MATERNITY MONDAY – best maternity clothes to start the new year right!

2014 is upon us and for some of us out there (not me!) 2014 will be the year our little one’s grace us with their presence…  Until they make their appearance, they are nestled in that little bump of yours – a bump that you might be struggling to dress.  My advice when it comes to maternity clothes – keep it simple and comfortable.  There are so many great options out there for expectant moms that you can look chic and pulled together regardless of your growing mid section.  Maternity Monday is my chance to share with you the best maternity clothes out there to keep you looking like yourself when that’s the last thing you feel like!  Maternity jeans with a  simple top and a blazer always looks great and stylish yet the look is comfortable and easy to wear!  Also, I’ve mentioned it before, Hatch is a maternity line that comes in one size and its meant to be worn not only during pregnancy as well as beyond.  These are investment pieces that are more pricey but are cut in a way that they’re meant to be worn not only during pregnancy but will be just as wearable once you have your body back!  The key is that you feel comfortable – both physically (stay away from anything too fussy) as well as mentally.  What I mean is – you’re whole life is changing in such an enormous way – but your style doesn’t have to. So, here are some of the best maternity clothes out there to keep you and your bump looking fabulous!


Mama.licious pajama set $63.52


Asos maternity dress $39.93

hatch maternity blazer

Hatch maternity blazer $268


Mama.licious maternity skinny jeans $68.97

hatch bateau top

Hatch bateau top $158


New Look maternity top $14.50

hatch dress

Hatch dress $198

topshop maternity jumper

Topshop maternity sweater $92


Asos maternity jeans $54.45


Asos maternity coat $77.13


Asos maternity dress $68.97

topshop maternity sweater

Topshop maternity sweater $68


Topshop maternity jeans $65


Asos maternity dress $50.82


Asos maternity cardigan $35.39


Asos maternity top $22.69

J Brand maternity jeans

J Brand maternity legging jeans $196

isabella oliver maternity dress

Isabella Oliver maternity dress $159


Asos maternity tights (3 pack) $39.93


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