MOMMA LOVES… the layered look for women and children

People ask me all the time what to pack when they’re coming to visit me in LA.  The truth is at any given point in the year or even in a day we can range 30+ degrees in temperature so I always advice to bring layers.  The layered look can be incredibly chic but it can also go horribly wrong.  The best advice I can give when trying to accomplish a layered look is to start with the least bulky item of clothing and work outwards… Also, work with varying lengths – so a longer shirt under a cropped sweater and then your coat.  Layering is great because when its freezing cold out you can bundle up, but when you get inside where the heat is in over drive you can shed some layers to your comfort.  This is also great for kids who we constantly worry about being too hot or too cold.  All of this said, getting the layered look can be difficult to achieve style wise and also uncomfortable for our little ones who don’t understand and don’t have the patience for it, so a lot of designers have made it fold proof.  They have coordinated the layers for us to accomplish the look and some times (not always) these layered pieces can be separated to your preference (for example dresses that come with a sweater overlay or jackets with detachable sleeves).  The look is incredibly stylish and gives some dimension to our look which seems as though we put a lot more thought into our outfit than we actually did (the styling has been done for us by the designers).  For our little ones, they get the comfort of their normal t-shirt but with the added coverage of a thermal underlay  and then it’s one less step when getting them dressed or their are kids clothes that come as a bundle (pants with a tee and vest, or leggings with the tutu overlay) which makes styling them that much easier.  Check out some of the great layered looks I’ve selected below – you may get some ideas for how to layer items already in your wardrobe or you might (as I have) just let the designers do it for me…

First for the ladies:

10 Crosby Derek Lam tunic

10 Crosby Derek Lam tunic $350

Monrow zip back sweatshirt

Monrow zip back sweatshirt $153

Free People layered jacket

Free People layered jacket $84


Asos layered look jumpsuit $92.60

free people layered top

Free People layered top $108

Rebecca Taylor layered pullover

Rebecca Taylor layered pullover $395

Elizabeth and James jacket

Elizabeth and James jacket $645

Free people dress:sweater combo

Free People dress with sweater combo $99.95

Cut25 by Yigal Azrouel top

Cut25 by Yigal Azrouel top $165

T by Alexander Wang top

T by Alexander Wang top $345

Pencey Standard moto jacket:vest

Pencey Standard moto jacket/vest $128 (sleeves come off)

NSF sweatshirt:shirt combo

NSF sweatshirt/shirt combo $216

central park west layered top

Central Park West layered top $130

alexander wang jacket

Alexander Wang jacket $633

Clu sweatshirt with ruffle

Clu sweatshirt with ruffle $108

Unif dress sweater combo

Unif dress/sweater combo $149


Asos top $66.67

Club Monaco top

Club Monaco top $139.50

heather layered maxi dress

Heather layered maxi dress $154

And the layered look for the little ones…


Gap top $22.95

Splendid top

Splendid top $44

juicy couture tee and leggings set

Juicy Couture tee and leggings set $78

Stem Baby top and pants set

Stem Baby top and pants set $38

dkny triple tier dress

DKNY triple tier dress $37.60


Gap 2 in 1 shirt $29.95

little me vest, bodysuit and pant set

Little Me vest, bodysuit and pant set $23.98

Carter's 3 pc outfit

Carter’s 4 pc outfit $16.99

splendid tunic and leggings set

Splendid tunic and leggings set $44.80


Old Navy jersey jeans $19.95 (one part sweats one part jeans – get the look with the comfort – best layers ever!)


Old Navy dress $16.50


Gap 2 in 1 hoodie $19.95

Circo skirt legging

Circo skirt leggings $12

armani junior 2 pc bodysuit and pants set

Armani Jr 2 pc bodysuit with pants set $280

OshKosh mixed media dress

OshKosh dress $17

Tucker + Tate jacket

Tucker + Tate jacket $37.52

bloomies tutu top and leggings set

Bloomies baby tutu top and leg gins set $42


Old Navy 2 in 1 t-shirt $5.97

Jenna & Jessie bunny lace dress

Jenna & Jessie bunny lace dress $32

Childrens Place shirt

Children’s Place layered shirt $14.96

splendid look

Splendid look $54

Geniunie Kids from OshKosh look

Genuine Kids from OshKosh look $22

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