MOMMA NEEDS… black tie dresses


These pictures were taken last year but they’re my absolute favorite – this long dress is perfect for any black tie event.


I actually bought this 2 months after I had Max (and was nowhere near losing my baby weight) for a friend’s wedding and it truly was the perfect dress. I could have even worn it while pregnant!! Thank you lots and lots of fabric.


The perfect black tie dress is long, elegant, and makes you feel like a million bucks!

As I mentioned, it’s wedding season, and a question I get all the time is “what’s a black tie dress?”  Well ladies, while times aren’t as rigid as they once were and some cocktail length dresses are permissible, as a general rule of thumb it means long.  When the attire request is black tie it means the men must wear tuxedos and the women must where floor length gowns.  I’m not talking about cinderella style ball gowns but long is always safest.  This can be quite challenging because we tend not to look for these black ties appropriate dresses, but the fact is, it’s always good to have one or two in your wardrobe for these occasions.  Again, you won’t get a lot of use out of them in on season so, as with cocktail dresses, opt for ones you could imagine holding on to for years to come.  Check out some of my favorite black tie dresses – we don’t get to go the Oscar’s but we do need to represent at some glamorous summer weddings!

Victor & Rolf dress

Victor & Rolf dress $2640

Elizabeth and James dress

Elizabeth and James dress $695


Two Birds convertible maxi dress

Two Birds convertible maxi dress $310 (15 different ways to wear it!!! super great buy!)

Bailey by Adrianna Pappell dress

Bailey by Adrianna Pappell dress $98

Marchesa Notte dress

Marchesa Notte dress $1195

Halston Herritage dress

Halston Herritage dress $595

Jill Stuart gown

Jill Stuart gown $348

V Label dress

V Label dress $112

Alice & Olivia gown

Alice & Olivia gown $1498

Halston Herritage gown

Halston Herritage gown $595

Jil Jill Stuart dress

Jil Jill Stuart dress $388

Love dress

Love dress $58

Alexander McQueen gown

Alexander McQueen gown $2985

Badgley Mischka dress

Badgley Mischka dress $615

Parker dress

Parker dress $308

Asos dress

Asos dress $81

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