MATERNITY MONDAY… maternity options to style the bump!

Women love to have choices so when your pregnant having maternity options gives you the ability to dress in comfort, style and not have to be tied to the same Mrs. Roper muumuu for 9 months.  The maternity fashion industry is vast and it understands that having a child doesn’t mean giving up your style aesthetic – so pregnancy fashion really is the same trends you love with a bit more room in the middle!  Great maternity options include everything from skinny jeans to cocktail dresses and everything in between because your life doesn’t stop just because you’re creating a new life!  Pregnancy is a magical time – and it might by the last chance (for awhile anyway) that you get to get out there, have dinner with friends, sit at a cafe reading a book, go on vacation, even working from the office – so you may as well get dressed up!  Check out some of my favorite maternity options this week and figure out what your pregnancy wardrobe is going to look like!

Isabella Oliver dress

Isabella Oliver dress $142.13

Asos maternity trench

Asos maternity trench $113.70

Hatch maternity top

Hatch maternity top $228

James maternity jeans

James maternity jeans $145

Asos maternity dress - maternity options

Asos maternity dress $85.28

Asos maternity jumpsuit

Asos maternity jumpsuit $56.85

Topshop shirt

Topshop shirt $58

Asos maternity velvet leggings

Asos maternity velvet leggings $47.38

Hatch dress

Hatch dress $288

Nom Maternity sweater

Nom Maternity sweater $88

DL196 maternity jeans

DL196 maternity jeans $168

Isabella Oliver maternity coat

Isabella Oliver maternity coat $490.81

Mamalicious sweater dress

Mamalicious sweater dress $79.59

Asos maternity top

Asos maternity top $47.38

Celebrity Pink maternity jeans

Celebrity Pink maternity jeans $49.98

Jessica Simpson maternity dress - maternity options

Jessica Simpson maternity dress $69



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