MOMMA NEEDS… the carry-all bag

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom on the run or a woman who carries everything but the kitchen sink with you everywhere you go, women need of a giant bag to lug around all of our miscellaneous stuff.  From wallets, sunglasses, cell phones, our partner’s phone and wallet, sippy cups, a sweater in case it gets cold, cosmetics, snacks, tissues, wet wipes, diapers, ipads, keys, a bottle of water, I’m surprised designers haven’t put wheels on these enormous bags we’re labored with!  The problem I find often is these large bags are crazy heavy (due to the structure and hardware on the bags) before we’ve put anything in them!  No wonder we’re all walking around with chronic shoulder pain! Anyway, I am on the quest for the best carry-all bags that look cute, can carry all of our stuff (as well as that of our partners and children) and won’t necessarily weigh us down.  I must also note that the FEED brand bags are the brain child of Lauren Bush and the proceeds from the sales of the bags go towards feeding children around the world.  I am featuring one that will feed 50 children in India for a day but there are tons of options in different designs that will feed children in various places around the world including here in the United States.  So, here are a few of my favorite carry-all shoppers:


Feed bag $75 available at


Furla bag $695 available at


Zara bag $35.90 available at


Prada bag $2200 available at

michael by MichaelKors edit

MICHAEL by Michael Kors bag $280 available at



Zara bag $59.90 available at


Topshop bah $30 available at


Valentino bag $1995 available at (special note – I am obsessed with this one)


H&M bag $49.95 available at


Smythson bag $995 available at


Jerome Dreyfuss bag $410 available at

bonus shopper that I wish I had seen for my star print page…


Gucci bag $1150 available at


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