MATERNITY MONDAY… hot maternity clothes – here we glow again!

Its that time again – time for me to find the best of the best maternity clothes options available for all of you expectant moms!  Watching your belly grow is one of the most magical things on earth – figuring out how to dress it, not so much.  This week I am sharing with you guys some of the best maternity clothes for work, braving the cold weather or just for lounging around on the weekend.  Just because your body is currently on loan does it mean you have to look like you’ve raided somebody else’s wardrobe.  Its time to update your wardrobe and invest in some (actually not too expensive) maternity clothes to style your bump!

Olian maternity dress

Olian maternity dress $150


Asos maternity tights (3 pack) $40.74

great maternity clothes

Mamalicious maternity dress $88.89

topshop maternity jacket

Topshop maternity jacket $120

topshop maternity shirt

Topshop maternity shirt $58

maternity clothes

Mamalicious maternity jeans $64.82

topshop maternity sweater

Topshop maternity sweater $72

DL 1961 maternity jeans

DL 1961 maternity jeans $168

maternity dress

Asos maternity dress $44.45


Asos maternity kimono top $46.30

maternity clothes

Asos maternity blazer $37.04

great maternity clothes

New Look maternity jeans $37.02

maternity clothes

Asos maternity top $30.56

maternity clothes

Asos maternity pants $16.67

japanese weekend maternity sweater

Japanese Weekend maternity wrap sweater $106

maternity clothes

Asos maternity dress $46.30

Hatch long sleeve t-shirt

Hatch long sleeved tee $68.60

j brand maternity jegging

J Brand maternity jeans $198


Kate Thomas maternity dress $25

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