MOMMA LOVES…. fantasy furniture for us and them!


Oh, just me and my new Thomas bed. No big whoop.

There is nothing quite like the imagination of a child – the whole world is dreamlike so why not have some fantasy furniture that they can love and we can enjoy.  When we were young we could make a magic fort out of pillows and blankets, today furniture designers are using that creative imagination so many of us have lost in their creations…  A bit of fantasy furniture is not only a talking point but really does bring light into our lives.  These pieces that capture your imagination and the wonder of our little ones are not only functional but also remind us to never let go of our creativity.  Check out some of the amazing fantasy furniture for us as well, as our little ones that will keep them captivated and make us the coolest parents on the block…

First for us!

Seletti pantone chairs

Seletti pantone chairs $133 each

Tour table

Tour table $8190

Thought bubble lights - fantasy furniture

Thought bubble lights $250

Verner Panton chair

Verner Panton chair $2750

Kendall cafe table

Kendall cafe table $498

Librarian dining console

Librarian dining console $699

Eclipse chandelier

Eclipse chandelier $699

Skyline chaise

Skyline chaise $629.99

Melting bookcase

Melting bookcase $600

coffee table

coffee table $73.99

Foo dog side tables

Foo dog side tables $299

Union Jack trunk/mini walk in wardrobe

Union Jack trunk/mini walk in wardrobe $700

Haute house chair

Haute house chair $3199

Coat rack floor lamps

Coat rack floor lamps $775

Control Brand chair

Control Brand chair $125

Waterfall console table

Waterfall console table $1599

Zuo ceiling lamp

Zuo ceiling lamp $389

Opal wing chair

Opal wing chair $999

And some fantasy furniture for our little ones:

Roadster twin bed

Roadster twin bed $1299

Land of Nod pouf

Land of Nod pouf $69

Gift Mark chair with ottoman

Gift Mark chair with ottoman $99.99

Adirondak chairs

Adirondak kids chairs $59.99

Treehouse bed

Treehouse bed $1499

Land of Nod chair

Land of Nod chair $119

KidKraft vanity table

KidKraft vanity table $179.99

Step 2 corvette bed

Step 2 corvette bed $329.99

Guidecraft deluxe art center

Guidecraft deluxe art center $349.98

Sesame Street elmo chair with sound

Sesame Street elmo chair with sound $69.99

KifKraft toddler bed

KifKraft toddler bed $127.49

Zuo modern elephant chair

Zuo modern elephant chair $158

Levels of Discovery storage bench

Levels of Discovery storage bench $199.95

Pangaea Home chair

Pangaea Home chair $379

DC America time out bench

DC America time out bench $30 (hate to admit this but as we are in the thick of the terrible twos this may be necessary)


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