MOMMA KNOWS… the beauty secrets you need now


My secret to healthy hair is less is more! The less you wash it – the shinier, stronger and longer it grows! This is a flash back of Max and I – another great beauty secret – you always look more beautiful when you smile!

I think by now we know the universal beauty secrets like drink more water and bronzer is cheaper than botox (spf people – all day every day) but its the tips I’ve learned from some of the top hair stylists and makeup artists I want to share with you today…  Every time I’m on set with some of the beauty industry’s finest I learn something new and here’s the shocker – sometimes these tricks don’t come with the hefty price tag.  Some of my favorite beauty secrets involve items that you have already – you just didn’t realize what else they can do!  Other times I have learnt that in fact – less is more.  We are so inundated with new products on the market to achieve the latest look when in actual fact, sometimes the greatest beauty secret is that we need a break from it all…  So keep drinking water wearing sunblock and check out some of my favorite beauty secrets for a younger more refreshed looking you!


Beware of using powder.  A light dusting o the t-zone area for really oily skin is okay but it’s better to use oil blotting papers in order to avoid a caked on look.  Also, powder can settle into those fine lines around our eyes and mouth which will make us look older (no thank you!).  Also, using a tinted moisturizer is always best for giving us the moisture our skin craves without looking thick.

Shiseido oil control blotting papers

Shiseido oil control blotting papers $18.50

Sephora tea tree blotting papers

Sephora tea tree blotting papers $8

Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets

Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets $4.89

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer $43

Boots No & tinted moisturizer

Boots No & tinted moisturizer $9.59

Contouring!  This is the true beauty secret of the makeup artists to the stars – it’s all about using highlights and contours to give your bone structure a bit of a helping hand.  Bronzer should be used under your cheek line (basically sweeping along under the apples of your cheeks) it can also be used along your jawline, along your temples and down the sides of your neck.  ALWAYS remember to blend – the key is to make the shadows look natural.  Blush should be applied above your cheekbone to the apples of your cheeks – you can find those apples by smiling apply lightly and blend! Then apply your highlighter to those areas that naturally catch light – under the brows and alone the top of your cheek bones sweeping upwards toward your temple.  Of course there  are may other ways to use contouring but beware to use in moderation and keep the look natural – bringing out your natural beauty rather than caking it on.

Nars contour blush and highlighter set

Nars contour blush and highlighter set $42

Urban Decay naked flushed trio

Urban Decay naked flushed trio $30

Benefit high beam highlighter

Benefit high beam highlighter $26

Physicians Formula blush and bronzer duo

Physicians Formula blush and bronzer duo $13.95

ELF blush and bronzer duo $3

White eye liner!  I’ve said it before, but it’s one of my favorite beauty tricks – applying white eye liner to the waterline (inside lash line) makes your eyes look bigger, whiter and brighter!  For an extra pop of bright eyes you can also apply the eyeliner to the inside corner of your eye (closest to your nose) to give a wider eyed fresh faced look.  Another great use for your white eyeliner is as a primer for your eye shadow (you can also just use your foundation over the entire eye lid to the brow) but using the white will make the color of your shadow more intense and keep it in place longer!

Make Up Forever kohl pencil in matte white 2K

Make Up Forever kohl pencil in matte white 2K $17

Sephora eyeliner in 03 pure white

Sephora eyeliner in 03 pure white $5

I have been a long time fan of Benefit’s eye bright…  Apply it in the inner corner where your eye hits your nose, under your brow line and at the outer corners of your eyes, blend and it creates a highlight that refracts light and makes it look as though you’ve had a proper night sleep (which, if you’re like me is a distant memory!)

Benefit eye bright

Benefit eye bright $20

A great eye lash curler!  I SWEAR by my Shu Uemura eye lash curler…  Curling your eye lashes makes them appear ten times longer!  Additional tip – heat your curler!  Just blast it with a hair dryer (I’ve even just held it up to my lamp) for about 5 seconds and it just makes gives your lashes that extra boost!  Heat also helps make eyeliner glide on smoother.  I just scribble on the back of my hand with it for a bit – the friction heats the liner just enough to make application that much easier.

Shu Uemura eyelash curler

Shu Uemura eyelash curler $20

Tweezerman eyelash curler

Tweezerman eyelash curler $12.59

Make lashes look thicker by applying some baby powder (with a cue tip) to your lashes before applying mascara.  The baby powder will stick to your lashes giving them a fuller more luscious look!

Johnson's baby powder - beauty secrets

Johnson’s baby powder $3.44

The secret to great looking lips – exfoliate, define, color and keep lipstick in place! First, exfoliating is simple, apply a lip balm and use a tooth brush to lightly scrub them in a circular motion then wipe away the execs flakes.   Next, define lips with a neutral lip liner – if you want a fuller look you can extend your lip line (very slightly – you don’t want to look clowny) with the lip liner and fill in.  Finally, apply the lip color of your choice and then place a tissue over your pout dust on top of the tissue with translucent powder – this makes your lipstick last longer!  Oh, and of course, the old trick of sticking one finger in your mouth and pulling it out – all the lipstick that ends up on your finger would have ended up on your teeth… your welcome.

