MOMMA NEEDS… the motorcycle boot

I know a lot of you might might think motorcycle boots aren’t for you.  That was my initial thought… But they are truly one of the most solid investments I have ever made.  Shortly after finding out I was pregnant with Max I ran out and bought my Jimmy Choo motorcycle boots.  I was freaked out about how I was going to look fashionable as a stylist, yet comfortable while running around on market appointments and on photo shoots.  I think I wore them every day of my pregnancy (up until about 8 months when it got too hot and my feet got too swollen) and every single day women would chase after me to ask where I got my boots.  Now, 2 years later, I still believe they are one of my best purchases and as fall approaches I have them out and ready for another season of wear.  They are STILL current, stylish and in great shape (the great thing about these boots is that a little wear and tear only adds to their look).  Ladies, these are a MUST have for every wardrobe.  They are so easy to throw on with leggings, skinny jeans for a trip to the park, the pumpkin patch, or a dinner out.  Here are some of my top Motorcycle picks:


Jimmy Choo boots $1195 available at


Zara boot $99.90 available at


Frye boots $268 available at


Aldo boots $150 available at


River Island boots $80.09 available at


Asos boots $97.89 available at


Fiorentini & Baker boots $650 available at


H&M boots $49.95 available at

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