Baby lit

Baby lit set of 12 books $99

Max’s god mother got him these baby books for Christmas and I am OBSESSED!!  They are the classic literature that we all know and love but done for babies!  Super chic, elegant and fun it is the ultimate gift!! I want to buy these baby books for every little one I know and every expectant mom – they are a fantastic addition to every nursery and its never too late to get your little one started on some proper literature!  Every wonderful story from Romeo & Juliet to Pride & Prejudice are included in these collections and they come in sets of 6 (for $52) or a complete set of 12 (for $99).  I have been waiting for these baby books to come back on One Kings Lane forever now, which doesn’t happen often and when they do they sell out so quickly…  So they’re here but only until April 2nd!!  If you have a little one of your own, or are looking for a wonderful, original baby gift – these sets are a must must have!!!

Baby Lit set of 6

Baby Lit set of 6 $52

Baby lit set of 6 books

Baby lit set of 6 books $52

Baby lit set of 12

Baby lit set of 12 $99



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