MOMMA NEEDS… the chic and tailored sweatshirt

This is not the sweatshirt of yore…  This is revised, tailored, comfortable yet incredibly chic.  Basically, a dream come true.  These sweats are different because they are shrunken, the sleeves are more fitted and there’s often something special, different and feminine about them.  Accented with lace, chiffon, a ruffle, studs, or just a great fit – this is something we should all have in our wardrobe.  Pair them with a skinny jean, a boyfriend jean, a legging or even a pencil skirt and these sweatshirts will not only feel cozy but you’ll look amazing too!  Here are some of my favorites:


Current/Elliott sweatshirt $138 available at


Clu sweatshirt $192 available at


H&M sweatshirt $39.95 available at


H&M sweatshirt $49.95 available at

C&C California sweatshirt $138 available at


Isabel Marant sweatshirt $680 available at



Addison sweatshirt $128 available at


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