MOMMA TIPS… the miracle that is baking soda

Baking soda must be a woman because she sure can multi-task!  Sure, itts been a long time trusty ingredient for baking and has also occupied space in our fridge/freezer to keep everything fresh and deodorized but it is SO much more. Its delicate enough to clean our teeth yet effective enough to scour our pots and pans.  It can deodorize and clean just about anything and on top of all of that its actually eco-friendly!   But here are 2 ways that baking soda has helped me that I wanted to share with all of you.

First, my son kept on getting these heat rashes when he was quite young and I didn’t know what to do…  His skin is so delicate  and all baby soaps and moisturizers just seemed to make it worse. Then I heard a tips about baking soda.  I would run him a warm bath and sprinkle in baking soda and let him soak in it.  The heat rash quickly went away.  Something inexpensive that we already have in our house and was able to take discomfort away from my precious boy – baking soda gets a gold star!

Secondly, I was on a photo shoot recently and I was styling an actress in very delicate fabrics – lace, silk, cashmere and (as tends to happen) the body makeup she was wearing got all over the clothes.  By the suggestion of someone on set we mixed some water with baking soda and soaked the garments, hung them to dry and the stains disappeared!  So, of course, now I keep a trusty box of arm and hammer in my stylist kit!

I know everyone already has a box (or 20) in their house but explore the many uses of it that you might not be aware of – replace your harsh household cleaners with baking soda – it not only helps protect the environment but its safe to use around your kids and it really works!


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