MOMMA NEEDS… a clutch for evening

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My beloved Alexander McQueen skull clutch – on the clutch!

I’ve always felt that an evening clutch was not really a necessity.  We don’t use it every day and it doesn’t it all that much.  That said, every now and then I would find that I had a wedding to attend or a fancier dinner to go to and I just didn’t have the right bag.  I had fallen in love with this  Alexander McQueen clutch years ago and could not justify such a crazy purchase for something I would get such little use out of…  Well, after a couple of years and many moments when I wished I had the bag I finally took the plunge.  The truth is, we do need an evening clutch.  We may only wear it a handful of times a year but if you buy something you love that can withstand the test of time – you can wear it for years and years, furthermore there are so many incredible clutches that are really inexpensive.  Also, now that I have the bag I am using it so much more than I ever thought I would.  Why carry a huge day bag on an evening out with friends or a romantic dinner with the hubby when I have my beautiful petit clutch?  All I need for the evening is my phone, some cash, credit card, ID, keys and perhaps a lipstick or powder…  PS – I have to say, whenever I’m attending a wedding, I also throw in some safety pins and double sided tape – it takes up no room and I’m amazed at how often a frazzled bridesmaid will find my table and ask: “you’re a stylist, right?  the bride is having a fashion emergency in the bathroom!”  My husband may not thrilled that he now has to carry his own wallet and phone but I’m happy to give my poor shoulder the night off! The key to finding the perfect clutch is to consider your personal needs and likes.  If you want to be practical go for something metallic (gold or silver), black or sparkly that can go with pretty much everything everything.  If you want something a bit more special go for a pop of color or something a bit quirkier  or edgier that’s not particularly practical but certainly makes a statement (I find that my Alexander McQueen bag is so crazy it actually makes me want to find reasons to carry it).  Check out some of my favorite clutches that will come in on the clutch for all your evening accessory needs!

Christian Louboutin patent bag

Christian Louboutin patent bag $995

Kotur clutch

Kotur clutch $595

Diane von Furstenberg clutch

Diane von Furstenberg clutch $195

Vince Camuto bag

Vince Camuto bag $88.98


Aldo bag $65.85

Alexander McQueen knucklebox bag

Alexander McQueen knuckle box bag $2295

Saint Laurent tassel clutch

Saint Laurent tassel clutch $1350

Edie Parker bag

Edie Parker bag $995

Clare V. foldover clutch

Clare V. foldover clutch $210

Natasha Couture minaudiere

Natasha Couture minaudière $78

Charlotte Olympia bag

Charlotte Olympia bag $1295

One by Vlieger & Vandam bag

One by Vlieger & Vandam bag $350

Diane von Fursternberg envelope bag

Diane von Fursternberg envelope bag $192.50


Asos fringed bag $60.20

Valentino rockstud clutch

Valentino rockstud clutch $1545

Saint Laurent bag

Saint Laurent bag $1090

Primary clutch

Primary clutch $350

Zara neoprene minaudiere

Zara neoprene minaudière $59.50

Jimmy Choo clutch

Jimmy Choo clutch $1195

Fendi bag

Fendi bag $850

Kotur bag

Kotur bag $395

Kate Spade bag

Kate Spade bag $229.60


Mango bag $112.87

Sondra Roberts bag

Sondra Roberts bag $88

Some properly quirky bags that I can’t help but love!

Charlotte Olympia clutch

Charlotte Olympia clutch $2595

Olympia Le-Tan embroidered clutch

Olympia Le-Tan embroidered clutch $2010

Edie Parker cassette box bag

Edie Parker cassette box bag (glows in the dark) $1295

Kate Spade box clutch

Kate Spade box clutch $328

Diane von Fursternberg bag

Diane von Fursternberg bag $241.50

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