MOMMA MUST HAVE… the little black dress (fit and flare)

Okay, so this is the first of MANY little black dress posts I will be doing because (truth be told) it has been and always will be the instant answer for everyone’s what should I wear question.  I am focusing this post on mini black dress options  with a fit and flare silhouette at every price point.  From no price limit to under $50 there is an option for everyone and you won’t be disappointed…  The fit and flare silhouette gives a classic hour glass shape showing off the curves we love while concealing the bits we like a less… Dark colors always give a slimmer more elegant look which is why the little black has long been a fashion staple and probably always will.

For those with no price limit…

little black dress victoria beckham

Victoria Beckham dress $2395 available at

Under $500…

little black dress sandro

Sandro dress $285 available at

Under $100…

little black dress asos

Closet dress $74.75 available at

and under $50…

little black dress asks

Asos dress $35.60 available at


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