MOMMA NEEDS… leggings for moms, kids and how to wear them

You’ve probably heard this before, but leggings are not pants.  They are comfortable and they can actually be incredibly chic – when worn the right way.  I wanted to do a post on leggings – providing my top picks and also giving some tips on how to wear them and how NOT to wear them.  The most important thing is to remember that it is always important to balance what you wear on top with what you have on the bottom. What I mean is – don’t wear baggy bottoms with baggy tops and don’t wear leggings with something tight on top.  A tunic with some volume or a great (longer) sweater are the best and most appropriate pairings.  When buying leggings – remember tights are not leggings – meaning, make sure they are thick and opaque – some can be quite sheer, which is not okay.  There is nothing worse that when you’re standing in front of someone in leggings, they bed over and you can see their underwear – do the test yourself when you try them on – bend over in front of the mirror and take a look for yourself – always consider the angle that might not be obvious to you that the rest of the world sees.  Another important thing, always make sure that your bum and crotch are covered – again, leggings are not pants.  Unless there are pockets, a button and a zipper – make sure that region is properly concealed with your top.  This brings me to jeggings (also known as legging jeans) – a phenomenon that scares some people but can actuality be a great alternative because they have the stretch and silhouette of a legging but they have the details of jeans – pockets (that may or may not be functional) a zipper, a button and these can be worn with a top that doesn’t necessarily need to completely cover the nether regions but should still have a bit of volume.  That said, leggings are amazing – I go through stages where them constantly – they are comfortable, versatile and when worn correctly insanely chic!  By the way, I have also included leggings made by Spanx!!  That’s right, spanx makes leggings for all you ladies who feel leggings aren’t flattering… They sure are when they’re giving you that extra support!  There are incredible versions in velvet, leather, cashmere, denim and knit – so many amazing options!  Please see below for some of my top leggings and jeggings – I should note that sometimes these pictures are style the way you should wear them and sometimes they’re styled so that you can see the pants – please take the images with a grain of salt and please nobody wear them with a crop top!

I have also included adorable options for kids who don’t necessarily have the same rules.  Babies in leggings whether they’re boys or girls are always cute, comfy and easy to get on and off for quick diaper changes.  Of course, as they grow older boys should really move on to pants and girls will start living by the leggings are not pants rule but in the meantime cute and comfortable kids clothes are always a must have!  Check out some of my top picks!

First for us:

helmut lang leggings

Helmut Lang  $920
*** these are my favorite I own them and love them – they are actually technically a jogging because of the pockets so can be worn with a shorter top.

chinti and parker leggings

Chinti and Parker  $56

donna karan cashmere blend leggings

Donna Karan cashmere blend  $550

Vince scrunched ankle

Vince $195

splendid waffle knit leggings

Splendid waffle knit  $80

J Brand legging jeans

J Brand $150

spanx leggings

Spanx $70
*** that’s right – for you ladies who feel like leggings aren’t flattering – spanx leggings!!

Cut 25 by Yigal Azrouel leggings

Cut 25 by Yigal Azrouel  $295

red leggings

Asos $14.52

j brand velveteen jegging

J Brand velveteen jegging $235

knit leggings

Asos  $36.30

rag & bone jeggings

Rag & Bone jogging  $264

velvet leggings

Asos velvet $36.30

AG jegging

AG jeggings $188

plaid leggings

Asos  $32.67 **these are for the more fashionably adventurous!

rag &bone plush jeggings

Rag & Bone plush jeggings $185
*** I own these and they are amazing – soft, comfortable and chic

guess faux leather leggings

Guess $59

splendid fair isle print

Splendid fair isle print $78

plush fleece lined leggings

Plush fleece lined leggings $75 (stay extra warm!)

and now for our little cuties!

tucker + Tate fair isle leggings

Tucker + Tate fair isle print $22


Gap jean print $18

stella mcCartney leggings

Stella McCartney $32.40

peek leggings

Peek  $24

zara printed leggings

Zara $16.90

zara leggings

Zara $15.90


Gap with sparkle stripe $29.95


Gap velour foots $11.99

J crew leggings

J Crew star print $14.50

Genuine Kids from OshKosh sweater leggings

Genuine Kids from OshKosh $8.50

hartstrings knit baby leggings

Hartstings $18.00


Just One You by Carter’s (2 pack) $6.99


Old Navy ruffled back $8.94

zara with knee patch

Zara $12.90

First Impression baby

First Impressions $8.99

Ralph Lauren cashmere

Ralph Lauren cashmere $98

J  Crew cashmere baby

J Crew cashmere $98


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