MOMMA PLEASE??? dressy kids clothes


Flash back to max’s first photo shoot – we decided to dress him preppy chic – nothing quite like getting our little ones dressed up – easier, of course, the younger they are!

Every now and then it happens, you need dressy kids clothes for a wedding/event where your little ones are actually invited.  Time to shift the baby sitter money into a super cute outfit for your little one that is occasion appropriate that they hopefully won’t hate (we all know toddlers love to hate not the looks we love).  Adorable dressy kids clothes can be quite frustrating because they may only ever where the look once before they grow out of it and get invited to another event so it’s nice when you can get things that aren’t too expensive or perhaps things that might be a little roomy now that they might be able to wear next year.  Regardless, it’s important to take lots of pictures because this might be the only time you get to see them in their dressy kids clothes until christmas!  Girls get the run of pretty princess dresses ( that aren’t actually Elsa costumes) which they will surely love but my secret to dressing my little guy is to find him mini versions of what his dad might be wearing…  Turns out he can tell when I really want him to wear something (and so wants to fight me on it) but if he sees dad wearing it…  Check out some of my favorite dressy kids clothes for all those summer occasions (where they’ve actually gotten an invite) and prepare for cuteness overload.

First for our littlest ones:

Halabaloo dress

Healable dress $106

Pippa & Julie dress and bloomers

Pippa & Julie dress and bloomers $40

Margherita dress

Margherita dress $32.40

Old Navy dress

Old Navy dress $16.94

Isabella Garreton dress and bloomers

Isabella Garreton dress and bloomers $77

Gap dress

Gap dress $49.95

Popatu dress

Popatut dress $36

Little Me dress

Little Me dress $16.80

Miniclassix set

Miniclassix set $52

Little Me set

Little Me set $35.70

Nordstrom Baby pants and vest set

Nordstrom Baby pants and vest set $28.80

Baby Bow tie

Baby Bow tie $22

Andy & Evan tuxedo romper

Andy & Evan tuxedo romper $68

Andy & Evan bodysuit

Andy & Evan bodysuit $32.20

Sara Kety footie

Sara Kety footie $28

Old Navy bodysuit

Old Navy bodysuit $8.99

And for our slightly bigger little ones:

Oscar de la Renta dress

Oscar de la Renta dress $276.50

Halabalo dress

Healable dress $78

Gap dress

Gap dress $39.95

Old Navy dress

Old Navy dress $19.94


Ralph Lauren dress

Ralph Lauren dress $129.50

ABS dress

ABS dress $80

Pippa & Julie dress

Pippa & Julie dress $58

Ruby & Bloom dress

Ruby & Bloom dress $28

Appaman seersucker 2pc suit

Appaman seersucker 2pc suit $92.98

Nordstrom linen jacket

Nordstrom linen jacket $65.98

Egg Baby seersucker short

Egg Baby seersucker short $32.20

Gap shirt

Gap shirt $24.95

Nordstrom blazer

Nordstrom blazer $165

Ralph Lauren tuxedo shirt

Ralph Lauren tuxedo shirt $75

H&M bazer

H&M bazer $35.95

Nordstrom tie

Nordstrom tie $22.50

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