MOMMA NEEDS… child proof furniture


Child proof furniture means a great couch, chairs and tables with rounded edges that give you piece of mind whilst still looking incredibly chic!


As my little Max grows my worries increase rather than decrease and so does my need for child proof furniture.  When he first started walking I quickly put foam corners on all the sharp edges, moved everything that could be knocked over higher and out of reach and put locks on all the cabinets…  What I didn’t realize is that as he grew and became more agile the baby proofing would have to get higher and higher and his ability to rip off the foam corners and undo the locks made my attempts to keep him safe seem futile.  The truth is, what I should have done from the beginning is to invest in some child proof furniture.  What I mean by this is, softer furniture and pieces with rounded edges – so that when he climbs, trips, falls (which they ARE going to do no matter what) my fears can be assuaged with the knowledge that I have at least reduced the risk.  I’m not suggesting turning your home into a version of My Gym – child proof furniture simply means choosing pieces you love that just happen to be more kid friendly (aka – not something out of the baby booby trap catalogue).  Check out some of my favorite child proof furniture and have one less thing to worry about!

Stone & Aster sofa

Stone & Aster sofa $2899

West Elm coffee table

West Elm coffee table $499

Anthropolgie chair

Anthropolgie chair $998

Martini side table

Martini side table $149

Anthropologie pouf

Anthropologie pouf $248

Pottery Barn cabinet

Pottery Barn cabinet $699

Ravenna Modern circular sofa

Ravenna Modern circular sofa $5225 – love this, it’s more of an aspirational piece – and obviously without the fire pit! (fire isn’t particularly kid friendly)

Tufted ottoman $699

Tufted ottoman $699 (was $2099)

Vince accent stool

Vince accent stool $299

wingback dining chairs (set of 2)

wingback dining chairs (set of 2) $159.99

Anthropologie dining table

Anthropologie dining table $2598

Clara sofa

Clara sofa $1699

Anthropologie coffee table - child proof furniture

Anthropologie coffee table $1298

Vaughn tufted chair

Vaughn tufted chair $151.99

Lumisource side table

Lumisource side table $89.99

Cassandra upholstered storage bench

Cassandra upholstered storage bench $699

Kansai bookcase

Kansai bookcase $1298

Haute House chair

Haute House chair $3199

Clover coffee table

Clover coffee table $189

Missoni pouf - child proof furniture

Missoni pouf $725

Stokke convertible crib/sleeper

Stokke convertible crib/sleeper $799

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