MOMMA KNOWS… fun nail appliqués

So, who among us has time for a manicure these days?  I will try to get to the nail salon once a month for a pedicure but manicures have fallen by the way side…  Its the drying time (they just take forever to properly dry) and then, with the insane amount of hand washing that goes on with having a child, they last about a day and a half.  Well, these nail appliqués are a dream come true!  They come in all kinds of fun designs inspired by all the crazy manicures the celebrities have been sporting on the red carpet, at award shows now E! is featuring a genius mani-cam which allows a close up glimpse of the star’s manicures and there are some incredibly creative designs happening!  Everyone from Zoe Deschanel to Katy Perry are rocking some amazing manicures and now, so can you.  Furthermore, you can do it pretty quickly in the comfort of your own home without the drying time and, hold on to your hats ladies, they can last a week – sometimes longer!!  They are essentially stickers for your nails that you apply, file down to fit your nail length and voila – you have a super fashionable manicure! Here are some of my favorites but check out all the options – there are SO many fantastic designs that will have all the other mom’s at the park clamoring about.


Essie stick-ons $9.99 available at


Formula X stick-ons $15 available at


Sephora stick-ons $5 available at


NCLA stick-ons $16 available at


NCLA stick-ons $16 available at


Sally Hansen stick-ons $8.59 available at


Sally Hansen stick-ons $8.54 available at


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