MOMMA WANTS… the fendi monster eyes peekaboo bag

Fendi Monster Eyes Peekaboo bag

The Fendi Monster Eyes Peelaboo Bag $5700

I have been obsessed with the Fendi Monster Eyes Peekaboo Bag since I first laid eyes on it.  It’s beyond major.  It’s beyond expensive – hence it’s a want… And it’s good to want things I always say.  Lady like perfection on the outside – monster in the middle.  You will be your child’s hero AND the envy of all women with this bag.  The Peekaboo is one of Fendi’s latest “it” bags – don’t we all remember when Carrie Bradshaw made the Fendi baguette the ultimate “it” bag? Well, if Sex and the City were still around Carrie would be coveting the Monster Eyes version of it.  It is the most insanely amazing bag which every fashionista will be coveting.  Of course this bag does come in various colors and the peekaboo is often a contrasting colors, fabric and not monster eyes – and not all Peekaboos are AS expensive…  But for me, this is THE bag to know about.

fendi monster eyes peekaboo 3

Fendi Monster Eyes Peekaboo Bag – lady on the outside…

fendi monster eyes peekaboo 2

Fendi Monster Eyes Peekaboo bag – monster in the middle!


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