MOMMA NEEDS… ear cuffs and earrings that don’t dangle!

I love jewelry as much as the next person… Perhaps even more…  But life after baby has meant storing so much of my beloved jewelry in fear of it scratching little one or getting ripped out by little one…  Fortunately, ear cuffs and earrings that are cropped closely to the ear are everywhere right now and there are plenty of options which give me my jewelry fix while also preventing any possible accidents.  Children are like magpies – if it sparkles, dangles or shines they want it – so these earrings are great because you get the sparkle and shine without the accessibility!  Ear cuffs are basically earrings which hug the ear – they can be clipped on to the upper part of the ear or they can frame the lobe in various ways.  Also very popular is giving earring backs a bit of attention – you won’t lose these puppies because they’re as much a part of the earring at the front – you know business in the front, party in the back.  They’re creative, eye catching and give you that bit of sparkle without putting you or your little one in any unfortunate predicament…  Ear cuffs and earrings that don’t dangle are not only stylish and on trend but practical too – and what mom doesn’t like to (or have to) multi-task!  Here are some of the hottest in ear jewels available!

Jacquie Aiche ear cuff

Jacquie Aiche starburst ear cuff $1410

Rebecca Minkof back stud earrings

Rebecca Minkoff back stud earrings $58

gabriela artigas earrings

Gabriela Artigas infinite tusk earrings $330

campbell earcuff

Campbell ear cuff $50

Dana Rebecca Designs earrings

Dana Rebecca Designs diamond earrings $355

Vita Fede earrings

Vita Fede half moon earrings $240

gorjana friendship star earring set

Gorjana friendship star earrings set $44

Ca & Lou earrings

Ca & Lou earrings $325

kate spade bow earrings

Kate Spade earrings $48

jacquie Aiche CZ earrings

Jacquie Aiche CZ earrings $220

SunaharA Malibu ear cuff

SunaharA Malibu ear cuff $33

ear cuff

Kismet by Milka ear cuff $330

paige novak earrings

Paige Novak earrings $115

Ariel Gordon jewelry earrings

Ariel Gordon Jewelry earrings $693

jacquie aiche alphabet earring

Jacquie Aiche alphabet earring $55


Ca & Lou ear cuff $145

Bing Bang wish bone earrings

Bing Bang wish bone earrings $42

anita ko rose gold diamond earring

Anita Ko rose gold diamond earring $1935

MArc by Marc studs

Marc by Marc Jacobs studs $42

sophie bille brahe pearl earcuff

Sophie Bille Brahe pearl ear cuff $750

Maria Black ear cuff

Maria Black ear cuff $85

jacquie aiche diamond ear cuff

Jacquie Aiche diamond ear cuff $760

house of harlow earrings

House of Harlow earrings $45

Pandora earrings

Pandora heart earrings $35

repossi ear cuff

Repossie double ear cuff $2410

If you’re a mom considering getting their little one’s ears pierced – always go to a reputable place – I know my pediatrician offers ear piercing there and make sure the earring have either surgical steal or 24k gold posts.  I would advise discussing all of this with your pediatrician before hand whether they pierce there or not – to get the facts and suggestions on how to look after them post piercing.

For those who’s little lady’s ears are already pierced – here are some adorable designs (and for sure – steer clear of dangles!

Lily earrings and necklace set

Lily Nily Children’s earrings and necklace set $50

children's cz earrings

Macy’s Children’s cz earrings $84

Macy's children's ladybug earrings

Macy’s Children’s ladybug earrings $189

Marathon silver pearl earrings

Marathon silver pearl earrings $35

children's heart earrings

Macy’s Children gold heart earrings $129

Marathon silver heart earrings

Marathon silver heart earrings $37.50

And for those moms not ready for their little ones to have their ears pierced – Lena Wald (amazing jewelry designer!) has come up with earring tattoos for them that they will absolutely LOVE!

Lena Wald ear tattoos

Lena Wald temporary tattoo earrings $10 (for a sheet of 42)

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