MOMMA PLEASE… kids summer clothes


Gotta love kids summer clothes – obsessed with dressing the little ones like mini adults…


Now that it’s hot out and we need to worry more about bringing sunblock with rather than a jacket – its time to focus on outfits!

Honestly, kids summer clothes are by far my favorite – they adorable mini me style makes me long for a little girl, but don’t worry about me I’m having plenty of fun dressing up my little guy!  From little summer dresses to shorts and tees the cuteness overload in in full effect.  I just love seeing my little Max running around in his shorts and tanks like it makes sense – because it does and his little summer clothes wardrobe makes me insanely happy.  They’ve got to stay cool and look cool in the heat, and even though most everything gets covered in mud, grass stains and popsicles – it’s totally worth it.  Check out some of my favorite kids summer clothes because they are SO much cuter than ours…

First for our littles ones:

Mademoiselle dress

Mademoiselle dress $120

Ralph Lauren shortall

Ralph Lauren shortall $69.50

Gap dress

Gap dress $29.95

Old Navy top and bloomers

Old Navy top and bloomers $19.94

Chloe bubble bodysuit

Chloe bubble bodysuit $180

Halabaloo dress

Healable dress $78

Mini Boden top and shorts

Mini Boden top and shorts $44

Peek bloomers

Peek bloomers $18

Andy & Evan seersucker suit

Andy & Evan seersucker suit $148

Munster Kids romper

Munster Kids romper $48

Electric Kidz tank

Electric Kidz tank $29

Old Navy shorts

Old Navy shorts $13

Stella McCartney Kids tee

Stella McCartney Kids tee $66

Mini Boden rompers (set of 2)

Mini Boden rompers (set of 2) $38

Peek shorts

Peek shorts $34

Gap bodysuit

Gap bodysuit $19.95

And adorable kids summer clothes for our slightly bigger little ones:

Bonpoint dress

Bon point dress $230

Chloe top

Chloe top $89

Gap dress

Gap dress $29.95

Old Navy skirt

Old Navy skirt $19.94

J Crew dress

J Crew dress $65

Ella Moss romper

Ella Moss romper $44

Tea Collection top

Tea Collection top $35

Lily Pulitzer for Target dress

Lily Pulitzer for Target dress $20

Marcel et Leon shorts

Marcel et Leon shorts $56

Munster Kids tee

Munster Kids tee $44

Hurley shorts

Hurley shorts $38

Gap t-shirt

Gap t-shirt $16.95

Ralph Lauren jacket

Ralph Lauren jacket $165

Ralph Lauren shirt

Ralph Lauren shirt $38.25

Andy & Evan seersucker shorts

Andy & Evan seersucker shorts $38

Old Navy t-shirt

Old Navy t-shirt $8.94

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