MOMMA NEEDS… biker boots baby!

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These Jimmy Choo biker boots have gotten me through several winters – and they continue to serve me well. There’s nothing quite as perfect for both comfort and style! And the more beaten up the get the better they look!

It’s no secret that I live in my pair of (now) beaten up Jimmy Choo biker boots all winter.  I bought them when I found out I was pregnant a few years ago thinking they would be perfect – keeping my comfortable but still being stylish and kind of fabulous.  I wore those biker boots until the Jimmy Choo plaque came off and I’m still wearing them today, why?  because they are still incredibly comfortable and still really cool.  They don’t go out of style – they don’t have to be the expensive Jimmy Choo variety and they pair perfectly with jeans, leggings and even (for a more rock and roll look) with a great maxi skirt or mini dress.  As a mother I need to be able to chase my son in the park, the shops even just around home so agility and comfort are SO integral… That said, as a stylist, I have strong aesthetic opinions on practical footwear – I have, in the past, rather suffered in heels thas succumb to sneakers.  Biker boots are the answer to all of my needs – they are still the best purchase I think I’ve ever made.  Check out some of my favorite biker boots this season – you won’t regret it.

Jimmy Choo boots

Jimmy Choo boots $1150 (my beloved boots – they keep on kicking)

Fiorentini & Baker boots

Fiorentini & Baker boots $505

Marc by Marc Jacobs boots

Marc by Marc Jacobs boots $345

River Island boots

River Island boots $85.28

Valentino boots

Valentino boots $1495

Belstaff boots

Belstaff boots $750

Kate Spade boots

Kate Spade boots $398

Sole Society boots

Sole Society boots $89.95

Alexander McQueen boots

Alexander McQueen boots $1525

Rag & Bone boots

Rag & Bone boots $595

Tory Burch boots

Tory Burch boots $276.50

Zara boots

Zara boots $159

Forever 21 boots

Forever 21 boots $39.90

Chloe boots

Chloe boots $1175

Joie boots

Joie boots $380

Coach boots

Coach boots $239.86

Topshop boots

Topshop boots $110

Forever 21 boots

Forever 21 boots $37.80


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