MOMMA PLEASE… cool nursery furniture for kids of all ages

I wanted to do a quick post on great nursery and kids room furnishings… I saw this amazing sale on today and there are things I covet and wanted to share with all of you.  I love a pop of color, some modern shapes, and just great “make believe” furnishings that my little one can enjoy.  Here are some fabulous additions for our kiddo’s space!

pangea home

Pandea home chair $369

pangea home kids

Pangea home chair $419

vetro crib bel bambini

Vetro crib $3950

kidkraft bed

Kid Craft bed $135.99

fantasy bed

cottage loft bed $1899

kid kraft kitchen

Kid Kraft kitchen $142.12 (to get him out of my kitchen!)

kidkraft vintage kitchen

Kid Kraft vintage kitchen $186

snurk princess duvet and pillow set

Snurk princess duvet and pillow set $120

rainbow nightlight

Urban Outfitters Rainbow nightlight $16

kid kraft firehouse book shelf

Kid Kraft book shelf $108.49

bloom fresco highchair

Bloom Fresco highchair $650

baby piano

Schoenhut Elite Spinet & bench piano $118.49

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