Becca nude liner plump and define lip pencil

Becca nude liner plump and define lip pencil $23

Revlon colorstay liner

Revlon colorstay liner $7.99

Make your makeup go further!!  One trick is to have your lipstick double as a cream blush – but you can also get 2 in ones such as the bars multiple stick or Benefit’s benetint which work for both lips and cheeks!

Nars matte multiple

Nars matte multiple $39 (for lips and cheeks)

Benefit benetint

Benefit benetint $30

Maybelline colorsensational vivids lipstick

Maybelline colorsensational vivids lipstick $7.49 (one of these great lipstick colors could double as a cream blush)


When it comes to hair care – this is when I believe less is more…  Less washing, less product, less heat = healthier, stronger, better looking hair.  My hair is long.  Like SUPER long… It’s my thing, my trademark and even when I contemplate cutting it my husband and hair stylist talk me out of it… The question I get most is how does your hair look so strong and healthy with barely any split ends?  The answer, I only wash it every 3 to 4 days…  It started out as convenience (washing my hair is like washing a car – and blow drying… yikes!) and then out of necessity – having a child I simply didn’t have the time or energy.  And you know what?  My hair got used to it.  Less washing means less products stripping your hair of it’s natural moisture, color and condition – it also means less heat from the hot shower, hair dryer and flat irons (although I rarely rarely use a flat iron).  All of this less means more healthy looking hair!  I also only shampoo the roots of my hair and then let the water carry it through and I only condition the ends of my hair to prevent the top of my head from getting too greasy…  And for those of you terrified of abandoning their daily or even every other daily hair washes – there is no need to fret because dry shampoo is your hair’s new hero.  Dry shampoo not only cuts the oil it also gives lift and volume to your hair revitalizing it and allowing you to go longer and longer between washes!

Oscar Blandi dry shampoo

Oscar Blandi dry shampoo $21

Klorane dry shampoo

Klorane dry shampoo $19.50

Batiste dry shampoo

Batiste dry shampoo $7.99

Protect and preserve your hair color without having to run to the salon constantly.  Getting your roots done constantly is not only expensive but also takes it’s toll on your hair’s condition.  In the interim between getting your color done use a root concealer to cover up those pesky grays.  Even mascara can work (for brunettes) in a pinch to touch them up.  Also, protect your color with a monthly conditioning mask – this not only protects your and preserves your color for longer but it adds that healthy shine we all so desire!

Rita Hazan root concealer

Rita Hazan root concealer $25

Jonathan root touch up

Jonathan root touch up $13.39

Maybelline great lash

Maybelline great lash $3.39

Phyto color protect mask

Phyto color protect mask $39

Fekkai color care mask

Fekkai color care mask $22.99

Neutrogena deep recovery hair mask

Neutrogena deep recovery hair mask $5.99


Visine!  Its gets the red out of more than just your eyes.  Yes, it’s the first thing you reach for after a sleepless night to help those tired eyes but you can also use it to get the red out of pimples.  Just dab some on with a q-tip and instantly the red is gone!


Visine $7.99

Toothpaste.  A white(none of that red and blue) toothpaste (not gel) that has ingredients like baking soda and peroxide (but not bleach) not only helps clean and brighten teeth but can also help with break outs.  Organic or natural toothpastes work best and have little to no fluoride which could potentially cause an allergic reaction.  Simply dab some toothpaste on pimples before bed and wash off in the morning and they help to dry out those bothersome spots.

Nature's Gate natural toothpaste

Nature’s Gate natural toothpaste $4.79

Vaseline.  Good ‘ol petroleum jelly is in every medicine cabinet and its not only a great skin protectant but its great on dry chapped skin.  From cuticles to elbows to those dry cracked feet.  During the summer time when I’m walking barefoot and wearing sandals all the time the heels of my feet get a lot of ware and tear – I love to slather my feet in vaseline and slip into my socks for instant softness.

Vaseline petroleum jelly

Vaseline petroleum jelly $4.49

Under eye circle remedies.  It’s no myth that hemorrhoid cream such as Preparation H can actually help reduce under eye circles and puffiness. This has been the beauty secret for beauty queens, models and actors for ages – just be careful not to get any in your eyes!!  There are, however, many more natural remedies that are also effective.  Everything from used teabags (that have cooled), cucumbers, raw potatoes and even spoons that have been in the fridge can be used to help tackle your bothersome under eye baggage!

Preparation H cream

Preparation H cream $7.49

Coconut oil.  There is no question that coconut oil is a wonder product.  Yes, it the best oil to cook with due to it’s high smoke point and a great substitute for butter but there’s many other beautiful uses for it…   It can be used on hair as an ultimate conditioning mask (also great for infant cradle cap), it can be used as a natural anti itch for everything from bug bites to chicken pox and as a moisturizer for your face, cracked elbows and even your baby’s delicate skin…  But there is another use for it that I find fascinating…  Its called oil pulling – people are raving about this process  which is swishing coconut oil in your mouth in the morning for 20 minutes for whiter teeth and greater cavity protection!  And there is nothing more beautiful that a great smile, right?

Coconut oil

Coconut oil $18.99


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