MOMMA LOVES… baby’s got flats (shoes, that is)


My favorite new pair of Chloe flats… on flatbeds… I just couldn’t resist.

It’s no secret that I’m a mom and a stylist so a great pair of flats aren’t just convenient – they’re a necessity.  I have been a long time high heel girl, so taking the dive into the world of my god given height was frightening at first.  But after falling down a step (just one) while pregnant I resolved to put my heels on the shelf for a bit and invest in some flats I could love.  It turned out that there is a whole world of incredible heel-less shoes out there, my shoe addiction didn’t have to be squelched for my new more practical style – it just had to look with fresh eyes.  Everything from rounded ballet flats to pointed and spikey, metallics, prints, neon colors – there was no end to the fabulous flats available.  Yes, there is enough room in the shoe word for fabulous heels AND their often overlooked cousins.  Today, I am focusing on the unsung heroes of footwear, amazing flats that do it all in comfort and style.

Valentino shoes

Valentino shoes $975

Paul Andrew shoes

Paul Andrew shoes $625

Chloe shoes

Chloe shoes $495

Kate Spade shoes

Kate Spade shoes $228

Forever 21 loafers

Forever 21 loafers $24.90

Tom Ford shoes

Tom Ford shoes $1090

Isabel Marant shoes

Isabel Marant shoes $650

Michael Kors shoes

Michael Kors shoes $350

Sophia Webster shoes

Sophia Webster shoes $260

Yosi Samra foldable shoe

Yosi Samra foldable shoe $76.95

Christian Louboutin shoes

Christian Louboutin flats $1095

Jimmy Choo shoes

Jimmy Choo shoes $550

Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes

Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes $248

Dolce Vita shoes

Dolce Vita shoes $139.95

Asos shoes

Asos shoes $22.74

Valentino shoes

Valentino shoes $745

Miu Miu shoes

Miu Miu shoes $495

3.1 Phillip Lim shoes

3.1 Phillip Lim shoes $375

French Sole shoes

French Sole shoes $159.95

Asos shoes

Asos shoes $47.38

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