MOMMA LOVES…. personalized jewelry


My favorite jewelry is personalized jewelry that I can wear close to my heart…

I love love love personalized jewelry because I believe that jewelry should be personal.  Of course there are the standard Sex and the City inspired name plates (who could forget the famous “Carrie” necklace) but beyond that are the sentimental pieces with your loved ones initials that are unique to you.  Beautiful personalized jewelry tells a story of who you are in a delicate, subtle and super special way.  These aren’t the loud statement pieces, these are the pieces you wear close to your heart – the initials of your husband or baby – that you treasure above all else because they actually mean something.  They don’t have to cost a lot, they don’t have to be gifted, personalized jewelry speaks to you, the individual, the wearer and while it makes a great gift it’s also something you can buy for yourself.  Whether it’s a ring or a necklace, gold or gold plated – the sentiment is draw.  Check out my favorite personalized jewelry and consider the beauty in accessorizing for your love.

Jennifer Meyer necklace

Jennifer Meyer necklace $1800

Jane Basch Designs necklace

Jane Basch Designs necklace $560

Jennifer Zeuner necklace

Jennifer Zeuner necklace $198

Tai necklace

Tai necklace $60

Zoe Chicco ID bracelet

Zoe Chicco ID bracelet $710

Coordinates Collection bracelet

Coordinates Collection bracelet $239

Sarah Chloe bracelet

Sarah Chloe bracelet $139

Nashelle bracelet

Nashelle bracelet $80

Thea jewelry ring

Thea jewelry ring $1450

Jennifer Zeuner monogram ring

Jennifer Zeuner monogram ring $240

Sarah Chloe rings

Sarah Chloe rings $149

Gorjana ring

Gorjana ring $33

Thea personalized ear cuff

Thea personalized ear cuff $700

K Kane stud earrings

K Kane stud earrings $217/each

Tai earrings

Tai earrings $40

Gorjana earring

Gorjana earring $15

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