MATERNITY MONDAY… gliders and rockers – nursery must haves!

gliders and rocking chairs

Our glider is my favorite part of his nursery – I spent many nights breast feeding from it – and now there’s nothing like curling up with him and reading a good book!

When you’re pregnant you start thinking of all the things you need for when the baby comes – everything from diapers to the all important gliders and rockers.  Gliders and rockers are a must have for your nursery – a great chair that you can sit in comfortably to breast feed, relax in or rock your precious angel to sleep.  You will spend a lot of your time in this chair and for years to come – it was one of the major purchases in our nursery we did not want to cut corners on.  Gliders and rockers need to be comfortable, cute for your babies room and yet still nice enough that once your child grows and want to replace that space with a hot wheels track or my little pony stable it can still find a place somewhere else in your home…  When you are doing those middle of the night feeds or soothing your little one when they’re unwell or having a night terror – this chair will be your closest ally.  Check out my favorite gliders and rockers you need to check out for your little one’s nursery!

Tudor rocker and ottoman

Tudor rocker and ottoman $349 – $1099

Luca glider

Luca glider $995

Eddie Bauer double rocker

Eddie Bauer double rocker $399

Pottery Barn glider

Pottery Barn glider $1399

Little Castle glider

Little Castle glider $449.99

Nursery Classic swivel glider

Nursery Classic swivel glider $654.95

Joya rocker

Joya rocker $1095

Babyletto glider

Babyletto glider $299

Swivel lounger

Swivel lounger $999

Danielle Deluxe sleigh glider and ottoman set

Danielle Deluxe sleigh glider and ottoman set $179.99

Graham glider

Graham glider $899

Pottery Barn swivel rocker and ottoman

Pottery Barn swivel rocker and ottoman $149 – $!099

Retro rocker

Retro rocker $435

Quincy rocker

Quincy rocker $999

Eddie Bauer rocker

Eddie Bauer rocker $399.99

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