MOMMA, PLEASE??? rock and roll clothes for the little ones

I must confess that I am addicted to dressing my son in Rock and Roll inspired clothes and I have been from the moment I brought him home from the hospital.  From the Sex Pistols, to the Ramones to Johnny Cash and Nirvana my son has rocked out in tees and onesies from some of the greatest bands in music history before ever hearing a note.  That said, when my doctor asked what I wanted to listen to while he was being born I managed to whimper, “ummm… the Rolling Stones?” and sure enough, he entered the world to Mick Jagger crooning Wild Horses moments later.  Its fun, playful and makes me smile to see him running around in his rock royalty tees.  Here are some of my top picks:


Rowdy Sprout t-shirt $38 available at


Junk Food t-shirt $25.59 available at



Sourpuss tutu onesie $31 available at


H&M t-shirt $9.95 available at


Zara t-shirt $17.90 available at


Rowdy Sprout hooded dress $38 available at


Little Rock Store hooded sweatshirt $27.90 available at


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