MOMMA LOVES… love motifs (just in time for V-day)


Spread joy with the love motif!

So yesterday I talked about my birthday and jewelry, well, with Valentines Day moment away I wanted to focus on love motifs in fashion that withstand trends and time.  Everything from the iconic Cartier love bracelet to the word love and all the hearts that emphatically infiltrate our wardrobes (as well as our little ones).  Reminiscent for the free love 60′s moment the love motifs reign supreme, and why not – perhaps all we need is more love in this world.  Yes, camo and skull prints will alway be popular prints,but make no mistake, love is the yin to their yang and it’s nice to put as much as possible into the world – so I happily wear it on my sleeve!  Check out some of my favorite love motifs and spread the love this valentines season (and all year round really).

First for us:

Valentino gown

Valentino gown $16,900 (because it has to be mentioned)

Kacey K diamond necklace

Kacey K diamond necklace $795

Chinti and Parker cashmere sweater

Chinti and Parker cashmere sweater $595

J Crew pumps

J Crew pumps $260

Asos cardigan with heart patch elbows

Asos cardigan with heart patch elbows $47.38

Repossi ring

Repossi ring $750

Kate Spade pumps

Kate Spade pumps $350

Kate Spade shirt

Kate Spade shirt $278

Only Hearts pajamas

Only Hearts pajamas $141

Asos clutch

Asos clutch $28.43

Monique L'huilier skirt

Monique L’huilier skirt $1195

Kate Spade dress

Kate Spade dress $398

Diane von Furstenberg scarf

Diane von Furstenberg scarf $198

Wildfox tee

Wildfox tee $66

Christian Louboutin pumps

Christian Louboutin pumps $795

Alice + Olivia dress

Alice + Olivia dress $550

French Connection top

French Connection top $118

Tai cuff

Tai cuff $99

Topshop shorts

Topshop shorts $60

Some little love motifs for our little ones:

Rachel Riley dress

Rachel Riley dress $199

Flowers by Zoe sweater

Flowers by Zoe sweater $58

Lily Bleu dress

Lily Bleu dress $44

Old Navy jeggings

Old Navy leggings $19

Kate Spade dress

Kate Spade dress $84

Peek valentines dress

Peek valentines dress $48

Gap sneakers

Gap sneakers $29.95

Circo dress

Cisco dress $12

And love motifs for our littlest ones:

Stella McCartney Kids dress

Stella McCartney Kids dress $140

Lily Bleu top

Lily Bleu top $34

Peek leggings

Peek leggings $28

Carter's set

Carter’s set $12

J Crew cashmere cardigan

J Crew cashmere cardigan $145

Marco Lizzie dress and bloomers

Marco Lizzie dress and bloomers $72

Toms shoes

Toms shoes $31.95

Gap sweater

Gap sweater $29.95

Old Navy sleeper

Old Navy sleeper $14.94

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