MATERNITY MONDAY… the best maternity clothes

The age old question of what to wear when you’re expecting has plagued women since the beginning of time.  How to dress a body that changes every day.  Back in our mom’s day the options were so limited they often just gave into wearing a mumu for much of pregnancy.  Today, it is quite a different story – options are no where near limited – in fact its almost hard to narrow down the best maternity clothes…  But here I am, week after week, sharing some amazing style options for those growing baby bumps!  Women no longer have to resort to wearing a tent or rummaging through their husband’s closet for things to wear – we have some of the best maternity clothes available to us that aren’t just comfortable (which lets face it of the utmost importance) but on trend and actually desirable!  You won’t want to stop wearing your maternity clothes after your little one arrives because they’re that great (which is convenient since it may take some time before you can squeeze back into your pre-baby jeans again).  So check out some of the best maternity clothes out there and enjoy styling that fabulous bump!


Isabella Oliver maternity dress $75.32


New Look maternity dress $32.65


Asos maternity coat $76.23


Isabella Oliver maternity top $39.93

paige maternity jeans

Paige maternity jeans $189

Hatch boyfriend dress

Hatch boyfriend dress $278


Asos maternity leggings $39.93


Asos maternity top $39.93

Topshop maternity skirt

Topshop maternity skirt $44


New Look maternity jacket $49.91


Asos maternity coat $43.56


Asos maternity boyfriend t-shirt $18.15


Mamalicious wet look leggings $34.48

maternal america maternity and nursing dress

Maternal America maternity and nursing dress $148 (that’s right – easy access for nursing mom’s – win win!)


Gap sweatshirt $31.96


Asos maternity jeans $54.45


Asos maternity top $45.37

hatch pants

Hatch pants $208


Asos maternity onesie $35.39

Olian maternity maxi-dress

Olian maternity maxi dress $178



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