MATERNITY MONDAY – maternity clothes you’ll want to keep post baby!

So… you’re pregnant.  What does this mean?  Well, it means nausea, needing to pee every few minutes, trouble sleeping, needing to sleep all the time, total discomfort, swollen feet, thicker hair, that crazy need to nest and get organized, people being overly nice to you and a body that is no longer your own.  The question I would labor (ha ha) over every day was what do I wear? And so began my quest for maternity clothes that look stylish and didn’t make me feel like I was wearing someone else’s clothes. So, for all you expectant moms out there looking to dress your growing bump – here are some of my top maternity clothes that will allow you to keep warm this winter, look fabulous and even get glam for the holidays!


Asos maternity dress $50.82


Mamalicious turtleneck $54.45

tees by tina maternity dress

Tees by Tina dress $98

topshop maternity jeans

Topshop maternity jeans $76

lilac clothing dress

Lilac clothing dress $126

DKNY FEED maternity bag

DKNY diaper bag $90
*** this is in conjunction with Feed which means the profits go toward charity


New Look maternity top $36.28

topshop maternity dress

Topshop maternity dress $60


Asos maternity coat $95.28


Asos maternity shirt $45.37


Asos maternity coat $101.63


New Look maternity super soft jeans $36.28

japanese weekend maternity top

Japanese weekend maternity top $98


Gap maternity jacket $89.95

isabella oliver maternity tunic

Isabella Oliver maternity tunic $145


Asos maternity sweater $72.60


Asos velvet maternity leggings $36.30


Asos maternity dress $72.70


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