MATERNITY MONDAY… maternity clothes that are comfortable AND stylish!

Maternity Monday means its time for me to shift focus to all those expectant momma’s on the hunt for maternity clothes that they actually want to wear!  This is often no easy task…  When you’re completely uncomfortable all the time and your body is changing literally every minute figuring out what to wear can be daunting.  That said, there truly are some amazing maternity clothes out there these days that will give you the comfort you desire while also letting you maintain your personal style!  Just because there’s a baby grown inside you doesn’t mean you have to stop looking great. Sure – you may have to retire your high heels and engagement ring until the swelling subsides, but there are some truly incredible maternity clothes that can tick all your fashion boxes.  Whether you’re a working mom that needs to look polished and conservative, a mom on the run already that needs great jeans and a tee or simply a mom that loves fashion and doesn’t want to feel trapped in maternity jeans and mumus – there are so many great options!  Check out some of the amazing maternity clothes for you to style the bump so you can worry about more important things than what to wear!

Rosie Pop maternity dress

Rosie Pop maternity dress $128

Rosie Pope top

Rosie Pope top $138

J Brand maternity jeans

J Brand maternity jeans $176

Topshop maternity shirt dress

Topshop maternity shirt dress $90


New Look maternity pants $33.86

maternity clothes

Asos maternity dress $41.40

Olian maternity sweater

Olian maternity sweater $128

David Lerner maternity leggings

David Lerner maternity leggings $143


Isabella Oliver maternity dress $299.22

Topshop maternity top

Topshop maternity top $40

Topshop grey maternity jeans

Topshop grey maternity jeans $76

 Ingrid & Isabel maxi maternity dress

Ingrid & Isabel maxi maternity dress $128
H&M maternity blouse

H&M maternity blouse $29.95

H&M maternity boyfriend jeans

H&M maternity boyfriend jeans $39.95

Topshop maternity dress

Topshop maternity dress $76

maternity clothes

New Look maternity cami $24.45

Tees by Tine maternity skirt

Tees by Tine maternity skirt $48

Olian maternity dress

Olian maternity dress $150

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