MOMMA NEEDS… the wedge sneakers

I am not a sneaker girl.  I have never been an athlete, always did everything I could as a kid to get out of gym, and was baffled by the hiking culture in LA when I moved here, so clearly I am not going to be anyone’s fitness role model… I am a high heel girl…  since I was in school I was obsessed with them.  I would practice, practice, practice around the house and breeze the hallways in my high heels – walking in heels really became my sport…  That said, I would TRY to find cute sneakers.  It seemed like something everyone should have in their closet and the practical choice to wear for those long days standing on set or running around on appointments, but I just couldn’t figure out how to make sneakers look cute… And then Isabel Marant came on to the scene with her wedge sneakers and I couldn’t figure out if I loved the look or hated it.  I liked the idea of having the extra height while still being comfortable.  I even kind of liked the bizarre contrast of the chunky shoe with skinny jeans but I also thought it looked a bit ridiculous. So, I decided to go for the Zara version of the wedge sneakers and I’ve never looked back.  My lord are they comfy!!  I could run up hills while carrying my baby, I could    schlep all those heavy garment bags around town, I could even go out to dinner with my husband and feel as though I looked pulled together.  These shoes were life changing!  The number of compliments I got were off the charts – oddly, mostly from men!!  Seriously, even my Fedex guy commented “hey, are those the Isabel Marant’s? They’re hot.”  I was pretty floored…  and impressed by his fashion knowledge.  And so, as fall approaches once again, I’ve dusted off my trusty Zara sneakers and I am looking forward to another cold season in comfort… I have even been contemplating making the jump and going for the Isabel Marants…  These wedge sneakers exist at every price point and I have selected some of my top picks below…


Isabel Marant sneakers $695 available at


Zara sneakers $99.90 available at


Chloe sneakers $760 available at


Aldo sneakers $90 available at


H&M sneakers $49.95 available at


Steve Madden sneakers $160 available at


Ash sneakers $300.79 available at

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