268

AG legging jeans

AG legging jeans $245

topshop jeans

topshop jeans $80

Balmain moto jeans

Balmain moto jeans $1730

Paige coated jeans

Paige coated jeans $309

Evelo moto leggings

Evelo moto leggings $110

Zara moto leggings

Zara moto leggings $39.90