MOMMA PLEASE… kids back to school cool (clothes)


Getting ready for the first day of school with a whole new wardrobe!!

Well, summer is on it’s way out and it’s time for the kids to go back to school – which also means it’s time to do some shopping.  I remember as a kid planning all my new outfits for my return to class.  Well, my Max may not really care, but I am loving doing a bit of back to school shopping for his adorable new looks for the fall.  Kids are not easy on their clothes, so it’s just as well they grow out of them so quickly, although not always the best for our pocket books… Fortunately there is a great range in prices tags for back to school worthy kids clothes!  Getting them dressed and ready in the morning is undoubtably a chore, so get them excited with some amazing new outfits (and you can be excited that you get your life back).  Check out my favorite back to school looks for our little ones and take plenty of pictures because time sure flies…

Little Marc Jacobs sweater dress

Little Marc Jacobs sweater dress $155

Stella McCartney tee with movable appliques

Stella McCartney tee with movable appliques $95

Peek dress

Peek dress $49

Gap top

Gap top $19.96

Chloe dress

Chloe dress $200

Stella McCartney skirt

Stella McCartney skirt $82

Ralph Lauren dress

Ralph Lauren dress $31.24

Old Navy romper

Old Navy romper $19.94

Little Marc Jacobs jacket

Little Marc Jacobs jacket $168

Eleven Paris sweatshirt

Eleven Paris sweatshirt $70

Peek joggers

Peek joggers $39.50

Gap t-shirt

Gap t-shirt $11.86

Stella McCartney sweatshirt

Stella McCartney sweatshirt $115

Peek tee

Peek tee $34

Zara sweatshirt

Zara sweatshirt $19.90

Old Navy pants

Old Navy pants $13

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