MOMMA LOVES… an east west bag (forever)


I’m a long time fan of my Balenciaga bags – yes, they’re awesome, but they’re also the ideal east west bag – I never have to hunt around to find my keys or phone – the proportions are absolute perfection!

I’m a girl that loves style and convenience – so I’m ALL about an east west bag.  For those of you who might be unfamiliar it’s simply a bag that’s more of a horizontal style than a vertical (or north south) style.  Easy to carry, super cute and the added bonus and main selling point (for me) so much easier to quickly and easily find things like keys, wallet, diapers, etc… The east west bag will always be popular and on point and I felt it was time to shine a light on it’s fabulousness (is that a word?).  My Balenciaga city bags will always be some of my favorites and the style will never go, well, out of style.  Chic, simple and sensible – a great east west bag is an absolute must have… So check out some of my favorite versions of this wardrobe staple.

Valentino bag

Valentino bag $2495

Fendi bag

Fendi bag $1100

Rebecca Minkoff satchel

Rebecca Minkoff satchel $395

Topshop bag

Topshop bag $70

Saint Laurent bag

Saint Laurent bag $2950

Gucci bag

Gucci bag $1750

Tory Burch satchel

Tory Burch satchel $475

Due West bag

Due West bag $98

Proenza Schouler bag

Proenza Schouler bag $1795

Annabel Ingall tote

Annabel Ingall tote $415

MICHAEL Michael Kors bag

MICHAEL Michael Kors bag $298

Forever 21 satchel

Forever 21 satchel $32.90

Balenciaga bag

Balenciaga bag $1985 (and this bag comes in a great range of colors)

Diane von Furstenberg bag

Diane von Furstenberg bag $498

Vince Camuto satchel

Vince Camuto satchel $248

Asos east west bag

Asos east west bag $53.06


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